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What is the prostate gland in men? This question certainly causes a lot of endearing smiles. But prostate prevention and care are no joke. Many men neglect regular visits to the urologist. And there is nothing shameful or scary about them. You just have to learn to overcome your own ego and expectations. The fact that you have taken the necessary measures to be completely healthy and to be able to be the head of the family responsibly speaks in your favor. Do what you need to stay healthy!

The prostate is a small gland located in the pelvic floor of the male body. Although modest in size, it is extremely important. Its main task is to be responsible for the quality and quantity of spermatogenesis. In an easier-to-understand language, this means that it has the difficult task of creating a healthy generation. Among other things, it has the ability to enhance sexual pleasure in men. It is also responsible for the proper excretion of urine.

The prostate gland begins to slowly but surely enlarge with age in men. This is due to the reduced synthesis of important hormones that keep it small. Symptoms of prostatitis include erectile and sexual dysfunction, frequent nocturnal visits to the toilet, and pain when urinating. Many are wondering what to do. Know that you can always turn to bio-products with an all-natural composition for proper prostate prophylaxis. Customer-preferred offer on the market are Dozex capsules. They contain extracts of many herbs for stronger mutual enjoyment in bed.

Did you know that in addition to herbs, for which urologists have positive opinions, you can also do exercises for a healthier prostate? But what exactly are they? Do they have anything to do with Kegel exercises? Do they offer the necessary physiotherapy, preventive and postoperative care for the gland?

Read on to find out!

Kegel Exercises – Do They Give Fast Results? Do they require effort?

Kegel Exercises

You’ve probably heard from friends about Kegel exercises. They are a specific physiotherapeutic method for moving and warming the pelvic floor muscles. Their name comes from the group of so-called Kegel’s muscles and tendons. These include those of the pelvic floor and pubic area in men and women. Generally speaking, their task in the body is to work against the shedding of abdominal organs.

Kegel muscles have the ability to tighten and stretch. Of course, the older we get, the weaker the bonds between them. That is why it is recommended to regularly do special workouts to keep them in shape. These are called Kegel exercises. The popular Mayo Clinic, a multidisciplinary medical center in the USA, has made online videos of how it is best to perform them. They are similar to yoga. Many believe that they are suitable only for women. But this is not true at all!

The YouTube-based health channel iProstate provides illustrated guidelines for diet and exercise against an enlarged prostate. The most important thing when practicing Kegel exercises for a healthier prostate is that you should not tighten your abdominal muscles. Keep in mind that the results are time consuming and require daily perseverance.

But how exactly can exercise help us keep our prostate healthy and happy? According to many urologists on the subject, the arguments in their favor are:

  • Actively Tightens and Maintains the Gastric and pubic muscles and tendons;
  • Accelerate Metabolism, Leading to Improved Synthesis of Important Male Hormones in the Body;
  • Work against Benign Prostate Enlargement, Facilitating Urination;
  • Eliminate Sexual and Erectile Dysfunction;
  • Stimulate, Tonize and Give Energy;

Are There Prohibited Foods For Enlarged Prostate? What To Avoid?

Our diet can literally ruin or save our health. It is not unimportant in terms of urogenital prevention and care. There are foods forbidden in people with prostate problems. It has the same positive effect as the exercises for the prostate. The main advice of urologists and nutritionists is to eat more tomatoes rich in lycopene. And don’t forget about the vegetable proteins you can get from spinach, beans and lentils. As useful as they are, however, there are taboo foods that you should avoid.

These data are confirmed by scientific publications in Harvard University’s publishing house – “Harvard Health”. The body has made the most of the energy that red meat and dairy products bring to it when they are young. But with age, it begins to break them down harder and harder. The time has come to start restricting them. But don’t worry. You don’t have to give them up completely. And if it seems almost impossible to get all the foods that are good for the prostate, then know that you can always take advantage of an organic product. All-natural remedies for a healthy and happy prostate, such as Erogenix capsules, are the preferred choice of customers in 2024.

But what exactly are the forbidden foods for an enlarged prostate? We have selected the main ones to limit:

  1. Red and Processed Meat: This category includes beef and pork, as well as all kinds of sausages, sausages, hams and sausages. Science has found that they predispose to prostate cancer. This is due to the high content of heterocyclic amines in them.
  2. Dairy Products: Unfortunately, almost all of them are contraindicated for prostate health. Replace them with coconut, almond or soybean oil.
  3. Alcohol: With the exception of beer, all types interfere with normal urination.
  4. Harmful Fats: Forget them!

Useful Physiotherapy Exercises for a Healthy Prostate

tennis, Exercises for a Healthy Prostate

The muscles around the bladder may become weaker with age. This can also happen after treatment for cancer of the genitourinary system. You can effectively counteract the negative effects after prostate surgery with various types of exercises.

These exercises for a healthy and happy prostate can be useful for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia. They also strengthen and train the pelvic floor muscles, helping to control the flow of urine. They also speed up blood flow to the genitals, which helps you maintain your masculinity and normal sexual function.

What are the easiest physiotherapy exercises for a healthy prostate, suitable for people after surgery? You can safely practice the following physical activities:

  • Long Walks in the Park;
  • Jogging;
  • Swimming;
  • Tennis;
  • Yoga;
  • Aerobic exercise;

And what are the 3 specialized exercises for a healthy prostate that you can easily perform every day at home! Here are our suggestions:

# 1. Slow Exercise To Move The Pelvic Muscles On The Floor At Home!

exercises at home, prostate

Before you start physical activity, make sure you have identified the right muscles to move. Slowly tighten and loosen several times in a row. Then, do the following:

  1. Slowly tighten the muscles as much as possible to feel the lift.
  2. Try to hold them like this for 10 seconds. Keep breathing slowly.
  3. Relax their muscles slowly and rest for 10 seconds.
  4. Do nearly 10 repetitions of the exercise.

# 2. Quick Exercises for Prostate Prevention and Support!

Young man doing wheel pose

Once you have identified the pubic muscles and tendons with slower prostate exercises, move on. Accelerate the pace and rhythm of movements, taking advantage of the capabilities of your body. Start like this:

  1. Repeat the same movements described above, but this time try to tighten the muscles as quickly as possible.
  2. Hold for 1 second and then relax.
  3. Try to do up to 10 of these short, quick lifts.

# 3. Upright Exercises with a Chair for Tightening the Prostate Zone!

It’s time to stand up and place the nearest chair with your back to you. Don’t worry, there is nothing complicated in the activity. The purpose of this activity is to help you tighten and fix the pelvic muscles, speeding up blood circulation in the area. You just have to:

  1. Stand up straight and use the chair for support.
  2. Squat down, holding on to the backrest.
  3. Rest the seat on the heels and hold for 5-6 seconds.
  4. Slowly stand up and repeat up to 10 times.

11 Reasons To Do Exercise For A Healthier And Happier Prostate

man, healthy prostate

The stronger sex rarely pay attention to the first pain in the prostate. Accustomed to accepting everything stoically and “masculinely”, they prefer to tolerate physical symptoms, ignoring the alarm signals. The truth is that almost every man over the age of 55 experiences a burning sensation when urinating. And no one is insured against sexual or erectile dysfunction.

But these complaints can become a chronic and much more serious problem if not taken in a timely manner. Decreased testosterone production in adulthood causes a gradual growth of the prostate gland. This process can be controlled by doing regular exercises for prostate harmony. As well as by switching to a healthy diet. Emphasize green leafy vegetables and healthy plant sources of protein.

You can easily replace your traditional exercises in the gym with those for prostate harmony. Some of them, such as squats, are no different from a normal workout. They will help you stay attractive and in good shape at any age.

The reasons to exercise regularly for a healthier prostate and a happy partner are:

  1. Speeds up the metabolism and synthesis of substances and elements important for masculinity.
  2. Keep yourself in excellent shape, avoiding the accumulation of extra pounds.
  3. You will be more confident.
  4. You will know that you have made the necessary efforts to be in good overall and sexual health.
  5. Free to answer all your partner’s intimate longings.
  6. You will make it easier to go to the toilet.
  7. You will be able to enjoy a strong and masculine body.
  8. Staying active.
  9. You will reassure your family that you are taking care of yourself.
  10. Enjoying improved intimate relationships.
  11. You will be happier!

Exercise Makes Prostate and Woman Happier!

Positive guy making exercises at home, looking at laptop screen

Do everything you can to take care of the prevention and health of your prostate gland. This way you will give yourself and your partner many more years of shared intimate pleasure. You can do this by purposefully performing exercises for a healthy prostate. And also through a proper diet, excluding foods forbidden for enlarged prostate. If you need help – natural products on the market are always at your disposal. Among the clients’ favorite means for normal urination and sexual happiness are the Testoy and Black Maca bio-capsules! You can always count on them!

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