Prostosil capsules for prostate Reviews PhilippinesProstosil is a bio-medicine for prostatitis and low libido in men. This comprehensive supplement is available in the Philippines, and this article will provide details on: What is Prostosil original and how does it work? What do clients state in their testimonials and reviews? How to eat the capsules – dose and instructions? How much is the price of the Prostosil product in the Philippines and where to buy it?


Prostosil is a brand-new product aimed at prostatitis and low potency in men. As one of the latest offerings on the digital market, this dietary supplement is suitable for men of all ages. In addition to neutralizing prostate-related issues such as inflammation and prostatitis, the capsules can also restore normal testosterone levels in the body. Customers particularly appreciate the increased energy and stamina in bed that the product provides. These benefits are due to the enriched, all-natural, and safe content of Prostosil. Based on that, the medicine is approved for prolonged reception as it does not provoke dangerous side effects.

Recently, we reviewed various Prostosil testimonials from clients in the Philippines. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to discover related details as well as some info concerning the price of this natural preparation.

Camellia Sinensis for a Healthy Prostate

Camellia Sinensis for a Healthy Prostate

Camellia sinensis, the leaf behind the world’s most beloved teas, is more than just a soothing beverage. This remarkable plant, native to East Asia, is the source of green, black, white, and oolong teas, each offering unique flavors and health benefits. The leaves of Camellia sinensis are packed with powerful antioxidants called catechins, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which help combat free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Beyond its antioxidant properties, Camellia sinensis leaves are known for their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects too. According to some studies, these benefits can support a healthy immune system. The leaves also contain natural caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, a combination that provides a gentle energy boost while promoting relaxation and focus. Finally, this potent herb can be particularly beneficial for conditions like prostatitis and for enhancing male libido.

The main benefits of Camellia Sinensis for male health are:

  • Its anti-inflammatory properties eliminate prostate inflammation and discomfort;
  • Increases urinary health;
  • Enhances blood flow and energy levels;
  • Significantly improves sexual performance and desire.

What Is Prostosil and How Does It Work

What Is Prostosil

So, Prostosil for what? Prostosil is a natural supplement for the prostate gland and male sexual impairment. It is a very effective medicine that is designed to contain all the substances needed to provide optimal protection for the prostate gland. No matter what changes are caused by age or in the degenerative recovery of the prostate gland, it will work. The additional effect of the preparation is to increase and improve sexual desire and erection. You will be confident in bed.  Furthermore, the capsules not only kill germs and dilate blood vessels but restore the normal state of the prostate gland and prevent future inflammation. The content of Prostosil is 100% herbal. In other words, the regular reception of the medicine is devoid of dangerous side effects.

Prostosil Original Customer Reviews

Prostosil capsules for prostate Reviews Philippines - Opinions, price, effects

What are customers in the Philippines saying in their testimonials about Prostosil original? There are numerous positive customer testimonials and reviews about Prostosil on leading platforms dedicated to intimate discussions. Both men and women approve of the product’s ability to enhance mutual enjoyment in bed. Additionally, clients confirm that the capsules are very reliable when it comes to dealing with prostatitis. Urologists have also validated the advantages of the product by sharing Prostosil reviews on Instagram and Facebook. In summary, customer reviews confirm that Prostosil works effectively without dangerous side effects.


Byron Batac – “I started looking for an herbal medicine for prostatitis 12 days ago and chose Prostosil. Now, I am glad that I did as the efficiency of these capsules is remarkable.”

Howard – “I wasn’t sure what was causing my erection issues, but I was adamant about avoiding medication. I sought out herbal supplements and found this one to be incredibly effective in my case. I am still eating the capsules—their power is amazing!”

Montez Villamar – “I battled prostatitis for nearly a year, which significantly impacted my sexual performance and confidence. Thankfully, a friend recommended Prostosil. This medicine is more than efficient – it is life-changing for me.”

Advantages & Benefits

Prostosil offers several advantages that contribute to its high efficacy.


  • Inhibits inflammation;
  • Regulates the sex hormones in the body;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Prevents prostatitis;
  • Increases testosterone levels.


  • The Prostosil product is unavailable in pharmacies, Mercury Drug, Lazada, Shopee, and others.

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Exercises for a Healthy Prostate?

Prostosil Price in the Philippines and Where to Buy

Prostosil Price in the Philippines

Wondering about the price of the Prostosil product in the Philippines and where to buy it? You can find this exclusive supplement for prostatitis at the best Prostosil price on its official website. This page also offers some promotional discounts, so visit now to order your package. Rest assured, the delivery service is 100% confidential. Plus, you’ll benefit from an attractive Prostosil price.

There’s a common misconception that high-quality products must come with a hefty price tag. However, this isn’t the case with the herbal medicine for prostatitis. Its manufacturer has maintained an affordable Prostosil price by distributing it directly through the official website. So, it is now up to you to take advantage of all that.

Is It Offered in Pharmacies

You won’t find the original Prostosil in pharmacies, Mercury Drug, Lazada, etc. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with various scams and fake imitations. To ensure you receive the genuine product, trust only its dedicated page. Avoid searching for Prostosil in pharmacies, Mercury Drug, Shopee, Lazada, or other web or physical stores.

Comparison with Similar Products

Prostosil differs a lot from all the other preparations in its category so will share the main differences with our readers here.

Product ProfileProstosilSimilar Products
Ingredients☘️Has natural content💊They contain chemical ingredients as well as synthetic additives
Effects👍🏼Mitigates prostatitis symptoms and boosts libido🩻They may achieve poor and insufficient results that are temporal;
Usage✅Easy-to-eat capsules🚫Not suitable for all people and may have limitations;
Safety🍃Does not provoke side effects⛔️May cause addiction or other contradictions;
Availability▶️ Official Website

Does not require a prescription.

☢️They are often available in pharmacies but require a prescription.
Clients’ Opinions⭐️9.3/10👎🏼3.5/10

How to Eat Prostosil Instructions

Find and read the short Prostosil instructions for use. The mandatory thing here is to follow strictly the mentioned dose of the capsules. Jed Dimaano is a member of the Society for Homeopathy and Natural Remedies. He states that the medicine is effective for both acute and chronic prostatitis.

How to take the Prostosil product?

The instructions are:

  • Eat 1 capsule 3 times/ day;
  • Consume the supplement before meals;
  • Take it regularly and don’t skip it.

Side Effects and Danger

Prostosil is devoid of side effects as it contains natural substances that kill germs and do not cause health issues. Also, the preparation does not negatively affect the immune system.

Content and Action

Content and Action

The content of Prostosil is both patented and organic. Thanks to the exclusive mixture of herbal ingredients and vitamins, the medicine is able to both eliminate prostatitis and enhance the sexual potency of men.

The ingredients in the Prostosil product are:

  • Camellia sinensis – normalizes urine flow and decreases inflammation;
  • Royal Jelly – has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Ginkgo Biloba – enhances blood flow and prevents benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • Magnesium – increases the activity of white blood cells;
  • Rhizoma Zingiber – has strong antioxidants that protect the prostate from harmful free radicals that speed up tissue aging;
  • Eleuthero extract – relieves inflammation with the effect of natural antiseptics without negative effects on your health.
Bottom Line: It appears that, in the Philippines, Prostosil is the preferred medicine for relieving prostatitis and boosting male libido. The capsules are backed up by positive feedback from satisfied customers Formulated with natural ingredients and free from known side effects, these capsules are highly regarded for their effectiveness compared to other similar products.


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