LongJack XXL men power booster Nigeria KenyaLongJack XXL is a new product for active enhancement of male performance in bed. The product’s manufacturer is ‘VIP VITAMINS’ Ltd. – a popular producer of libido-boosting solutions. Most of the available user testimonials and reviews about the product on online intimacy forums are positive. There are close to no complaints, regarding how Long Jack XXL works. Nor negative comments and reviews in the feedback about possible side effects to LongJack XXL’s daily use.


Most of the shared impressions are positive with clients registering good changes in the way they engage in lovemaking. What is more surprising, lots of women also share about their romantic experience, after their partners have taken the filmed capsules. The achieved mutual satisfaction in bed levels has surpassed their expectations!

Where to buy the LongJack XXL capsules – in the pharmacy, on Amazon, eBay or via the official website? Is the price of the Long Jack XXL men power booster a good and pocket-friendly one? Can I find promotional offers and discounts, such as ‘Get 3 Copies of the Long Jack XXL Capsules at the Price of 2’ on the licensed web page?

The ‘VIP VITAMINS’ manufacturer advises clients to be careful about online LongJack XXL scams and hoaxes, present on sales portals, like Amazon. They can do this by purchasing the original men power booster via its official website for Nigeria and Kenya. The only thing that they have to do is fill in a name and a current phone number. Full discretion is offered during delivery. The product is paid for via cash-on-delivery (COD).

Read the following LongJack XXL review to learn more about the filmed capsules!

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What Is Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) & How Does It Boost the Male Libido?

Tongkat Ali is also known as longjack. It is a small type of green shrub tree whose name is Eurycoma longifolia in Latin. The genus is native to the countries of Southeast Asia. Traditional tribal medicine practitioners there often apply it for the purpose to boost both the male and female libido. It is also considered to enhance both fertility and potency levels. People also apply it as a herb that is good for the prostate and all diuretic processes.

Longjack XXXL is a vital part of the nutritional plan that is healthy for the male reproductive system in general. Do you know how to take it? Don’t be too shy or afraid to ask questions, such as this one. One can consume it in the form of an active extract in powder form in filmed capsules. Or drink it as a herbal tea tincture. It is predominantly applied in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as a healthy food for a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a short listing of the things Tongkat Ali is applied for:

  • Fever-Related Ailments – Malaria, Internal & External Infections;
  • Boost Male & Female Libido & Romantic Appetite;
  • Enhance Fertility & Reproductive Ability;
  • Raise the Immunity Defense Levels, As It Is Rich in Antioxidants, Flavonoids, & Alkaloids;
  • Relieve Stress & Induce Inner Peace & Harmony;
  • Tone the Body, Elevate the Mood, & Increase Stamina;
  • Help the Body Build Leans Muscle Tissue.

What is LongJack XXL?

LongJack XXL is a food supplement based on natural ingredients that helps boost the libido. Besides, been completely natural you have to know that this is not medicine. You don’t need a prescription to buy and take it. LongJack XXL works as a complex solution for boosting men’s reproductive system. The active ingredients restart and boost that organism to its natural state. Any problems with lack of erection, inability to hold your tool erect, or premature ejaculation will be forgotten. All those problems are a result of improper diet, stress, and toxins. LongJack XXL works by assuring more blood reaches the penis. As a consequence, the size of your penis will increase – both diameter and length.

There are no known LongJack XXL side effects or contraindications. As per the clinical trials of the product, more than 95% of participants observed a serious increase in their performance, endurance during sex, and size. The secret of the formula is not only the active ingredients but their purity and concentration. Long Jack XXL comes with a quality certificate and guarantee.

LongJack XXL Reviews & Testimonials on Forums in Nigeria & Kenya

Long Jack XXL review, testimonials, sex

LongJack XXL is all-natural male libido-boosting capsules. Even representatives of the gentler gender share their approval for the improved male intimate endurance products in online testimonials and feedback. Bedroom fun forums on the Internet are full of positive Long Jack XXL reviews, testimonials, and comments. Men have registered good changes in their average performance in bed after several weeks of taking the capsules. There are no complaints about the effects and results achieved. At least, not regarding the appearance of negative side effects, allergic reactions or other contraindications to LongJack XXL’s daily use.

Being a member of private forums on Facebook paid off. We had the chance to review so many LongJack XXL reviews and testimonials. There is no doubt the product works. There are some images of the improvements achieved about the size of the male genitalia – but will not share them. Moreover, men share their opinions and testimonials primarily in terms of restoring their sexual life and bringing it to a whole new level.

Here are some of LongJack XXL capsules’ main pros, according to reviews, feedback, and testimonials on intimacy forums:

  • Natural LongJack XXL Formula for Enhanced Male Performance in Bed;
  • Ability to Boost Average Libido & Intimate Endurance Levels;
  • Elevates the Mood, Gives Stamina & Energy While Underlining Romantic Appetite;
  • No Complaints about Contraindications or Known Side Effects;
  • Good Price on the Official Website & Discreet Delivery;

Nota Bene! The lack of complaints regarding contraindications does not make them impossible. Please, adhere to Long Jack XXXL’s instructions for use, applied in the commercial packaging!

How to Use Long Jack XXL Capsules? Dosage, Leaflet

how to use the men power booster capsules Nigeria Kenya

Customers must remember that the LongJack XXL men power booster capsules are quick to take effect. The instructions of use, available as an extensive guidance manual, are to be followed strictly. The container bottle is stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Here is how to use the LongJack XXL libido booster daily and safely:

  1. Take 1 capsule a day, preferably in the evening, along with dinner.
  2. Get ready for some bedroom fun with your significant other.
  3. Do it consistently for 30 consecutive days, while staying fully hydrated.

You can continue using LongJack XXL even after the 30 day period if you feel you want to improve further your performance. Nevertheless, take a week of break before continuing.

Main Ingredients and Composition of the Men Power Booster


LongJack XXL features an all-organic composition. The main extract is taken from the likely-named Tongkat Ali Southasian plant. Extracts from a lot of additional plants and herbs that are known libido boosters are also added. All of them are hypoallergenic and safe for direct oral consumption.

Here are the main ingredients in LongJack XXXL’s natural libido-boosting formula:

  • Maca Root Extract: Increases blood flow to the area of the small pelvis, enabling the easier expansion of blood vessels. Enhances romantic desire and boosts endurance in bed.
  • Fenugreek Extract: Works for the easier achievement of arousal and the greater mutual pleasure levels during the act of lovemaking.
  • Siberian Ginseng Extract: Helps relieve stress, anxiety, and elevate the mood. Gives energy and stamina and induces self-confidence.
  • Tongkat Ali Extract: Boosts the libido and promotes good intimate hunger and appetite. Works for the satisfaction of both partners and the superb male endurance.
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract: Helps lovemaking last longer and stimulates the body to build lean muscle tissue, while boosting energy and stamina.

Any side effects or contraindications?

As already stated there are no known Longjack XXL side effects. The quality certificate of the product is clear about this fact. None of the users’ reviews also report problems or contraindications of using the capsules.

Having a completely natural formula without any chemicals assures the lack of side effects. More importantly, the product does not lead to addiction. With chemical stimulants like the famous blue pill one you start using it you cannot cope on your own. With Long Jack XXL this is not the case. Once the course if passed the results are permanent or at least very long lasting.

LongJack XXL Price in Nigeria & Kenya? How to order?

Long Jack XXL price Nigeria Kenya Ghana pharmacy

The manufacturer states that the price of LongJack XXL men power booster remains the same in the whole world. There is no difference in the Long Jack XXL price in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana. They are monetary equivalent to one another. Just recalculated into a different currency. The company behind the product also advises customers to buy the Long Jack XXXL male performance enhancement solution only via the official website. There is no risk of falling onto an Amazon LongJack XXL scam there. There are also regular promotional discounts.

Beware and don’t buy LongJack XXL from pharmacies or sex shops. You can buy the original product on the official website only. This is an official statement from the manufacturer. Therefore, if you see the product in a pharmacy this is a scam!

Here is how to order and buy the LongJack XXXL capsules via the official website at the best price:

  1. Enter Name & Current Telephone Number in Online Form on Official Website
  2. Receive a Call from a Distribution Company Officer & Specify Delivery Details
  3. Get LongJack XXXL, Pay with COD Method, & Enjoy Superb Mutual Pleasure Levels!

Lovemaking Is an Art to Excel In!

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The romantic act of physically sharing your body with your significant other’s has a profound positive effect on the human body and soul. It makes us healthier and boosts our mental power. Not only does it elevate our immunity, making us live longer! But it also adds a bit of the spice of life to those extra years.

Bottom Line: Long Jack XXL is male performance in bed enhancement capsules. You don’t need a prescription to buy and use them and there are no side effects. Long Jack XXXL’s main ingredient is Tongkat Ali – a potent libido-boosting herb from Southeast Asia. Client LongJack XXL reviews on online forums have been predominantly positive. Customers consider it to work well.


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      Sometimes there are promotional quantities with -50% discount hope you get to benefit from the promotion.

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