Libidex capsules Review IndiaLibidex is one of the most discussed brand names among men from all over the world. It represents an innovative formula of efficient capsules for sexual stamina, erectile dysfunction treatment and natural penis enlargement. This quick triple effect makes the natural product not just one of a kind, but the most wanted male food supplement in India. Right now you can make an online order for this excellent remedy at a very affordable price. Don’t close this page and read our detailed Libidex review.


Libidex food supplement Results & Effect

Libidex Results & Effect

Libidex food supplement results are all focused on men’s masculinity and sexual performance. This formula provides a 3 in 1 effect that can be the solution for all of your problems. Whether you are ashamed of your small penis size or you cannot make sex for more than half an hour this product is right for you. Yet, it is essential to mention that Libidex effect is also a therapeutic. In India doctors recommend it for various medicine issues such as hormonal problems related with low testosterone levels, prostate augmentation or urinary tract infections. In many cases, these diseases and diagnoses are the main reasons for you to lose erection fast or to be quite weak in bed. That’s why the formula is dedicated to treat the problem from the inside rather than offering a temporary solution.

Here are some more Libidex results you can expect:

  • 100% natural stimulation of the connective tissue growth – no pain or discomfort
  • At least 3 cm longer penis in a couple of weeks only
  • Harder, more solid and longer erection
  • Forget about sex that lasts a couple of minutes and prepare for an act of up to 5 hours at least
  • More orgasms for you and the woman in your bed
  • No need of extra stimulation, the erection comes extra fast
  • Instant increase of the libido
  • Hassle-free therapy for domestic conditions
  • No necessity of any embarrassing checks or visits to a doctor

Best Foods & Herbs for the Male & Female Libido

Libidex ingredients. What does it contain


Libidex ingredients are all taken from the Mother Nature. It’s a fully natural content with no chemicals, synthetic elements, allergens, preservatives or artificial coloring agents. Instead of steroids, antibiotics and hormones the included Libidex ingredients are herbs and healthy nutritive elements with maximum impact on men’s reproductive system. The organic remedy uses highly concentrated plant extracts that provide a long-term effect with no risk of negative reaction whether on your stomach, skin or other organ. Men can now show the best of them in bed and feel like real sexual beasts. Of course, this is a great bonus for all wives, girlfriends and women, too.

Meet now the active Libidex ingredients:

  • Tribulus terrestris extract. This herb naturally recovers the hormonal balance by increasing the sexual hormones to increase the erection and to stimulate the penis growth. Sexual stamina is improved through the impact of the blood flow to the genitals. The herb is in high concentration without causing any nausea or other side effects, but instead makes the erection last for several hours.
  • Onopordum acanthium extract. This is a very exotic plant that for centuries has been promoted as a natural aphrodisiac. It affects the central nervous system to improve the sexual performance, but also has some toning effect on the soft muscles. The plant recovers the masculinity and activates the growth factor in the connective tissue to bring you the penis size you have always wanted, but was scared to achieve with dangerous tools such as extenders or expensive plastic surgeries.
  • Hypercum perforatum. The element has a global impact on men’s health as it improves the immunity system, balances the normal energy levels inside the body and meanwhile, can boost the libido. The plant is one of the best solutions of an organic origin that removes the fatigue, fights the infections inside the urinary tract and supports the prostate.

Instructions for Use. How to Take the Capsules

Instructions for Use

Libidex instructions are provided for you in the medicine leaflet. The step by step manual tells you how to take the capsules and offers you detailed information about the product effect and the daily recommended dose to achieve it. The customers from India receive the instructions in their local language. It is essential for everyone to meet them in advance and then, to start the therapy. It is the only guarantee that the product will do its work and will provide the maximum results.

Here are the Libidex instructions to follow:

  • Take the capsules only orally. They should be drunk with plenty of water to activate the absorption of the main ingredients. Note that the capsules can be taken with alcohol, coffee, etc.
  • Please, do not exceed the daily dose. You do not have to do that to increase the effect. It is not necessary as the daily dose is precisely assessed to be suitable for men of any age and with any sexual disorder.
  • Daily recommended dose: 2 capsules per day
  • How to take Libidex ? – Please take 1 capsule in the morning after a meal and 1 capsule in the evening after eating. You can take the second pill right before sex to enjoy its pleasant effect and get more orgasms.
  • How long should I take the capsules? The minimum duration of this natural therapy is 1 month. During this period you will experience a quick and risk-free recovery of your entire reproductive system, as well as the urinary tract and the prostate. Within these 4 weeks the penis growth is activated and performed. After that, you can keep taking up to 1 capsule per day before sex to increase its duration.

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Libidex side effects and contraindications

Libidex side effects have not been announced. The clinical trials in India confirm this information provided by the official producer. Meanwhile, the distributor in India says that during the tests none of the 347 volunteers complained about any negative reactions. All of them have reported that side effects don’t exist and the average penis size growth they have achieved is 4 cm. The participants also add that they have started making sex for longer without getting tired or the necessity of hand stimulation. These volunteers were of different ages and with various chronic conditions. None of them suffered from the therapy, which means that Libidex contraindications are not available. You can tranquilly start taking the capsules without consulting with a doctor or sending a prescription to make an online order.

Libidex comments, opinions and reviews

Libidex comments, opinions and reviews India

Libidex comments will make you even more to buy these capsules immediately. The thing is that in the customer opinions we find fantastic positive reviews. It seems that the product acts very fast and from the first capsule you take you will experience some great results. Most men claim that the first intake indeed improves the sexual performance, while in a couple of weeks the penis size is visibly bigger. In other opinions and reviews from India the clients say that they have managed to treat prostate enlargement (with no extra pills or steroids), as well as to deal with urinary infections without using antibiotics. In some opinions doctors from India say that “these capsules will finally put an end to the vicious practice of using extenders for penis enlargement. These instruments can cause severe damages on the genitals and eventually will not even offer any permanent or satisfying results”.


These capsules are just awesome. Sex has never been my strong point. But everything changed with this food supplement. My wife literally cannot recognize me. She even thought that I have someone else…!”

The product is really great, because it helped me with so many problems. I successfully treated some stubborn urinary infection. I also now can make sex for hours rather than for several minutes. I feel not just healthy and sexually satisfied. I feel like a real man full of energy, desires and motivation!”

“Libidex  works! The capsules do what they are made for. You might not believe, but they can really increase the size of your buddy down there. Personally I achieved some spectacular results. 5 cm in a month only! I keep taking them to see if there’s more to get from this innovative product…!”

What to expect: Advantages & Benefits of the product


  • Triple sexual effect every man wants and needs
  • Sex becomes minimum 3 hours
  • Erectile dysfunction is cured no matter what caused it
  • There’s a higher chance for insemination
  • An absolutely organic product with no chemicals
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Free delivery in India


  • The product cannot be found in the pharmacy
  • Sometimes the delivery can take up to 5 working days

Libidex price in India

Libidex price in India

Libidex price is budget-friendly. In India the price is the same as in the rest countries where the capsules are now available. In the 2024 year the product registers its second year on the market, but what makes a great impression is that the price has not been increased for this time. On the contrary, right now the standard Libidex price is on sale! You can get the product with a special discount of 50%. To get this exclusive price you don’t have to do anything special like entering a promo code or buying more boxes. All customers – current and new – will get the promo Libidex price with 50% discount. Find out how in the next few lines.

Libidex in pharmacy India, Amazon or official website

Libidex in pharmacy India and Amazon is faked! This is a message coming straight from the official distributor in the country. The announcement includes a warning that the faked replicas can be extremely dangerous for you. Please, avoid buying Libidex in pharmacy or Amazon, because the capsules there are not organic, but full of harmful chemical substances that can spoil your health condition. Instead, go check out the official website. This is the only place from where you can buy the original capsules.

Online order instructions:

  • Visit Libidex official website
  • Read more about the ingredients, side effects, daily recommended dose and customer reviews
  • Fill in the online order form with a valid phone number (you will be contacted through a phone call) and names
  • When you receive the phone call, confirm your order and if you need one, require for a free consultation
  • Expect the delivery within 3-5 working days
  • What’s the delivery fee in India – it is free
FINAL WORDS: Libidex capsules provide erectile dysfunction therapy that also increases the libido and the size of your penis. This is a fully natural formula with no chemicals, steroids or antibiotics. According to the customer reviews and opinions, the food supplement is a good prophylaxis for the prostate and the urinary tract, too. The capsules can be purchased only via the official website.


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