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They say that true beauty comes from within. But, every now and again, we have to enhance what Mother Nature has gifted us with. Most gals will immediately notice if they gained a couple of extra kilos. And they will take action right away in fright of becoming overweight. They will do everything in their power to boost average metabolic rates, going as far as trying out a potentially dangerous diet. Like consuming only coffee, apples, and water for a day on end. And we are quick to ring our coiffeur once we notice those split ends in our hair. Well, cosmeticians and makeup artists often wonder why we don’t cater the same way for our eyelashes, as well!

Eyelashes play an important role in our body. The tiny hairs that comprise them protect and shield the eyes from all sorts of dangers. They keep them safe from the tiny dust particles in the atmosphere, as well as from bacteria and infections. Are you convinced that you should pay more attention to them, now?

Well, don’t worry. The present-day market has a lot to offer. There are many all-natural eyelash beauty and length enhancement products that do not damage the wholeness of your eye area. One of the more popular and preferred by clients’ facial beauty goods is the EverLash eyelash serum.

How to remove makeup properly from my eyelashes? Can the application of mascara be dangerous? How to refurbish and reinforce eyelash elasticity and beauty? Which colors should I choose? Can I grow longer eyelashes in a completely natural manner?

Keep reading the following article to learn more interesting facts!

What Are Eyelashes & How to Take Care of Them?

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They say that the eyes are the window of the soul. You can sneak peek straight into someone’s inner desires and wishes through them. To enhance the way that we manifest our true selves before others, we often underline our eyelashes, using makeup and cosmetics. This has turned into a true art form. You can read Danessa Myricks’s memoirs and guide book ‘Flawless Eyebrows and Eyelashes’ to learn more about it!

The main function of eyelashes in the human body is to protect the eyes from dust, sand, viruses, and bacteria. In addition to acting as a protective barrier, it also immediately the eye area. Especially, if we apply tons of mascara on them. Various factors, such as aging or chronic disease (hypotrichosis), can lead to their loss and thinning. So, what does the proper care for them include?

The daily eyelash care ritual includes:

  • Clean them carefully. We often remove the eyeliner from our eyelid and then forget about the lashes. If you allow the mascara or even the remnants of it to stay on them, you risk developing a serious eye infection. Use a cotton swab with a natural cleansing toner to prevent the buildup of layers of dirt particles.
  • Hydrate them daily. Be sure to apply a moisturizing serum on them every day to emphasize their natural shine and length.
  • Opt for natural cosmetics. As much as you like the effect of the mascara, give your lashes a break from time to time. This will allow your follicles to rejuvenate and regenerate. Avoid applying false eyelashes or enhancing their length artificially. And don’t use makeup daily!

Here are our 5 natural tricks for longer, stronger, and more expressive eyelashes:

#1. Don’t Apply Water-Resistant Mascara Too Often!

We won’t be catching you spending all of your time in aqua parks, will we? Then why do you go through the trouble of applying water-resistant mascara daily? Unless you live near the tropics where it rains daily, this is completely unnecessary. The problem here is in the ingredients, used to make makeup water-resilient. They include silicone which may cause eye irritation, hair loss, and lead to infections.

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#2. Nourish Your Eyelashes 2-3 Times a Week!

Just like hair, eyelashes need nourishment and hydration to grow healthy and strong. It is true that there are special cosmetics for this purpose. But you must also not forget about natural alternatives, such as almond or coconut oil. These products provide the lashes with the necessary amount of essential fatty acids and prevent their fallout.

#3. Comb Your Eyelashes Daily with a Soft Brush!

You can stimulate the healthy growth of eyelashes by activating the blood circulation in this area. Do it with the help of a brush and comb them several times a day. Use a clean one, similar to the one you use to apply mascara. Comb the lashes from the base up to the end for 2-3 minutes. You can hydrate them naturally using extra virgin olive oil or castor oil.

#4. Eat Healthily for Longer & Stronger Eyelashes!

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It may seem strange but food plays a major role in having healthy, thick, strong, and beautiful lashes. The nutrients in the food we consume help form the hairs. They also provide proper nourishment that the follicles require to grow long and strong. Eating mostly processed and nutrient-poor foods can increase eyelash damage and fallout.

So, make sure your menu is rich in:

  • Fiber
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids;
  • Amino Acids;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Vitamins;
  • Minerals;

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#5. Don’t Forget to Clean the Makeup Before Going to Bed!

Going to bed without cleaning your makeup is one of the biggest mistakes many women make daily. It may seem harmless but over time it damages not only your skin but also your eyelashes and eyebrows. Makeup interferes with the optimal supply of oxygen, which hinders the growth and nourishment of the eyelashes.

If You Don’t Care for Your Eyelashes, No One Else Will!

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As mentioned above, eyelash protects our eyes from bacteria and dirt particles. It is important to nourish them daily and never forget to clean the makeup. This will help you have longer, stronger, and more beautiful eyelashes with close to no efforts. You can also rely on one of the many all-natural products, available on the market. One of the best alternatives in 2020 is the clients’ favorite EverLash eyelash serum.

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