Keto Guru TabletsKeto Guru is a new body-trimming solution. It works according to the principle of the ketogenic diet. Its manufacturer is the company ‘Genius Rainbow’ Ltd. and is based in Hong Kong. The firm has listed its main ingredients as being active extracts of the amino acid L-glutamine, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6. It has also stated that the natural body-shaping tablets are suitable for both men and women. Especially, if they want to support the organism while it goes through ketosis. This is the process of teaching it to burn fatty tissue for energy instead of carbs. Most of the user reviews and customer testimonials, available as feedback online, are positive. The commentary does not mention the appearance of negative side effects or contraindications.


The original body-shaping drops Keto Guru can only be ordered by filling in of a form at the official website. The slimming solution is not available at any of the online sales portals, such as Amazon, AliBaba, AliExpress or eBay. Clients will have no success in trying to find the nutritional effervescent tables in pharmacies. They can secure a copy by leaving a name and authentic telephone number in the digital form. They will be contacted by a representative of the distribution company in order to clear out the delivery details. Regular promotional discounts allow for the soluble pills to be purchased with a discount off the original price. Users can read more exclusive facts in the following Keto Guru review.

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What Is Ketosis? How Can We Trigger It?

Ketosis is a natural process in the body. It can be brought about by going on a diet that is rich in healthy fats and proteins. The human organism has the natural ability to enter it once the main food source is changed. Humans used to function like this back in prehistoric ages when our primary intake consisted of freshly-caught game. Once we started cultivating crops and modern-day culinary production introduced artificial sweeteners, we turned to carbohydrates as an energy source.

One of the most famous nutritional regiments that put this principle to work is the ketogenic diet. It excludes carbs almost entirely, making room only for a handful of natural sugars. But it promotes the consumption of almost every lean meat or fish that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Vegetables are also put on a pedestal. The same goes for herbs, spices, and seasonings. One can garnish his meal or salad with all the turmeric that one desires, for example! Most of the fruits, however, are a no-no!

Here are some interesting facts about the keto diet that users might have been unaware of:

  • The average period for the body to learn to burn fat instead of carbs is 2 weeks to 1 month.
  • People who are on it might feel a bit dizzy, tired, exhausted, and nervous for no apparent reason.
  • Once this trial period has passed, they will enjoy improved memory, concentration, and increased energy levels.
  • The nutritional plan is recommended for people with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, acne, polycystic ovary syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, and prediabetes symptoms;
  • It allows one to have healthy and tasty snacks, such as olives, eggs, fatty fish, meat, low-fat cheese, nuts, and dark chocolate;

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What Are the Different Types of Keto Nutritional Plans?

As with any other healthy body-sculpting method, there are different variations. The separate ones of them are directed for people with different goals. Users who want to be on one of them should know that only the standard and high-protein versions have been researched extensively. The other two are best-recommended for professional sportsmen and athletes.

Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Standard ketogenic diet (SKD): This version usually features 75% healthy fat, 20% proteins, and 5%carbs.
  • Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD): It consists of 5 strictly ketogenic days that totally exclude carbs. Then, there are 2 days to refeed the body with carbohydrates and glucose.
  • Targeted ketogenic diet (TKD): Professional athletes are best-advised to add carbs to their daily meal plan around workouts.
  • High-protein ketogenic diet (HPKD): It bears a close similarity to SKD. The only difference is that the percentage of proteins is pumped up a bit. A daily meal plan should look like this – 60% fat, 30% proteins, and 5% carbs.

The body-shaping soluble Keto Guru tablets work on the same principle as the keto diet. Due to it’s popularity people are even saying Keto Guru Diet. This information was issued by its manufacturer – the company   ‘Genius Rainbow’ Ltd. which is headquartered in Hong Kong. Its organic formula includes a lot of viable nutrients which aim at making the transitional process to ketosis lighter. Users have shared predominantly positive feedback in their client testimonials and reviews on the Internet.

What Are the Natural Body-Sculpting Tablets Keto Guru?

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These soluble pills include several key nutrients in their natural formula. Their main purpose is to assist the organism, as it goes through ketosis. The trimming solution Keto Guru seeks to reduce the number of unpleasant headaches, problems with memory, and concentration. As well as to decrease irritability, fatigue, and nervousness levels. Its manufacturer ‘Genius Rainbow’ states that it also induces positive changes in appetite and food cravings. There have been no reported contraindications or negative side effects in the available customer testimonials and reviews.

Users outline the following solid characteristics of the nutritional product:

  • May Lead to Positive Changes in Appetite, Reducing Food & Sweets Cravings;
  • Has a Good Influence on the Management of Excess Calories & Fatty Deposits;
  • Makes the Process of Ketosis Lighter for the Body by Enhancing Metabolic Activity;
  • Improves Mood & Energy Levels With No Reported Contraindications;
  • Pocket-Friendly Price, Easy & Discreet Order & Delivery Procedure;

Nota Bene! The lack of information about possible side effects does not imply that such will not occur individually. Kindly stick to the list of instructions, provided by the manufacturer of the slimming solution Keto Guru. Users will find detailed guidance and direction in the commercial packaging.

How to Use the Soluble Slimming Tablets Keto Guru?

We have seen a lot of questions like “How to take Keto Guru tablets”. The readily-available instructions of use for the body-sculpting tool state that there is nothing complicated about its daily intake. More details are included in the directions in the packing. We have summarized the following 3 simple steps to apply it:

  1. Dissolve 1 (one) pill in a glass of water every morning before breakfast.
  2. Do not take more than the recommended number.
  3. For best results – start doing regular exercises & exclude as many carbs from your meal plan as possible.

Useful TIP: Drinking water is crucial for maintaining your metabolism. On average a person should drink about 2 liters of water a day. So our advice is to dissolve the effervescent tablets in 200 ml of water. This way you will cover about 30% of your daily water intake guaranteed. Feel free however to use the tablets with smaller portions of water but still not less than 50 ml per tablet.

Which Are the Body-Shaping Solution Keto Guru’s Ingredients?


This natural body-trimming solution’s formula is comprised out of natural extracts. It includes vital for the proper functioning of the body and mind amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients. There have been no reports about possible negative side effects, resulting from its prolonged use.

Here are the main ingredients:

  • L-Glutamine: An essential amino acid which aids the body’s transition to ketosis. Improves proper calorie intake control and enhances the burning of excess fatty tissue. Helps build lean muscle mass. Boosts memory and concentration.
  • Magnesium: Acts preventatively against muscle cramps and pains.
  • Potassium: A vital electrolyte that caters to the strength of the bones and their respective cells. Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin): It is responsible for the balance between ‘bad’ (LDL) and ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol levels.
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): A key agent in the synthesis of hemoglobin. It can activate the SIRt gene (which subdues appetite) in the cellular DNA.

Are There Side Effects from taking the tablets?

Having covered the topic about ingredients it is easy to notice that none of them are common allergens. Their combination is usually available in daily foods we consume – with a much weaker concentration of course.  Nevertheless we wanted to make sure and have everybody aware of any possible risks. The manufacturer states there are no side effects you should notice. We did check a number of online forums for users opinions and feedback. Indeed there was no mentioning of negative results or complications based on user comments. In case we notice any concerns being shared we will promptly update this section of the review. Our conclusion so far is that Keto Guru is safe.

How to Order the Soluble Slimming Tool Keto Guru? Where To Buy Them?

The organic body-shaping solution cannot be found on sales platforms – such as eBay or Amazon. It is not available for direct purchase in pharmacies either. Clients have to fill in a short form, made available at the official website of the soluble drops Keto Guru. You must leave a name and up-to-date phone number there. A representative of the distributor will get in touch to clear out the delivery details. The payment method is COD (cash-on-delivery). The regular promotional campaigns allow for the product to be purchased with a discount. If you have any additional question don’t hesitate to discuss and have them clarified during the phone call.

Due to the high interest fake duplicates for the weight loss pills have been noticed in Southern Asia over a number of online stores. To make sure you are getting the original geniun product always use the Official website. Links are featured in the begining and end of this review article

How About The Keto Guru Tablets Price?

Depending on where you live the slimming tablets have a different cost. But this is due to the fact the countries have different currencies. We have checked thoroughly and found out that recalculated the Keto Guru price is the same no matter where you are. The producer of the Keto Diet supplement also makes sure the same promotions and discounts are available simultaneously in every country – assuring the policy of the same price for all. Maintaining this price policy is guaranteed by the fact that the tablets are only sold directly. There is no middle man taking advantage – like for example pharmacies. It is best to check the current Keto Guru price directly on the official website.

Sculpting the Body with Ketosis the Natural Way!

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The process of ketosis is deeply coded within our bodies. It is how our ancestors used to consume food products. One cannot deny that the ketogenic principle has a lot of positive sides to it. Especially, when combined with a low-carb and high-protein nutritional plan that goes along with regular exercising.

Bottom Line: The natural body-shaping solution Keto Guru has a natural impact on the body. It works better than other market alternatives.


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  1. Syed Irfan Ali Reply

    Hi, am based in Jeddah and want to buy two bottles . p
    ls let me know the total cost.

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Anisah,
      you should be taking maximum 1(one) tablet per day. This is the original instruction from the manufacturer

        • Alexandra Smith Reply

          Hi Cindy, you can order Keto Guru using the button at the beginning or end of the review – it will take you to the official webpage of the slimming solution.
          You will find out the price on the official page – feel free to ask for a lower price if you buying more than one package.
          Let us know your comments after using the tablets?

  2. HI!
    Where can I order this? Hit the order here button but seems like the site is not working. Please send a link.
    Thank you.

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Grace, which country are you from? Keto Guru are not distributed absolutely everywhere in the world?

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hey Cindy, currently Keto Guru is not sold in the USA. It is pending certification according to FDA.
      As per the manufacturer confirmation soon it will be available.

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Mel,
      the pricing conditions for Keto Guru are on the official website of the product and they may vary. You should better submit your request and discuss those questions with the call center operator.
      Best Regards,

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Ahmad,
      the results of taking Keto Guru are long lasting. So far there are no users complainin of yo-yo effects for returning weight.

    • the call center operator advised to dissolve the tablet in 250ml water, but this website mentioned 200ml or lesser, which one is correct?

      • Alexandra Smith Reply

        Hello Christina,
        Some people prefer smaller portions of water thus our advice. Please note however that we also advised that you should be drinking as much as 2 lt of water a day – that will cover the body needs and the best environment for Keto Guru.

  3. Sameer khan Reply

    Hi I’m in oman muscat so pls can I purchase this keto guru which website in oman

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Anusuyaa, taking Keto Guru is as per your preference hot or cold water – the effect is good anyway.
      Best Regards

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hello Krishna,
      You have to submit your name and phone number on the official page – during the phone call you can discuss the matter of pricing.
      Best Regards

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