It is unbelievable to how many people does it come as a surprise to learn that the skin is actually an organ. It is the largest organ in the human body and it is also the most exposed one. Extra care is needed so that it can feel good and look healthy. But this is a big challenge, since the human skin is prone to absorbing a big percentage of the dirt and other elements that are accumulated on it during the day.

There are several factors that greatly damage the skin. First of all, we have the environmental hazard – polluted air, small particles, and dirt as whole accumulate and clog the pores. Then there are the numerous creams, ointments, lotions, and other beauty products that mostly women apply on their skin on a daily basis. Even if you clean your skin every night with your preferred cleansing products, there is still a significant amount of elements and byproducts that enter it and often clog the pores.

A skin that cannot breath is a skin that is going to age faster and that is going to have more physical imperfections.

But how to be sure of the qualities of the products you use? Can they protect you from harmful influences, are they gentle? Some of the best products that cover these qualities is Medutox. Of course, there is no universal method of discerning which products are as good and which are not. Here are some basic rules for you to follow when choosing your cosmetics.

How to Choose Safe Cosmetics

Today’s trends move towards natural products from herbal extracts without chemicals and impurities. Unfortunately, the biggest cosmetics brands are still not brave enough to make such a sharp shift in their products. Their compositions are full of toxins and chemicals in an effort to make the creams and ointments more effective. In reality, such things greatly harm the skin and leave problems that need other products in order to be treated. Always check the ingredients of the cosmetic products you buy. We have noticed that the major brands boast of using a number of different natural ingredients but they also add chemicals to make sure the product manages to stay on the shelves longer. Smaller shops with natural product use less to none chemicals so we highly recommend those. Sometimes bigger brands also use less concentrated ingredients so to: manage easier customs controls and taxes, evade potential issue with allergies and contraindications as well as simply manage the cost of the product lower. While the allergies part is valid it kind of kills the effect for the majority of customers. For example if you know for fact you are not suffering from problems with natural ingredients you should worry less about this point.

For that reason, the smartest thing would be to always purchase cosmetics that have an authentic origin and are comprised of only natural active ingredients like herbal, plant, and root extracts. But if you choose to use something different from creams and ointments to treat your skin, make sure it has been made of soft materials. An example of such a solution would be the gentle Rechiol. Synthetic materials can also be harmful to your skin.


3 Myths of Skin Care Products

Here are the three most widespread myths about beauty and skin care products. Most of you have certainly heard of them and probably even believe in them.

  • It’s safe if it’s sold in physical stores – this is a myth. Natural cosmetics, especially for modeling and shaping the body like the BigBust nourishing cream are a new phenomenon. It will take some time before organic and bio cosmetics consisting of all-natural ingredients become widely accepted in the physical distribution network. Most of them can be found predominantly online.
  • There is no stopping the clock – no one can stop aging, people just do it at a different pace. Don’t just fall for any flamboyant claim that this or that cream is the new anti-aging solution. Most of these have harmful ingredients that achieve short-term effects and some even damage the skin further. When buying such a product, make sure you are well aware of what the featured ingredients are and what they do.
  • The price is a sign of quality – this is also a myth. Some of the most expensive skin care beauty products are ineffective. An example of that would be the products that contain hyaluronic acid. The molecule of the hyaluronic acid is actually too big to penetrate the skin in-depth. Such products are expensive but in reality, they are ineffective. It is not necessary for a cream or an ointment to be extremely expensive to be effective.

Make no Compromises with Skin Care

It is not only the outside influences on the skin that damage it. There is also the effect of the food we eat and the bad habits we have. When you combine the right ingredients of the cosmetics products you use with the right ingredients you consume, you will get amazing results.

Don’t worry, it is not hard to find what is good for your skin care routine. You just need to spend a little bit of time to research a bit more in order to find the most suitable elements of your both food and beauty regimes. But do not make compromises with your skin! It deserves to be healthy and with a beautiful glow!

Alexandra Smith

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