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We have all had some hair problems and can relate to them. Whether it would be split ends, dandruff, hair fall or not achieving the perfect color at the salon, we know it. Our hair is a vital part of us, and as women, we tend to always look for ways to make it look even better.

As we go through life, we might find that different problems are approaching us. When battling gray hairs, we dye it. But then another problem is on the horizon. It becomes too brittle and breaks easily. So, finding new ways to tackle the challenges that come with your hair might be exhausting. For this reason, we have gathered one of the most popular tips for achieving the prettiest hair look you know. We invite you to come along and read all 7 tips for universal haircare that every woman should know. And some of them might be applicable for men as well!

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

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It is best if you wash your hair two to three times a week. Yes, we know it can be harder for those who are active and like doing sports a lot. You sweat and this affects the scalp and therefore your hair might seem dirtier or oilier. But still, don’t wash it every day. Two or three times a week would be great as it won’t get too damaged from getting hot water over it as well as drying it. You can try out some dry shampoo, a ponytail, a hat, or a bun for the days to make it look great, even if it needs some washing.

2. Each Little Hair Needs Keratin and Biotin

Keratin is a protein that is the main structural element of hair. That means, without having enough keratin, your hair could fall or break. Biotin is also an important vitamin for healthy-looking hair. Providing healthy levels of keratin and biotin will boost hair growth and help prevent breakage. The foods rich in them are eggs, sweet potatoes, mangoes, kale, and salmon. Besides, it is also recommended to use a hair mask that contains keratin. The Goccia Nera is a good fit that has won many fans online.

3. A Healthy Diet Matters

Speaking of foods, a healthy diet is as important for good hair to look, just like it is for your skin. Protein and complex carbohydrates are the keys to maintaining a good hair growth cycle, so make sure they are present in your daily diet. Drinking enough water is also very important for the good condition of your hair. If you drink too much alcohol and smoke, it will probably affect the levels of vitamin C in your body. So make sure you eat a lot of lemons and oranges, high in Vitamin C, as it helps the body absorb the iron needed for hair growth. Vitamins D (found in leafy vegetables and cinnamon) and E (almonds, sweet potatoes, and avocados) will also generally enhance the hair appearance.

4. Make Sure Your Hair Is Protected from the Sun in the Summer

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Hair and skin do have a lot in common, as the UV lights from the summer sun area also bad for the hair as well. This is also why it can get lighter during summer which is an effect that so many women enjoy. So, how can you protect your hair when you are at the beach or by the pool? There isn’t much you can do. You can put your hair in a bun and a hat. Try staying more in the shade and not going too much around the sun. when you get home, it is important to wash your hair with a nice shampoo and a mask. They will also moisturize the scalp and possibly reduce the damage done by unhealthy UV lights.

5. Get a Haircut Every 2 or 3 Months

According to many leading hairdressers worldwide, it is best to get a haircut every three months. You don’t have to go overboard – only removing the very ends of the hair without taking too much from its length will have a positive and refreshing impact. Use heat protection products for your hair when using a hairdryer or curling iron. And, as we mentioned earlier – make sure that they have a formula that contains keratin.

6. Enjoy a Natural Look

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Naturally looking hair is also a good option. If you like doing complex hairstyles with lots of hairspray and your hair is bleached, why don’t you leave it to grow out to your natural color? Regular bleaching and dying damages the hair and no matter how many products you use, there are simply no ways to fix this. Hair straighteners and curlers also have the same negative impact, even if you use heat protection. So, enjoy a natural look for a while and see if it fits you. It might turn out to be much better than expected.

7. Experiment!

Try different things and find what is best for you. It takes some time but in the end, you will know. Experiment more until you find what suits you perfectly. If you have long hair, try cutting it shorter and see if your hair feels better to know. Go back to your natural color. Use only organic products like the VitaHair Max natural spray to achieve a shiny natural look. There are many things to try out!

Taking Care of Your Self Is the Best Thing You Can Do

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Your hair is an important part of our look. But don’t forget about a healthy diet. It can affect not only your hair but your overall health. Being overweight or not eating the right foods to get us the vitamins we need might have a bad impact on pretty much any area of our life. Ranging from nonexistent libido to some joint problems, it is important to eat healthy in order to feel good all the time!

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