Joint, Spine, & Back Cramps

The degenerative types of arthritis are more than 200 in number. Some of them are prone to treatment, like tendonitis. Lighter forms of arthrosis are, usually, ascending in nature. They affect the connective tissue of muscle ligaments. But patients rarely get better only with physiotherapy. More often than not, corticosteroid injections are applied to boost cell regeneration processes. The downside is that they have been reported to have very unpleasant side effects. The other form of successful treatment is via surgical intervention that is required to promote a speedy recovery.

Natural preventative measures include adopting a more natural diet with healthier products. Such are the ones with natural sugars (honey, fruits) and the spicy turmeric seasonings in the daily menu. There are certain eating habits that you can leave behind for good. Especially, if you want to enjoy a long and physically active life. Fried goods and products that include artificial sweeteners can negatively affect both the figure and internal organs and systems. The same is true of ready-to-cook meals and ones that are rich in preservatives.

The natural means of preventing and managing joint, back, and spinal pains, cramps, and burning sensations become more popular by the day. The last decade was marked by an obsession with healthy nutritional plans and general public enthusiasm for alternatives to traditional sports. Many prefer to turn to organic joint pains solutions, not corticosteroids. The latter has several unplesant unpleasant contraindications, such as loss of libido and rapid accumulation of extra kilos and calories. The lack of energy, will for life, and sudden mood swings are also known side reactions.

Clients usually prefer to turn to a natural joint, back, and spine enhancing products, like the Flexomed organic gel for joint movement reinforcement. Its formula includes only bio-active ingredients. There have been no known contraindications or side effects.

Why Do Back, Spine, & Joint Pains Appear

How & Why Do Back, Spine, & Joint Pains Appear

A sense of stiffness. Lack of energy. Painful and burning sensations and cramps in the area of the back, spine or waist. Subsequent inability to move freely. All of this is part of the initial symptoms of arthritis. But the truth is that everyone experiences them from time to time, even if they do not become a chronic complaint.

The vertebrae are one of the most important organs in human anatomy. It is a supporting structure that keeps vital internal organs safe. Some of the protected tissues are the heart, kidneys, lungs, and liver. If something in its state or structure is not okay, then our bodies will not be able to keep balance or distribute evenly the weight. Not to mention that spine damage means that the good quality of our life is directly threatened.

Constant overloading of certain areas of the body and being in an inconvenient position which doesn’t promote proper weight distribution distort it gradually.

The most common causes of back and joint cramps are the following:

  • Abrupt bending or standing up;
  • Frequent carrying, pushing or lifting of heavy objects;
  • Spending an increased amount of time in an uncomfortable for the body & proper weight distribution position;
  • Sharp & abrupt twist on the side (most often when training);
  • Stretching of muscle joints & ligaments;
  • Driving without rest for a longer time;
  • Overloading of the spinal muscles;

Why Do Back & Joint Pains Appear in Autumn or Spring

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Humid seasons favor ‘calls from old friends’. Autumn and spring offer just the right conditions for arthritis symptoms to emerge. This is the period during which the human organism becomes the most vulnerable. Especially, to chronic diseases. People with sensitive skin usually suffer from frequent manifestations of herpes simplex-1, rosacea or psoriasis. The same applies to people with joint complaints. The change in atmospheric pressure has the same effect. That’s why feel cramps and burning sensations just before the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Simple Ways to enhance joint flexibility and temper back pains.

Subdue Back & Neck Pains with Ice

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People with chronic spinal pains and cramps often wonder how to neutralize the burning sensation when the weather is hot. They try to warm up the given area to balance its temperature with that of the surrounding environment. But they do not know it needs cooling. Try lying on your stomach, putting some blocks of ice on the discomfort zone. Keep it for about 20 minutes, get up, and move your body for a bit. That should calm the pain down. You will have to endure the three phases of having frostbite. They include a burning sensation, subsequent stiffness, and subsequent relief that the cold substance causes.

Essential Oil Massages Relieve Osteochondrosis & Tendonitis Cramps & Stiffness

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Trying to move a stiff limb almost always contributes to subduing the pain and removing the burning sensation. But you have to be careful. Especially if you suffer from joint inflammation. The massage should not be carried out with too much pressure. Not must it repeat the movement that caused the initial feeling of stiffness. Tendonitis and osteochondrosis also occur more often during the colder seasons.

Massage therapy can work splendidly to warm up and loosen up numbness in the limbs. Let the directed gentle pressure and movements on the inflamed tissue be light and tender, without unnecessary strain. Use relaxing essential oils, such as ones from rosemary, mountain arnica, and lavender.

Do Yoga

Do Yoga

Asanas in yoga are great preventative exercises for joint cartilages, tissues, and tendons throughout the body. They are done gently and smoothly, without an unnecessary rush. Thus, the body does not wear out connective tissues but is kept in good shape. You can start with some of the main poses, such as Cat, Cow, Camel, Downward & Upward Looking Dog, Snake, and Boat. They are a good start, and the teaching also offers more complex routines for the more advanced ones. Even if you do it for only 15-20 minutes a day, it will be enough to enjoy healthy and fully functional joints. Even in old age.

Get Your Groove for Life & Activity Back

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Staying home and not getting enough physical activity is one of the main reasons we get sick. When we do not use and maintain our joints, they succumb to gradual atrophy. This results in spine, joint, and waist pains. Make sure to exercise regularly so you can keep them in shape, without overloading the given body part. You can also enhance their condition with natural joint reinforcing products. Some of them are for direct application and have a hypoallergenic and safe effect. A good example is the Spasmalir organic cream. It works better than other alternative goods on the market.

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