Unhealthy FoodsThe food industry regularly applies artificial colorants and flavor enhancers that can be detrimental both to the health. Also, to the silhouette and good shape of our body. Their intake makes us systematically accumulate extra kilos and fatty tissue. And the subsequent burning of these calories is more than difficult. First, because the food products contain elements to which the body gradually becomes hooked on to. It makes us crave them and buy them. They act as addictive goods. Second, because their calorie contents are ’empty’ – they do not give the body the energy it needs. We will have to eat even more frequently to satisfy this urge. The end result is a closed circle, the escape from which begins to look more and more like a mirage.

Much of the said food products can be purchased freely at the grocery store. Read the labels carefully and make sure not to over-consume any of them. There are also natural body-shaping solutions that contain all-natural extracts and flavors. They do not impose any risks to the general condition and the outlook of the body. Of course, this is only with the provision that the clients adhere to their available instructions of use and guidelines. An example of such a body-trimming tool is the Keto Guru soluble tablets.

Do We Know What Exactly Are We Eating

Know What Exactly Are We Eating

One of the most difficult things in modern days is to learn which ingredients exactly does the food you eat feature. Many experience serious difficulties in deciphering labels and the respective tables of contents. They do not know what the abbreviations and symbols of the chemical elements mean. Sometimes, they are not even sure which products can be harmful to the body’s slender and trimmed silhouette. And they are not supposed to. Currently, however, the legal provisions do not oblige manufacturers to provide more detailed descriptions, nor instructions.

Everyone is obliged to individually inform himself about what he or she eats. Also, one must find examine the foods that act as natural metabolism boosters. Examples include spicy seasonings, such as the turmeric extract. Many nutritional plans have been created for this exact purpose. Do your best not to fall for shiny commercial packagings and loud advertising campaigns. Some of the convenience food products may feature ingredients whose name evokes a sense of disgust and displeasure. A good example is the dried fish bladder – a popular flavor enhancer. Do not buy goods with a high content of ammonia or titanium dioxide.

Pay special attention to the quality, country of origins, and expiry date of the following products:

  • Fresh, frozen, and canned fish and seafood: Their short shelf life drives many manufacturers to keep some of the added preservatives secret.
  • Fresh, frozen, canned meat or minced meat: Livestock and chickens are often fed prodigious amounts of antibiotics, steroids, and bone meal to make them grow quicker.
  • Dairy products and by-products, cottage, white, and yellow cheese, and sour cream: The risk lies mainly in the additional inclusion of low-grade strains of lactic acid bacteria and harmful condensation agents.
  • Eggs and the goods that feature them in their contents: The shell of some of the eggs is not washed thoroughly before they are distributed on the market. This poses a serious threat of acquiring a Salmonella infection. It is transmitted directly from the chicken.

The GMO Products – Anonymously Harmful

The GMO Products

People have been involved in gene modification of the food we eat for millennia. Selected cultivation has altered thousands of plants and animals species. It makes them more resilient to varying climatic conditions. Which, in itself, is not bad. Thanks to gene modification we have managed to survive, thrive, and become the dominant species of the planet. But they have been subject to bad press in recent times. Why so?

Below we have described the arguments that GMO products can be potentially dangerous to the human health and body shape:

  • They include a large number of biocides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that can kill the bacteria which are beneficial to the organism. Additionally, they damage key organs and their respective systems;
  • The quality standards requirements impose close to no restrictions on manufacturers;
  • When insecticides are accumulated in high concentrations in the human body, they can be lethal;

10 Foods you Should be More Careful With

1. Bread

BreadEven though it is not a food good whose preparation is extremely complicated, the bread available in the grocery store is often of poor quality. Unfortunately, most of the cost-efficient products there are usually semi-finished. And they have high concentrations of L-cysteine. It is used as a dough conditioner in order to prolong the shelf life. What you do not know is that it is synthesized from human hair. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

2. Ice Cream

Millions of people are fans of the icy sweet. It is also easy-to-make at home. You need nothing but milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and vanilla or cocoa to flavor it. You can use different kinds of foods too. But manufacturers often add a slimy and oily substance, known as castoreum. It is extracted from the beaver’s castor glands. Its most common application includes a common ingredient in artificial flavor enhancers, such as the above-mentioned vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry. Everyone will understand if you prefer to stir up your own desserts strictly at home from now on!

3. Ready-to-Eat Meals

The truth is that no one knows the exact expiry date of semi-finished products. Which means that we can never be completely sure when exactly will they no longer be fit for direct consumption. This is due to the fact that they have been shock-frozen in advance. They could have been in such a state for years.

4. Light Beer

Light BeerFans of light beer may be disappointed when they learn that the yeasty and brisk drink is potentially dangerous.

But not due to the high concentration of alcohol. Large breweries also add gelatin, extracted in the form of isinglass (fish bladder), to make the liquid appear more translucent and crystal-clear.


5. Energy Drinks – Sugar, More Sugar, & Even More Sugar!

Most toning fizzy drinks include as much sugar as is advisable to consume over the course of 3-4 days. In addition, they are also rich in taurine extracted from the reproductive organs of bulls. Sometimes, it is replaced with caffeine, it should be equivalent to 8 cups of espresso. Which is more than contradictory to the operation of the heart.

6. Sweetened Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

Cocoa SpreadTake a closer look at the contents of your favorite cocoa spread in the next time you grab a copy of it from the store shelf.

Although advertised as a hazelnut- and cocoa-rich product, there is hardly any trace of them in the end packaging. To make matters even more unhealthy, the missing ingredients are compensated by an abundance of sugar and palm oil.

7. Minced Meat

Minced MeatGround or minced pork and beef meat, game or poultry can include extremely close to no real meat. At best, the mince will feature ground animal bone and fatty tissue. In the worst-case scenario, however, it is saturated with ammonia. The chemical substance is used to make the texture to the final product appear smoother.

If pink slime starts dropping from it, then, it definitely contains the substance.

8. Chewing Gum

Much of the chewing gum, available on the market, contain artificial flavors enhancers rich in processed sugars. Putting them in your mouth gradually peels away the tooth’s enamel from its surface. Because of this, caries and Periodontitis begin to form.

9. Semimanufactured Coffee Creamer

Instant coffee and ready-to-use coffee creamers (in powder and liquid form) rarely include real milk in their contents. Most of them are rich in harmful oils and sugars that lead to the gradual accumulation of excess kilos and calories. Buy real milk instead.

10. Jelly Beans – More Than Harmful

Jelly BeansThe effective glow of jelly beans is achieved with a mixture of liquid sugar, starch, and glucose. The finished substance is mixed and allowed to cool for about 24 hours. Then, a plant resin derivative is added to it. It is also used for hair and lipstick. It is called shellac. What is more peculiar is that it is derived from secretions of the female Kerria lacca, an insect native to Thailand.


Cook Healthy At Home With Natural Products

home made food

Do you want to enjoy good health, a slender body shape, and emit a fresh and radiant glow? You will most likely have to rethink cooking at home. Start doing it. It can become a fun activity for the whole family. The other option is to check the labels of the purchased products more than carefully. Many people also turn to natural body-shaping solutions. A fine example of such is the Keto Guru effervescent slimming tablets which have an organic formula.

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