Renaza Cream Review HondurasRenaza is an all-natural cream that serves for the active elimination of onychomycosis infections on the feet. The ‘Lineus’ manufacturer states that it is one of the most effective organic products for treating athletes’ feet. It gently removes bad odors and helps the dermis and nails recover from the disease. The product is quite popular in Honduras where it has sold more than 1,000,000 copies in Honduras. The producer provides clients with excellent price discounts on the official website. Renaza opinions and comments on forums show that people of all ages use it successfully. There are no complaints about contraindications.


Dr. Juan Fernandez is a mycologist who explains how the product’s formula was crafted. The cream’s composition was designed by a former military paramedic who often had to treat feet fungi in field conditions. He discovered that a combination of the following herbal ingredients – Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Oil, Salicylic Acid, Allantoin, and Coconut Oil – treats the disease. Renaza is a unique complex of plant extracts that is equally good for the skin and nails. It normalizes coloration and removes itchiness, bad odors, and dermal peeling. Renaza serves for the 24/7 protection against future infections. It is proven to be 95% effective. The product also has a Certificate of Quality.

Where to buy Renaza at the best price in Honduras? Are there many product scams that don’t treat feet fungi, available on Mercado Libre and Amazon? How to use the organic cream for onychomycosis, according to the instructions and leaflet? What does Renaza serve for?

Learn more in this Renaza Cream review!

The Skin-Cleansing Benefits of Eucalyptus Globulus Oil

Eucalyptus Globulus Oil 

One of the most popular essential oils is Eucalyptus Globulus. It is well-known for its wonderful benefits and uses for respiratory problems, including relieving nasal congestion from runny noses. The product is also great at preventing colds, fevers, and even bronchitis. It is an excellent way to do a massage or other topical care for relieving muscle pain and arthritis. The eucalyptus tree is often associated with koala bears, as its leaves are their main source of food. Most of the 700 species of eucalyptus grow, as trees, while others also grow as shrubs. Despite the many varieties, they all share common characteristics, including their fresh, clean camphor aromas. It is known for its ability to reduce and eliminate harmful bacteria, as well as contact infections. This makes it excellent for the treatment of feet fungi and active skin-cleansing. Among its other benefits are that it facilitates breathing, enhances the feeling of relaxation, creates a refreshing sensation when used in massages, and calms nervous tension.

These are the main reasons you should use eucalyptus oil for active skin cleansing:

  • It Is Satiated with Antibacterial Agents That Remove Feet Fungi & Bacteria from the Skin;
  • It Reduces Excessive Sweating & Sebum Production, Cleansing the Pores;
  • You Can Safely Apply It on Open Wounds & Scars to Make Them Heal Faster;
  • The Natural Oil Helps You Maintain the Perfect Skin Look;
  • It Is Also a Strong Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Spasmodic Remedy;

Renaza – What Is It & What Does it Serve for

Renaza – What Is It

Renaza is an all-natural cream that serves for the perfect cleansing and disinfection of feet, affected by onychomycosis. The ‘Lineus’ manufacturer says that it regenerates the structure of athletes’ feet-ridden nails and skin. The product removes bad odors and replaces them with a fresher aroma, normalizing the coloration. It was developed by a military paramedic who had to treat feet fungi in field conditions. According to expert mycologist Dr. Juan Fernandez, Renaza is one of the best available remedies for maintaining clean and dry feet.

There are no complaints, related to what Renaza serves for. Clients are keen that they are able to get rid of the nasty symptoms of feet fungi in a matter of weeks. The first positive results include the normalization of the skin and nails’ coloration and the elimination of bad smells. This occurs in the first days after the application begins. Renaza is one of the best-selling products for onychomycosis in Honduras. More than 1,000,000 copies have already been sold via the official website.

Benefits & Advantages of the Cream for Healthy & Clean Foot Skin

Dr. Juan Fernandez is keen that Renaza has more benefits and advantages than most cosmetics and medicinal products. Its entirely organic composition successfully targets fungal spores and eliminates them at the cellular level. It makes the feet smell good and fresh, normalizing their appearance. Not to mention that this boosts one’s self-conscience.

Renaza Cream’s countless benefits and advantages for the body make it one of the top choices for people with onychomycosis. It does not require the intake of chemical-rich medicine and helps one have clean and healthy foot skin and nails. More than 1,000,000 people in Honduras have already taken advantage of its properties and action.


  • All-Natural Composition That Serves for the Quick Elimination of Feet Fungi;
  • The Cream Is 95% Effective at Reducing Bad Odors & Normalizing the Coloration & Appearance of Foot Skin & Nails;
  • The Coconut Oil in the Formula Restores Dermal Softness & Smoothness;
  • The Product Was Developed by a Military Paramedic;
  • The ‘Lineus’ Manufacturer Offers a -50% Discount on the Official Website;


  • It Is Recommended to Combine the Use with Healthy Food to Boost Immunity;
  • There Is Not Chance to Find the Cream in the Pharmacy;

Nota Bene! Effects can vary individually!

Renaza Opinions & Comments on Forums

Renaza Cream Review Honduras - Price, opinions and effects 

You won’t be able to find negative Renaza opinions and comments on forums. Sometimes, clients post before- and after-effect photos in the feedback to show the improvement of their skin and nails’ condition. People also praise the cream’s action in their feedback, saying that it makes their feet smell fresh and it stops dermal peeling. Expert mycologists also say that Renaza is safe and reduces the symptoms of onychomycosis by 95%.


‘Renaza helped me control and eliminate the feet fungi that I had gotten infected with. I came across an advert for the cream by accident and was quite impressed with the organic composition. It is satiated with beneficial oils, like those, derived from eucalyptus, tea tree, and coconut. The price was also affordable. I ordered it and applied it for a month and a half. Now, I am fungi-free!’ Aliana Rodriguez, 35, San Pedro Sula;

‘This amazing cream was recommended to me by a close friend after I refused to take off my shoes at his home. He told me not to be ashamed of the situation and recommended that I try Renaza. I ordered my copy and began using it immediately. It induced a fresh aroma and helped my skin and nails recover in a month. Now, my feet are clean and healthy!’ Andre Perez, 45, Tegucigalpa;

‘This cream is very effective if you have onychomycosis. You have to remember to use it only on clean and dry skin. Massage it with gentle motions on your toes and invest in quality breathable shoes. The feet fungi will disappear in weeks!’ Alejandra, 30;

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Renaza Price in Honduras – Where to Buy

Renaza Price in Honduras

The ‘Lineus’ manufacturer is keen that clients should be certain where to buy Renaza at the best price in Honduras. The answer is one – visit the official website and order it from there. The licensed web page is the only digital spot that disperses the cream for feet fungi. This is done so that the company avoids the additional taxes, imposed by retailers.

The current Renaza price discount is -50%. It is up for a short time so make sure to go on the web page and secure your promo copy. If your condition is more severe, you can also get two. Fill in the form and confirm your delivery address via a short telephone call. The package will arrive in 7 days and is paid for via COD.

Attention! Renaza Cream is ordered in the standard way for an online product. Clients fill in the order form, confirm the details over the phone, and wait for delivery which can take up to a week. The order is paid for on COD basis upon receipt.

Can I Buy Renaza Cream in the Pharmacy – Mercado Libre or Amazon

There is only one place where clients can order the cream – the official site. Renaza is not available in the pharmacy. The ‘Lineus’ manufacturer prefers to sell it this way to maintain strict quality control. Many people try to make Renaza scams and distribute them via Mercado Libre or Amazon. Do not fall for these false goods!

How to Use Renaza in 3 Steps – Instructions, Dosage, & Leaflet

The instructions will teach you exactly how to use Renaza Cream. The leaflet and user manual clarify that the onychomycosis remedy should be applied only on clean and dry skin. Also, the product’s use must be supported with dietary changes. Be brave and add more fiber, proteins, and Omega-3 fatty acids to your meals. Drink lots of liquids and avoid sweets. Do not exceed the recommended Renaza dosage.

This is how to use Renaza in 3 steps, following the instructions in the leaflet:

  1. Apply a small portion of the cream for feet fungi on clean & dry dermis. Massage it gently onto the skin & let it be absorbed fully. Do this twice daily.
  2. Leave your bad food habits behind.
  3. Do this daily for 1-2 months, depending on the severity of your condition.

Renaza Complaints about Side Effects & Contraindications

You will not find clients complaining about Renaza side effects, allergies, or contraindications. The product is entirely organic and has an antibacterial formula that successfully eliminates the spores of feet fungi with 95% effectiveness. This power of the anti-fungal cream to cleanse and disinfect the feet is also confirmed by expert mycologists. They say that Renaza is not dangerous but one of the best remedies for healthy and clean skin and nails.

Composition & Ingredients – Eucalyptus, Coconut, & Tea Tree Oil


Renaza’s organic composition is defined by a combination of potent essential oils and antibacterial agents. The latter include salicylic acid and allantoin which identify and cleanse the feet from bacteria and fungi. The former normalize the condition of the skin and nails. They even out their texture and structure, taking away bad odors and making them smooth and soft to the touch.

The main results you get with Renaza’s organic composition are:

  • No More nasty Skin Peeling, Bad Odors, & Itching;
  • The Dermis & Nails Become Smooth & Soft;
  • The Cream Prevents Future Resurgence;

The main ingredients in the formula are:

  • Tea Tree Oil;
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Oil;
  • Salicylic Acid;
  • Allantoin;
  • Coconut Oil;

The Right Shoes Will Help You Prevent Onychomycosis

Investing in shoes and attire that are made from breathable fibers will help you have normal skin and nail health. Remember that personal hygiene is also something to pay attention to. Wash your feet with gentle care and make sure that they stay dry!

Bottom Line: One of the best organic remedies for feet fungi in Honduras is the Renaza Cream. The remedy for onychomycosis works 24/7 to cleanse the skin and nails, keeping them dry. It normalizes dermal structure and texture with the use of essential oils and antibacterial agents. There are no complaints about contraindications in client opinions and comments on forums. Many professional mycologists recommend this product, as a great alternative to taking medications.


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