Take Care of Your Skin Before You Go To Sleep

Why can some people just wake up and have perfectly fresh and beautiful skin? While others get up and their face is swollen and dotted with dark circles and eye bags. Dermatologists say that quality sleep plays an extremely important role in the health of the dermis. When missing, it begins to lose its elasticity and youth.

The other most common cause of deterioration is the various foods and beverages that ruin it. You have to learn to take care of it if you want to restore its brilliance. How to do it right, though? Easy! No matter how tired you are, never forget to remove makeup and cosmetics worn during the day. Bet on natural scrubs for beautiful skin at home. Reduce stress with yoga and meditation. Nothing destroys the perfection of the dermis like nervous tension. Also smoking, alcohol and passion for sweets. If necessary, know that you can always turn to one of the many bio-products for skin regeneration. Among the most popular in Europe in 2021 is the organic cream Medutox. The reviews and opinions about him on the forums are excellent, and the composition is completely organic.

How to have beautiful and fresh skin every morning? How to clean the dermis properly at home? What face cosmetics should I use? What are the 5 most important bedtime rituals?

Here are some tips to take care of our skin, in the evening, before going to bed: first of all one it is important to carry out a deep cleaning to remove the make-up (if we use it) and the traces that smog leaves on the face, then it is necessary to gently and never aggressively cleanse the face with a cleansing milk.

Beauty Sleep: Your Skin’s Best Friend

Beauty Sleep

Quality sleep is like a decoction from the fountain of youth. It provides the skin with a regeneration process that it needs to be radiant and fresh. The dermis works to protect against many external factors throughout the day. That is why it switches to a recovery mode at night, as the process of revitalization is up to 3 times faster. Most of the time the skin sees a jump in HRT (human growth hormone) during the night sleep cycle.

The release of HRT helps to repair body tissues and stimulates increased cell production. The natural synthesis of collagen and elastin is enhanced to replace cells that have been damaged during daylight hours. Such is the effect of using RevitaNaturalis.

Dermatologists advise us to ensure better sleep in order to enjoy radiantly fresh and beautiful skin. It is key to dermal health for the following reasons:

  • Reduces swollen areas on the face by neutralizing the action of stress hormones. They are what make you hold water.
  • Gives shine and elasticity, as the dermis “repairs” the damage caused by ultraviolet rays during the day.
  • The skin has enough time to regenerate, which reduces wrinkles and surrounding lines.

Evening Skin Care Rituals

Evening Skin Care

Perhaps not all of our readers know that a good evening beauty routine, good facial cleansing, the use of creams for the night, as well as a real relaxing ritual, constitute the most important moment of the day with regard to skin care.

For your skincare you can count on Rechiol or VisageMax.

We asked numerous industry operators, skin experts and dermatologists to guide us to discover the secrets of the most correct evening beauty routine. These are the points on which everyone agreed.

First of all, it is essential to carry out a real cleaning. In this regard it will be necessary to cleanse the skin of the face very well with cleansing milk or other suitable product, thoroughly remove all the dirt helping itself even with a small warm and humid towel that we can pass on the skin several times until complete cleaning (heat will help to open the pores of the skin facilitating the cleaning of makeup or smog particles). After this it will be necessary to let the skin “breathe” for about a minute and immediately after dab a tonic on the face.

This should be applied directly with your hands and not with the typical cotton pad; applying it in this way is much more pleasant and definitely more effective. For those who want it is also possible to spray directly with a special nebulizer on the face.

  • After the cleansing procedure it is necessary to apply a serum with highly nourishing properties perhaps accompanied by its cream. To this step and indicated to dedicate a few more seconds massaging (this allows to warm our skin and to make the product penetrate better making it reach the deepest layers of the skin).
  • If it is deemed appropriate or if necessary, a soothing or nourishing mask may be applied before the ritual is finished. In this case you can choose a creamy mask that absorbs slowly and that simply massages on the face without rinsing it and if it is not a problem, the ideal would be to go to bed directly with the product applied to the face.

To the above-described cleansing, then to cleansing milk and softening tonic, once a week it would be advisable to carry out a gentle scrub. There are several products on the market, even with ingredients of natural and biological origin, which thanks to their formulation that usually contain microparticles, are able to remove dead cells and consequently allow the above products to best perform their action.

Also useful would be the application of an eye contour product that moisturizes and keeps elastic the with moisturizing properties and possibly with anti-aging ingredients able to counteract the appearance of wrinkles and attenuate the visibility of those already existing.

Proper Makeup Cleansing

Makeup Cleansing

Sometimes you are too exhausted to do anything but rinse your face before going to sleep? Error! Circadian rhythms are a hot topic in dermatology and cosmetology. Most major cosmetic companies invest millions in research into the human 24-hour internal clock. Also how it affects all body functions, including skin health.

New research shows that our skin’s metabolism actually slows down at night. This means that natural exfoliation and regeneration need additional stimulus. Taking time for a ritual for more beautiful and fresh skin before bed will not only promote better quality sleep. It will provide the body with the best possible conditions for the dermis to revitalize. And it will enhance the effect of all the cosmetics you apply.

How to learn to pay enough attention to the skin of your face before bedtime? You can follow these steps and guidelines!

  • Stop repeating to yourself that facial skin care is a luxury. Such rituals are essential if you want to have a healthier and youthful radiant dermis.
  • Use natural products and avoid expensive cosmetics, which often contain artificial derivatives and dangerous chemicals.
  • Enjoy every moment of your daily ritual for more beautiful and fresh skin before bed. This time is special for you!

5 Important Rituals for Beautiful Skin

# 1. Put on a sleeping mask

Sleeping mask

Our eyes seem to take on the weight of poor sleep. Even if we sleep more than 8 hours, they can look puffy, wrinkled and rough. To allow the skin in the eye area to recover at night – use a sleeping mask. Bet on silk or satin products, not synthetics. This way you will not irritate this sensitive area.

The skin around your eyes has a thinner epidermal layer and no oil glands. It lacks a protective barrier, so it is the easiest to wrinkle. Putting on a sleep mask before bed will not only block the access of light. This will give you a better rest. And in the morning you will wake up with a fresher and brighter radiance than before. Of course, you can gently massage and exfoliate the dermis before going to bed with Max Skin Perfector.

# 2. Do Double Cleansing

You’ve probably had your makeup removed before bed, but still mysteriously waking up with a blurred eye line. This is normal, especially if you have used quality long-lasting makeup. The 12- to 24-hour durability of foundation, mascaras, eyeliner and eye shadows are made with polymers. And they do not dissolve easily with soap and water. Nor with a water-based makeup remover.

To remove all traces of makeup, wash your face twice using a method called “double cleansing”. First, apply an oil-based cleaner. Essential oils break down waxes and polymers more effectively than soap and water. Then, use a gentle tonic without soap to rid your skin of cosmetic residues. Additionally, you can apply bio-cream for more beautiful and radiant skin after sleep Intenskin.

# 3. Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

This procedure is less related to skin biology and more to logistics. You probably have more time for recalculation and facial skin care in the evening. Therefore, use your free minutes before bed to pamper your dermis with some additional procedures.

Take a relaxing bath and apply a clay-based face mask. This will detoxify the free radicals that have accumulated between the pores during the day. And you will be sure that your skin is clean before bed. You can even go a step further and make a thick mask on the dermis during sleep once a week. This will help you hydrate really dry skin. If you prefer organic cosmetics, use Cream4Sense.

# 4. Apply Essential Oils and Retinoids

Essential Oils and Retinoids

If you have dry or flaky skin, applying essential oil is helpful to restore normal pH levels. Like toner, the oil will help your body produce sebum for extra hydration. Many dermatologists recommend retinoids for healthier and fresher facial skin.

They stimulate cell turnover, which makes new dermal cells grow faster. They also reduce the breakdown of collagen – the protein in the body that contributes to the elasticity of your skin. Retinoids help lighten dark spots on the skin and minimize wrinkles by thickening the skin. They are also contained in Gold Revive facial dermal cream.

# 5. Proper Hydration Before Bed

Make moisturizing the last ritual of evening care for radiant and fresh skin. The type of moisturizer you use should depend on your skin type. Those with a lighter formula are usually better for normal to oily skin. Heavier creams – for dry skin. If you have sensitive dermis, stick to a moisturizer that does not contain fragrances and is hypoallergenic. Bet on products that have beneficial ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants and vitamins C and A. This is the all-natural face cream Removio.

Love Your Skin Properly To Make It Radiant And Beautiful

No one is born with perfect facial skin. Each of us has certain shortcomings and weaknesses that he tries to fix and strengthen. The secret of the beautiful and visibly youthful dermis lies in the proper care for it. This is not a luxury. It takes daily effort to maintain its beauty and freshness. What are you waiting for?

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