Salt vs. Sugar

Food and drinks are our main source of nutrients. They are the reason we have survived for so long and, somehow, managed to dominate our small blue-green planet. While our existence and evolution can also depend on many different factors, no one can deny the power of what we eat. Some books, like Richard Wrangham’s ‘Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human’ and Tom Standage’s ‘An Edible History of Humanity’, are dedicated to the topic. Our health and genetic code depend directly on the consumed products. They helped us invent farming and raise livestock. Spices are also important. They help us temp our sense receptors. Most of them are quite good for how our bodies work. And can you think of spices that are more popular than the eponymous sugar and salt?

Ah, life and the wonderful joy of food wouldn’t be the same without them. But they belong to the so-called ‘White Trio of Death’. It includes sugar, salt, and flour. Now, take a deep breath and relax. Not every pinch of sugar and salt will kill you in an instant. But their refined versions are added quite often to junk foods that comprise most of our bad food habits. They are also quite addictive. Their excessive consumption can lead to obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and chronic acne.

Of course, the market nowadays offers lots of natural solutions that one can apply for the purpose of relaxation and harmonizing the heartrate. Like the Cannabis Oil CBD-derived drops. Enjoying proper cardiovascular well-being can also be achieved via the consumption of immunity-raising foods.

So, salt vs. sugar – which one is worse for our health?

The Properties of Sugar & Salt – How Different Are They

The Properties of Sugar & Salt

Salt and sugar have very little in common. Both on a chemical level and when comparing their taste. The first one is made out of ionically bonded sodium and chloride. And the latter is made out of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon that are combined covalently. But they can also be quite similar. Their most commonly-found form is the crystalline one and, on most occasions, they are odorless and colorless.

They have been applied for centuries for the following purposes:

  • Preservation of Food Products;
  • Antibacterial Agents that Can Be Put Directly on Open Wounds in Their Pure Form;
  • Strong Flavor Enhancers Put into Almost Every Food;

A Brief History of Sugar & Salt on the Human Plate

History of Sugar & Salt

You will hardly find more popular and commonly-used flavor enhancers in the history of mankind than salt and sugar. Moreover, they are obtained naturally. Salt is usually derived from saltwater lakes. Their healing waters pinch the human skin. They refresh and rejuvenate it while killing any harmful bacteria on its surface. Unfortunately, most of the salt contained in prepacked foods can be extremely harmful. The same is also valid for sugar. It is harvested from sugar cane. Its name is derived from the Ancient Greek word ‚σάκχαρις ‘(‘ saccharis’). Initially, it was used only as a medicine. The natural saccharine in it increases blood levels and are used against dizziness. If you suffer from low blood sugar levels, you can add a pinch of it to a glass of water at mid-room temperature and drink it. It will immediately make you feel better.

What Are the Negative Effects of Salt & Sugar

Negative Effects of Salt & Sugar

Salt and sugar have an important role in the dietary habits of humans, there is no doubt about this. But let us not forget that overdoing it on both flavor enhancers can lead to many negative consequences. Which are the main harms that they cause to our bodies? We have examined them individually below.

Here are some of the negative effects that excessive consumption of salt can have on the human body:

  • Increase the Risk of Developing Stomach Cancer & Cardiovascular Diseases;
  • High Sodium Quantities in the Human Body Can Cause Oedema & Water Retention;
  • The Normal Functioning of the Kidneys Is Hindered;
  • You Can Actually Develop an Addiction to Salt;
  • It May Cause Bloating;

On the other hand, the need for a quick sugar fix is also not very healthy for you. Here are the negative effects of sugar on the human body:

  • It Is Directly Linked to Obesity & Gaining Excess Weight;
  • Frequent Acne Outbreaks Are Also Common for People with a High Sugar Intake;
  • Sugar Is Even More Addictive Than Salt – Cutting It Down Rapidly Can Lead to Depression, Quick Mood Swings, & Shifts in Energy Levels;
  • There Is A Close Connection between Early Skin Aging & Consuming Too Many Sweets;
  • An Elevated Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, & Cholesterol Levels;

Salt vs. Sugar: Which Is Worse for the Health


Historically, doctors have focused more on advising us to limit sodium intake to control blood pressure. Recently, however, new research and studies are being done. Surprisingly, most of them show that added sugars are more dangerous overall. You may not want to believe this but sugar damages the heart more than salt.

Excessive intake of refined sugars can lead to changes in the body’s metabolism and chronic inflammation. This leads to the development of chronic illnesses, like cancer and type 2 diabetes. Certain types of sugar molecules, called fructose, are processed only by the liver. Its activity is also heavily hindered due to the excessive intake of sweets.

Modern science has advanced to very high levels. You can work against the negative effects of salt and sugar on the human body by applying a wide range of natural heartrate enhancement solutions. Like the Diabextan organically-filmed inner peace and better body tone capsules.

So, who is the winner? Is salt more dangerous to us and our well-being than sugar? Or vice versa? Let’s find out!

Scientific studies have shown that excessive consumption of refined sugars is more dangerous to human health than salt. Sodium is very important for the normal work of the organism element. However, it is good to remember to limit the daily intake of both!

Maintaining Proper Balance Is Everything

Balance, food, diet

‘Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose’, says Master Yoda in the Star Wars series. And he is more than right. Everything that becomes an obsession has the power to kill us. Remember this. Sugar and salt are very important for the normal work of the body. As long as you don’t overdo them. Try to maintain a good balance about everything you put on the plate. It could mean the difference between life and death.

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