How the Nature-Tricks Team Help You Stay Safe at the Time of Coronavirus?

Dear Nature-Tricks Readers,

Thank you for spending your precious time with us. It means a lot, especially in such an unprecedented situation, like the one the world has been found today. Since the rise of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 around the globe, our team has been keeping up and making sure what you read is relevant and safe in such unpredictable circumstances. Interestingly enough, our team has been taking care of us, as well as our loved ones, by establishing a working from home policy even before it was a must. We take pride in this and believe it will help us resolve the situation a bit faster.

Typically, we would be recommending you some ideas on how to sleep well or get into a better shape. This is still important but new topics have come to dominate one’s mind. They are all related to COVID-19 and staying safe. This should be a top priority not only for us, our readers, but everyone around the world. Our team has gathered some helpful information for people of all ages. Here is what our team believed would be the top 3 pieces of advice that anyone should do:

  • Limit your contacts, and practice social distancing. If you have to stand in line in the supermarket, distance is your best friend. Protect the elderly.
  • Stay home but do some exercise. Well, we also recommend eating as healthy as possible. Some people might feel stressed and go for unlimited amounts of junk food. Please, don’t be one of them. Exercise will help you keep yourself in shape during quarantine, and will also release some happiness hormones so you can feel good. We know it might be painful but it’s worth it.
  • Establish your own little office. Working from home might be a challenge to many. With kids and dogs running around, distractions will be there. So set up your own home office policy, communicate it with your family so that everyone would be happy.

What Measures Did We Take to Make Our Readers Feel Safe?

We all know that in such unpredictable circumstances, even the calmest individuals could give in to panic and stress. But as long as we practice social distancing and keep calm, everything will be back to normal soon. Our team has been closely following the development of all stories around the coronavirus, and we would like to let you know what we have done in order to make sure our readers feel well and safe. We are happy to announce that we were one of the first ones to take such measures.

  • We have released a number of educational articles on related topics. For example, the 9 foods we should eat for active immunity-boosting.
  • Our team has kept up with the releases of new products with organic formulas that could be helpful for you. They can all be ordered via their official websites. We have also checked if they offer contactless delivery, which we can say it is the case for all deliveries today.
  • We are closely following user and reader’s feedback, thoughts and opinions every day. Most of them are related to new home solutions for safety and hygiene, such as a DIY hand sanitizer. Many suggest that Aloe Vera gel is a good natural alternative to use when preparing them.

We remain at your disposal should any further queries arise. Stay healthy!


The Nature-Tricks Team

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