Worst Foods for Skincare

When we talk about diet, we often associate it with how slim and fit we are. We know that certain foods do make us gain weight, and that has been scientifically proven in many ways. We also know about allergies and how they can be triggered. We have heard of intolerance such as gluten or dairy ones, which means that our body simply doesn’t like these foods, despite not being allergic.

But there is one group that is not so often talked about. And these are the foods that have a bad impact on our skin. Why does our skin react negatively to certain types of foods and how can we avoid them? What should we eat instead? Does this mean that we are allergic or intolerant to certain foods if we break out after eating them? If you’d like to have good-looking skin then we recommend you read our article until the very end and find out!

7 Worst Foods We Should Avoid if We Want Our Skin to Look Fabulous

Our team has made a full list of the top 10 worst foods for your skin. Of course, you may have one or two of them every once in a while but if you want to have a luminous skin like a Hollywood celebrity it is best to stay away from them. You can also learn more about the KryoDerme organic foundation for a movie star glow. It has a natural base and could even our tan. Here are the worst foods for our skin:


FriesFries are not only bad for our diet, being deep-fried, incredibly high in carbs, a huge amount of calories, but also for our skin. Yes, they are tasty and they can be eaten all the time. They are also high in sodium which could lead to wrinkles at a younger age. So, next time you eat some fries, think at least about limiting them.


Chocolate MilkshakeChocolate Milkshake

This food contains a combination of two bad food groups for the skin. These are dairy and sugars. If you miss the taste, prepare it using organic dark chocolate and non-dairy milk. This will definitely be a good alternative for those who enjoy the taste of it.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and CheeseHere is another combination of types of foods that you should avoid. It is quite similar, but at least it is not sweet. The milk in salty cheese combined with high carbs can also trigger breaking out especially if your skin is oily and prone to acne. The abundance of salt is also not recommended. If we have already reached a certain age where your mature skin is starting to look not as you’d like it too, you might consider the Pearl Mask. Its ingredients come from an organic origin and could boost the skin rejuvenation properties!

All Types of Candy

All Types of Candy

Refined sugar, in general, is terrible for these suffering from skin conditions. These may include psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, or simply acne-prone skin. But here you should be aware of something very important and that is added sugar. It can be anywhere from bread, pasta, teas, coffees, meats. Manufacturers secretly add sugar to a lot of products to make them taste better. As our brain can also get addicted to sugar, it starts craving this particular food. So, read the packages well if you’re suffering from serious skin conditions and try to use organic alternatives with no added sugars. Using a natural base sweetener like stevia is also a good option. It can also have some good health impacts like balancing your blood sugar levels.



We did mention it above when talking about mac and cheese. It quite depends on what kind of cheese you get, but there are a lot of talks about how milk and certain types of meats are loaded up with hormones. This is done by manufacturer to ensure an animal produces more or grows faster but we never really know what we eat. This step is quite optional but if you are a cheese lover and can’t miss out on it, it is better to buy from a local organic farm. This way you truly know what is going into your stomach. And if your skin still breaks out, it is better to quit dairy at all.

Spicy FoodSpicy Food

If you have rosacea, your skin is especially sensitive to foods. And spicy foods can put it up in flames. Well, almost literally. We all get a bit red when eating spicy but here it can be rather bad for the dermis. While spicy food can even be healthy, people with skin conditions should be more mindful.

Sugary Cereals

Sugary CerealsThey are often labeled as healthy, but honestly, this is the last description we would give them. Yes, some of them contain little whole seeds but they are definitely not enough. So, they are one of the foods with added sugars we should stay away from. Choose a healthy alternative, like oats, and combine them with dark chocolate and almond milk, for example. That would make a healthy combo!


So, What are the Healthy Foods for Our Skin?


Fish is one of the best foods you could enjoy to have healthy skin. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they can keep skin moisturized and fight inflammation. Salmon and herring are good two options to add to your menu. Add a few steamed veggies, like broccoli is also great for the skin. It is a high antioxidant food that could also help your hormones be in order. If you’re looking for something sweet to finish off your meal, dark chocolate should be your go-to choice. Cocoa with no sugar is great for the skin, and so are the antioxidants contained in it.

In Conclusion: Simply Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle

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We can almost agree, with some exceptions, that the healthy foods boosting weight loss and overall health are also the ones good for our skin. So, as long as you keep a healthy diet with quality organic foods, your skin should be just fine!

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