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Everyone knows how it feels to come home for the holidays. Awww, the joy of seeing your family, sitting around the table and having fun. The traditional dishes for Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving are usually saturated with fats and carbs. And if you can’t say ‘No!’ to that pork chop or turkey breast, then there is a serious risk from overeating. You promised yourself that you wouldn’t, yet here you are discretely unbuttoning your pants under the table. Even if nobody notices the bloated tummy, you know you will have a case of ‘the bad stomach’ as early as a couple of hours from now. And you know that that beef steak with mashed potatoes is going to be harder to get rid of than it was to consume!

Binge-eating is often supported by unpleasant side effects, such as gas, diarrhea, constipation, and tummy aches. The moment when it happens is the moment one realizes that one has less control over their diet than they think. Trying to subdue the symptoms is also hard. This is the time when you know that getting in shape without diets in cases of chronic or compulsive overeating is not fun. And that you wished you considered beforehand which foods are good or bad for the prostate. But can you detoxify quickly at home with natural methods?

Science says ‘Yes’. You just have to know how. Lots of people try different organic body-shaping solutions, like the ChocoLite nutritional drink with an active cocoa extract for silhouette-shaping. And they work! But let us focus on the immediate measures to take so that you don’t search what to do after overeating on Reddit.

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The Perils of Binge-Eating & How to Tackle Them at Home


The meaning of overeating is to consume more food than one’s body requires to function normally. The Cambridge Dictionary of Contemporary English gives the following definition of the verb ‘to overeat’:

‘to eat more food than your body needs, especially so that you feel uncomfortably full’

Once your stomach begins to bloat and you see the first symptoms of discomfort, you should discontinue the consumption of food. Especially, when saturated unhealthy elements. Not only because you will later wonder how to get rid of those extra pounds. There are serious concerns for your health, too. Most of them are not exactly the ones that are considered superfoods for the heart and the bones.

They are a cardiovascular or skeletomuscular sybeefbeefm bomb whose timer is close to the finish line. It is fully ready to go off! Especially, if you’ve had the habit of eating too much for most of your life. Even if you haven’t, you will still wonder what to do when overeating for a day, on sugar, a week or just for the night. And don’t even think of doing something drastic, like going on the keto diet, to stress out your body even more.

But let us take a look at what overeating looks like, apart from the memes on social networks:

  • After 5 Minutes: This is the time that you have to unbutton and loosen the pants a bit. Do it quickly! You can try soothing the tummy even further with a cup of hot tea or black coffee.
  • After 15 Minutes: Rub your belly! As strange as it might sound, this will help you feel more relaxed. As well as the gastrointestinal system.
  • After 1-2 Hours: Go out for a walk. This activates the metabolism.

Overeating & Stress Are Correlated

Overeating & Stress

Recent scientific studies show that overeating disorder is closely connected to having elevated stress levels. Our bodies do whatever they can to compensate for the fact that we feel tired and lack a lust for life. No matter what the reason for being anxious and nervous is, we try to make our brain release more dopamine and endorphin – the hormones of happiness. One way to achieve this is consuming products that we would never touch if we knew how they are made! Try doing it less often. Overeating, a synonym for which is ‘unhealthy,’ is usually supported by horrible stomach pains, especially, when done at night, and may turn into a disease.

Let us take a look at the 8 ways to tackle overeating

#1. Get Up & Get Moving

It is a good idea to go out for a walk right after you’ve binge-eaten. This can help you reduce the stress levels and it will make your body feel better, too. Walking is, nonetheless, a physical exercise that activates metabolism and internal thermoregulatory processes. Scientific studies show that it also the mechanism, responsible for successful accelerate stomach emptying. And this will relieve the feelings of fullness or bloating.

#2. Drink Lots of Liquid

The tummy functions better when there are liquids in it. It also boosts metabolism so that you don’t have to do heavy exercising to burn those calories and put them to use. They will get absorbed easier by the body.

#3. Fill Up on Fibers

Consuming more fruits and vegetables which are very rich in fibers is not only healthy for the proper working of the body. It also means that your organism will stay hydrated even without the additional intake of liquids.

#4. Don’t Skip Any Meals

Many people turn to staying hungry when wondering what to do when they feel sick or nauseous from overeating. But this is not a solution at all. Eat less but don’t skip any meals. It will only stress the organism even more. You may even begin to retain weight and additional calories.

tackle overeating

#5. Eat More Healthy Proteins

Even vegetarians can comply with this piece of advice. There are lots of healthy proteins in seeds and nuts. As well as in many green leafy vegetables. Scientists have recently discovered that the intake of proteins speeds up internal fat-burning, satiety, and the feeling of fullness. Plus, it increased concentrations of GLP-1. This hormone is responsible for the soothing of appetite cravings.

#6. Relax & Take It Easy! It Happens to Everyone

Don’t feel guilty. We spoke about the connection between overeating and stress. Try taking it easier. Everyone overeats now and then. Especially, during holidays. Just try not to turn this into a bad eating habit!

#7. Never Lie Down

Sure, having a full stomach can make you feel sleepy. But it is a very bad idea to simply lie down for a nap. Don’t do it! The gastrointestinal system is affected by gravity. You need to be in an upward position to help it function better.

#8. Begin to Plan Healthy Meals

This will help you stay away from such troubles in the future. Plus, it will work for the better planning of shopping lists and a more reasonable family budget. Try and include as many fibers as you can. They are good for the waistline and help the skin detoxify quicker.

Don’t Binge & You Won’t Cringe

overeating, weight loss, bloating

Overeating is never a good choice. Nor is staying hungry to counter it. These two are very bad practices that may damage the way the gastrointestinal system works. Your body needs to be on a strict food regimen which is both healthy and boosting the way it functions. Don’t leave out any food group just ration their quantities. You can also always turn to a working natural body-shaping solution, like the Ketonica nutritional drink with a tasty cocoa extract.

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