face masksThe skin on our face is the foundation of the shiny, alluring, and charismatic facade we want to show off to the world. But the dermis there is extremely thin and easily permeable. It reacts positively or negatively to every food or cosmetic product that we apply on it. If you wish, you can think of it as a mirror. Our vices and harmful habits become visible on its surface, giving a cut-clean reflection of our way of life. The upper epidermal layer is very sensitive and requires more and more special attention as we grow older.

Quality skin care is more than recommended. Especially if you want to maintain your vigorous look and youthful appearance in older age. This can easily be done by applying a wide range of products. The most recommended are natural goods that have a high concentration of nourishing-extracts. Such is the face cream with an anti-aging formula VisageMax. Its organic ingredients include macadamia essential oil, snow algae, white acacia blossoms, collagen, and the Dermcom complex (with crocus and Senegal acacia extracts).

A good number of natural remedies can be applied successfully for this purpose in the form of scrubs, scrub, and face masks. Most of the spicy herbs, such as turmeric, pepper, onion, garlic, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, have skin-cleansing and -rejuvenating properties. Aloe Vera is also considered a powerful dermis refreshing agent. Of course, it’s always possible to go wrong when dealing the ingredients without following an exact recipe and its proportions. You should carefully carry out research if you do not want to ruin the appearance and health of the epidermal layer. But how can we truth from Internet fiction and hype when it comes to homemade face masks? We have selected some helpful tips below.

What Do We Need to Know About Proper Skin Care?

face mask, girl, avocadoIf we want to nourish and rejuvenate our face skin the right way, we need to check up some facts in advance. We can begin by identifying our skin type – dry, oily, normal or combined. This can happen by consulting a dermatologist or by reading more information on the matter. Our next move should be focused on our weekly menu. And we do not mean only the size of the portions but especially what we put in them.

Overeating is also not advisable, as obese people are much more likely to develop easily-irritable skin. They are directly prone to overproduction of sebum. Including more fruits and vegetables in the diet can help us restore the elasticity and natural shine of the dermis. They nourish and cleanse the body from toxins. Omega-3 fatty acids-rich goods, like ocean fish, seafood, and avocado also promote good skin health. Make sure you drink enough water, too. This will help you maintain normal pH levels.

Here follow some easy daily rituals which will help you keep the youthful and refreshed appearance of your face:

  • Cleanse it daily with natural products. First, remove the makeup, then wash it gently with lukewarm water. Apply micellar or rose water. Many women also apply chamomile solutions. This will help the pores open up and the dirty particles will come out easily. Finally, rinse the face with cool water.
  • Do not touch your face too often with your hands. No matter how much we try to maintain good hygiene, nothing can protect us from the free radicals in the air. And the dirt in public transport and in the streets.
  • Regularly exfoliate the face skin with organic cosmetics. This will shed off the dead cells and dirt particles.

Any Skin Can Become Oily or Dry!

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Everyone knows that our lifestyle can significantly affect the condition of the dermis. But few suspect that it can transform it from dry to oily and vice versa, regardless of our genetic predisposition. If we are long-time smokers, the epidermal tissue on the face will most likely begin to dry out. Even if it was oily in puberty and our early 20s. Especially, when it is close to the mouth. This is due to regular smoke inhalation.

If we have a sweet tooth or soft spot for fat-rich food products, we must also expect an increase in sebum production. It also goes along with the appearance of pimples and acne, as well as a boost in the level of irritability of the dermis. We also sweat more, which causes the dirty particles to get stuck in our pores.

It’s time to look at some of the more popular myths about face masks. Those which are not founded on anything else but pure speculation will be debunked. The naked facts will also be viewed for what they are worth.

Myth #1: Face Masks Are Not for Every Skin Type!

Verdict: Myth

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If this Internet myth was true, people with dry dermis should never use cosmetics. Dy skin makes our expression appear aged. The over-dried upper epidermal layer gives out a lack of vitality. Our expression always looks tired and exhausted. That’s why it requires specialized care like any other type of skin.

This is the different types of face skin masks that people with different skin types should use:

  • For Dry Skin: It needs higher levels of hydration and nutrition. The suitable natural facial masks for it are the ones with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals. Recommended are the ones with banana, yogurt, egg, wheat flour, cucumbers or avocado.
  • For Oily & Combined Skin: This type of dermis needs cleansing, soothing, and drying. Typical of it is the appearance of pimples, acne, comedones, and increased sebum production. The appropriate face masks for it are the ones that absorb excess sebum and clean the dirty areas without further irritating them. The other thing that such treatment should induce is a cooling effect and subsequent contraction of the pores. Aloe vera, lemon, cinnamon, rose water, and turmeric are the right ingredients for it. Different types of clay can also act as beneficial agents.
  • For Normal Skin: The small number of people who don’t have problem skin do not need regular face masks. Their dermis requires nourishment once a month or during periods of intense emotional and physical stress. Hydrating and refreshing types of facial masks are best suited for this type of epidermis. Suggested ingredients are yogurt, avocado, clay, lemon, cucumbers, bananas, honey, coffee, and olive oil.

Myth #2: Face Masks Must Be Applied Only on Clean Skin!

Verdict: True

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Whatever type of face mask you apply to your skin, it will have the opposite effect if the dermis is not properly cleaned beforehand. Makeup should be removed separately using micellar or aloe vera milk. Then the face should be washed with lukewarm water and antibacterial and antiseptic natural soap. Rinse it with cool to cold water. For the finish, use organic rose water with a cotton swab and gently apply to refresh your features.

Myth #3: Dry Skin Required a Moisturizing Cream After Face Masks!

Verdict: True

One reason why dry skin needs a face mask is because of its low pH levels. Since we can not sit forever with the mixture and we have to wash it at some point, it is good to apply a moisturizing cream. Its function is to emphasize the already achieved level of hydration and to build on top of it.

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Myth #4: Gel Face Masks Are Also Suitable for Sensitive Skin!

Verdict 50% True, 50% Myth

Most of the so-called ‘gel face masks’ are saturated with polyvinyl alcohol. This ingredient is extremely inappropriate for people with sensitive dermis because it causes additional irritation and inflammation. If you apply a homemade face mask, however, it can really nourish and rejuvenate the upper epidermal layer. Without the heavy chemicals in the composition, the product has a regenerating effect. The only problem is that achieving the right consistency of the mixture is difficult.

Our Skin – The Body’s First Line of Defense!

girls, face masksHuman skin is the first line of defense of our body and immune system. It is our shell and the biggest organ we have. It holds a defensive position as soon as free radicals and dirty particles get on its surface. That’s why it’s so important to care for it. Having clean and refreshed dermis, we actually enjoy an abundance of health. It is best to do this with a natural remedy such as a cream with an anti-aging formula, like the natural VisageMax.

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