Full-On Body Care Guide 2021 - How to Shower Properly & Choose the Right Cosmetics

Your body is a temple. And you, yourself, are the god or goddess to which it is dedicated. So, you should start treating yourself the right way. Developing a full-on body care routine will help you get in touch with your inner self. It will also help you sustain excellent skincare routines. And your hair, eyelashes, and nails will blossom, showing the whole world how gorgeous you are.

But where to start? Well, the first thing that you should pay extra attention to is your skin. It is the largest organ that you have, covering every inch of your body. You can think of it, as the ultimate defense tower against diseases and ailments. Then, think of your hair! You may suffer from some form of hair loss or early baldness. Let’s move on to showering and washing. Are you doing it right?

Don’t worry. The modern cosmetic market is full of organic body care products that are available at a reasonable price and do not cause any side effects or contraindications. For example, Derma Care drops can rejuvenate your face skin appeal and help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines naturally. Max Remover epilation cream is wonderful for making the legs appear smooth and elegant in 2024. Hair Force oil drops serve for to make you mane lush, voluminous, and thicker.

How do develop a full-body care beauty routine? What is the proper way to shower? How to choose the right skin cream for my skin? Which shampoos go easy on the scalp? Is there a natural way to reduce wrinkles? Skincare before going to bed?

Learn more in our extensive full-body care guide for 2024!

3 Ultimate Steps for Developing a Body Care Routine

Body Care Routine

Body hygiene and body care are key to feeling healthy and comfortable in our skin. Quality products will help you clean and care for the dermis, as well as protect it from harmful external influences, such as the sun, hot, or cold climate. Such solutions need to be used to soothe the skin and treat any existing problems or irritations. Proper daily skin care helps restore its natural balance. And look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Make sure that you set the proper beauty outline for your ritual.

The first thing that you need to concern yourself with is the quality of the products you use. More and more people begin to suffer from allergies and side effects, brought on by the chemicals, used in commercial cosmetics. So, your best option is to opt for skin beauty and regeneration solutions that have an organic composition. Some of the top client choices in 2024 include the VisageMax cream and the Lycium serum.

Dermatologists say that there are 3 ultimate steps for developing a body care routine. Here they are:

  1. Thorough cleansing is the first step in effective skincare. It removes dirt, sebum, sweat, and other residues to make your skin feel clean and healthy.
  2. Choose the Right Product for Your Skin Type. The right beauty and hygiene products hydrate and nourish the skin. Use a cream or lotion to hydrate your body after washing and to treat specific skin problems.
  3. Protection against harmful UV rays is important in the days when your skin is exposed to the sun. The latter is the main cause of premature skin aging.

How to Take a Shower Properly – 5 Common Mistakes You Make

How to Take a Shower Properly – 5 Common Mistakes You Make

Taking a shower daily is one of the most common hygienic practices. It is essential in proper body care. We are all exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, and germs that we need to scrub and get rid of. First, to have a neat, clean, and healthy body, we need to bathe regularly. It helps remove the accumulated bacteria. However, taking a shower alone is not enough. We need to know how to bathe properly and avoid any mistakes that harm our skin and hair.

While you shower, you make sure that you remove all the dirt, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms. They get stuck on your hair, nails, and between the pores of your dermis. So, you should know your skin type and make sure to choose the necessary shower gel and shampoo. Again, it is important to opt for the ones with fewer GMOs, chemicals, and parabens in their content. Men often forget about this.

These are the 5 most common mistakes that you make while taking a shower:

  1. Bathing in Extremely Hot Water. Taking a hot shower can make us feel calm and relaxed. However, it also has many side effects. It makes our skin dry and leads to a sluggish and saggy appearance.
  2. Taking Extra Long Showers. According to experts, you should not bathe for more than 20 minutes. Water irritates the skin and the longer you stay in the shower, the drier and more irritated it becomes.
  3. Using Soap to Clean the Entire Body. Washing every inch of the skin with soap can damage our immune system, say, doctors. It kills the beneficial microflora that protects us from problems such as acne and eczema.
  4. You Expose Face Skin to the Strong Stream of the Shower. The heat and pressure of the strong jet harm the skin. A warm shower can cause a visible net of capillaries on the face. It dries the skin and dilates blood vessels.
  5. You Squeeze Too Much Shampoo on the Hair. It is enough to put some in the roots and by rinsing you wash away the dirt on the ends of the hair. This will keep your hair clean, protect it from breakage, hair loss, and split ends.

Attention, Men!

Attention, Men!

While we do not want to discriminate but men often forget to pay attention to the condition of their hair and scalp skin. The reality is that they have about 30% thicker skin than women. But this does not mean that it doesn’t need nourishment, too!

One of the top product hair care choices for men is the Lossless shampoo. It will work against early baldness and take care of your scalp skin. Women, on the other hand, can opt for the Hairvedic shampoo. Its composition is full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fruit extract that will make the mane glow with radiance and beauty.

What Kind of Care Do Different Skin Types Require – Some Useful Advice

What Kind of Care Do Different Skin Types Require – Some Useful Advice

During the day, the skin needs extra energy because it is exposed to the harmful effects of the environment and stress. The day cream helps improve the durability and elasticity of the dermis. It provides the necessary amount of moisture and prevents premature aging. But how to choose the most suitable one?

The best day cream for face skin is the one whose structure allows the skin to breathe without clogging the pores. At the same time, it must fight all the harmful effects of the environment. The skin suffers serious damage as a result of using inadequate protection. The cream you use should absorb easily and quickly so that it can be worn under makeup.

Let’s take a look at what kind of care does every skin type requires!

Normal Skin – Light & Hydrating Formula

This type is characterized by well-balanced and elastic skin, no excess fat, no dry areas. It is velvety, with no acne, and even in color. Moreover, it is rare, but normal skin also needs proper care. If you have normal skin, you should bet on a light, moisturizing cream with a medium-creamy consistency. A good suggestion would be the WellTox day cream that will make your dermis shine, like a star!

Dry Skin – Thick & Protective Cream Structure

Dry Skin – Thick & Protective Cream StructureDry skin is characterized by extreme dryness, both in the upper and deepest layers. Signs of dehydrated skin include a feeling of tightness and tightness, burning, and itching. It is rough, cracked, sometimes, even painful. The reduced secretion of sebum makes it susceptible to the harmful effects of wind, cold, and the sun. As a result, wrinkles appear, especially, in the area around the mouth and eyes.

If you have dry skin, choose a cream with a thicker structure. It will create a protective film that helps retain moisture in the skin. This way, the oils restore the lack of natural lipids in the skin, as well as provide optimal care. For this skin type, the use of anti-aging products for the eye area is extremely important. Drink plenty of fluids, avoid the use of soaps, and products containing alcohol in its composition. You can easily refresh your appeal with the help of Odry Cream’s nourishing formula!

Oily Skin – Light & Natural Composition

Oily skin is often among the most problematic. If your skin is of this type, then you know very well the consequences. Makeup often looks bad, the foundation does not last, and it has an unhealthy shine. Acne, enlarged pores, and comedones are common companions in everyday life. Gel-like creams and serums, containing seboregulators and ingredients, such as zinc, salicylic acid, clay, lemon extract, tea tree, are suitable for oily skin. They matte the dermis, reduce sebum secretion and have an antibacterial action that soothes it.

Stay away from greasy creams and be sure to pay attention to their composition. In their insistence on finding a solution, many girls rely on aggressive products that dry out the skin. This exacerbates the problem and causes inflammation, acne, and comedones. Avoid oil-based products and those containing glycerin, as they clog pores and further stimulate oily skin. Also, take into account which the worst foods for skincare are. You can rejuvenate your face skin appeal easily with the help of the OiliDermis serum.

Combination Skin – It Requires 2 Skin Care Products

Combination Skin – It Requires 2 Skin Care Products

Among the most common, combination skin is difficult to maintain. It is characteristic that it shows different features in different parts of the face. It is too shiny in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and has dry cheeks. One can describe it, as a big challenge for the people that have it. Ordinary day creams are often not enough, so it is good to start using two different products. The needs of the two sections are different, and it is time to provide them with appropriate care.

Creams with a creamy or gel-like formula containing hyaluronic acid, aloe extracts, and cucumber are suitable for you. Apply a cream with a lighter composition on the T-zone, and one with a thicker on the other parts of the face. Avoid those with glycerin, panthenol, and oils. In the eye area, use products specifically designed to care for this part of the face. Orquidelia skin cream is the thing for you if you want to make your under-eye bags disappear.

Irritable Skin – It Needs Specific & Detailed Care

Easily irritable skin can be both dry and oily. In both cases, it is characterized by unpleasant burning sensations, tightness, itching, and allergic reactions to certain creams or the sun. Because of all this, it needs carefully selected products. According to dermatologists, people with this type of skin should choose special products, stirred up in the local pharmacy. A good suggestion for sensitive skin would be the Derma Care drops. They are designed specifically to restore radiance and beauty!

Your Body Is Your Temple – Be a God or Goddess

Your Body Is Your Temple – Be a God or Goddess

Not everyone realizes the importance of maintaining good body care. We are so used to not paying attention to the condition of our skin, hair, and nails. But remember that you won’t stay young forever unless you undertake specific measures. Developing an individual beauty routine is easy. Make sure that you treat yourself like a god or a goddess. This will help you make your body into a radiant and exclusive temple of health and well-being!

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