Bentolit Drink Mix Official WebsiteBentolit is a new soluble drink mix whose daily intake promotes active body-trimming and – toxins-cleansing. It is also referred to as the Betolit Drink Mix. The manufacturer is ‘Genius Rainbow’ Ltd. – a popular organic cosmetics company, based in Hong Kong. It recently achieved widespread success in the Russian, European, and Baltic markets. The producer is responsible for several well-selling and properly working products which are preferred by the clients. Some of them are the Cyto Forte filmed body-shaping capsules, the Keto Guru effervescent trimming tablets, and the Nicer Dicer grater. All of them have generated positive feedback in client reviews and testimonials, published on online fitness and well-being forums.


As the name suggests, the main ingredient in the instant drink for active body-toning Bentolit is the green clay bentonite. The volcanic clayey substance-based formula is further enhanced with extracts from ginger root and fennel seeds. The manufacturer has also added a pinch of caffeine, dandelion root, oat fibers, and soy protein isolate. The ingredients are considered to have a safe and hypoallergenic character.

But what exactly to expect from the soluble drink with volcanic clay Bentolit? Does it boost body-cleansing and waist-trimming? Where can I buy the original body-shaping product and not a scam one? Can I find it on sales portals, like Amazon, eBay, AliBaba и AliExpress? What about in pharmacies?

The ‘Genius Rainbow’ Ltd. manufacturer advises clients to buy the authentic Bentolit body-trimming drink only via the official website. This is how they can stay safe from scams. The price of the product is also the most reasonable one. Customers will get instant access to discounts and ‘Buy 2, Get 3’ offers.

Read more details in the exclusive Bentolit review which follows below.

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The Bentonite Green Clay & Its Beneficial for the Body Properties

Bentonite clay is widely used in modern dietetics, nutrition, and detoxification. It bears the name of the city that has the largest deposits of it, namely Fort Benton, Wyoming, USA. The natural product has no distinct color or smell. It is mainly composed out of volcanic ash. The color is in the range of the creamy gray and grey tones. But let’s pay more attention to its useful properties. They are similar to those of turmeric. It can be a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agent, aiding proper skin care and rejuvenation after 30.

Nutritionists recommended the application of green clay for constipation or acid reflux in the stomach. It is suitable for people who like to snack with or eat unhealthy products. Even those that have no place in their plate. Bentonite is a wonderful detoxifying agent. It can help you bid parasites farewell. It is also suitable for direct application when making a refreshing dermatological procedure at home.

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Let’s sum up the properties of green clay:

  • Soothes dermatitis, psoriasis, & eczema symptoms. By mixing a dried powdered green clay extract with some lukewarm water, you can make a face mask that relieves skin irritations.
  • Purifies the body from toxins. Bentonite can be added to the water in your weekly relaxation bath, favoring the removal of toxins (detoxification) from the dermis’ pores.
  • It promotes normal digestion, alkalizes the gastric flora and saturates the body with probiotics. The typical weekly diet of a modern man is far from being healthy. This makes acidity levels in the gastrointestinal tract too high. Bentonite clay normalizes the internal pH balance by introducing useful probiotics into the system.

Green Clay – A Natural Water Filter and Baby Powder

Most types of clay can be very extremely beneficial for the human body. Green clay (Bentonite) is one of the rarer variations that has numerous useful applications. Not surprisingly, it can be a great water filter, and many use it as a substitute for commercial baby powder. Magnesium must be added to it to help it purify and disinfect water. It does not irritate the delicate skin of toddlers, easing the natural cleaning of their soft and gentle skin!

What Is the ‘3 in 1’ Way the Instant Body-Shaping Drink Bentolit Works?

What is the instant drink for ‘3 in 1’ impact on Body Bentolit? Manufacturer ‘Genius Rainbow’ Ltd. states that the ingredients in the formula are specially selected. The main purpose of their combined properties is to boost the body in a ‘3 in 1’ kind of way. This suggests that the Bentolit waist-trimming drink affects the organism positively.

Its regular intake should be carried out in accordance with the instructions manual, present in the package leaflet. Mainly, it aims to bring about the following positive changes:

  1. Boost the body’s purification and active toxins-cleansing (detoxification);
  2. Favors the shaping of a slim figure & promotes proper weight control;
  3. Enhances the overall well-being of the body;

Customers are also positive about the way the body-shaping soluble drink works and the weight loss results they achieved. They share mostly positive reviews and feedback. This is clearly visible in the positive user testimonials, present in customer feedback and reviews on online detox forums. They do not feature complaints about allergic reactions to daily intake. Nor are there any complaints about possible contraindications and side effects. The manufacturer advises consumers not to exceed the recommended daily dose.

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Here are the main pros of the Bentolit body-cleansing and figure-shaping solution, according to customer reviews and comments:

  • Boosts Active Body-Shaping, Harmonious Digestion, & Toxins-Cleansing;
  • Bentonite-Based Natural Formula for Subduing Appetite & an Improved Daily Tone Without Any Known Side Effects;
  • Easy Order, Pocket-Friendly Price, & Quick International Delivery;
  • Complete Confidentiality of Personal Data Processing & Handling;

Nota Bene! The lack of complaints regarding contraindications to the daily application of the Bentolit body-shaping drink does not render them impossible. Please, kindly abide by the instructions of use, included by the manufacturer ‘Genius Rainbow’ Ltd. in the product’s packaging.

How to Stir Up a Glass of the Bentolit Body-Trimming Drink in 3 Easy Steps?

We mentioned that following the manufacturer’s instructions for use favors the metabolic and body purification processes. The composition of the product includes natural extracts that are nutritious, beneficial, and hypoallergenic. There is no evidence that they cause unpleasant side effects.

Here’s how to stir up a glass of the Bentolit nutritious instant drink with a green clay extract:

  1. Take 2 tablespoons of the substance and dissolve it in 200 ml. purified water or skimmed milk.
  2. Stir until you get a good consistency. Let it settle for 10 minutes, then stir again. You can use a shaker bottle.
  3. If possible, drink it early in the morning. It doesn’t matter if it’s before or after eating. Drink it daily for 1 (one) whole calendar month.

Which Are the Main Ingredients in the Bentonite Formula of the Bentolit Toning Drink?

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The ingredients of the body-shaping product are carefully selected to provide a complex ‘3 in 1’action. They have good nourishing, toning, detoxifying, and nutritional properties. Their intake is safe.

Here are the main components in the organic composition of the Bentolit instant beverage:

  • Volcanic Green Clay (Bentonite) Extract: Promotes a normal alkaline environment in the stomach and proper digestion. Saturated with useful probiotics. It helps to detoxify the internal flora and get the body back in shape.
  • Ginger Root Extract: A strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Stimulates the synthesis of gastric juice. Soothes appetite.
  • Dill Fruit Extract: Has a positive effect on digestion.
  • Dandelion Root Extract: Harmonizes internal gastric and intestinal microflora. Normalizes electrolyte balance.
  • Soy Protein Isolate: Promotes rapid burning of subcutaneous fat. It has a preventative effect on refilling the available fat deposits. Gives energy and energizes.
  • Oat Fiber Extract: Balances the levels of good and bad cholesterol HDL and LDL. They clean the intestines.
  • Caffeine Powder Extract: Works against water retention. Tones and improves mental activity and memory and concentration skills.

How to Order the Bentolit Body-Shaping Drink at a Good Price?

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The manufacturer advises consumers to order only via the official Bentolit website. There they will be able to get the Bentonite Drink Mix at a cost-efficient price. They will not find the product on a commercial sales portal, such as Amazon, eBay, eMag, AliBaba, and AliExpress. Nor in pharmacies. Its average cost does not change, but only gets recalculated, according to the local currency of the country of distribution. It is the same for all countries of distribution – Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania etc. On the official web page, customers will find a form in which to enter their name and up-to-date telephone number to contact a distributor. There are also regular promotional offers and discounts made available.

The Bentolit green clay soluble drink can be ordered via the standard for the sphere procedure. Here is how to do it easily:

  1. Enter a name & valid telephone number in the online form, available at the official website.
  2. Receive call from licensed distributor & clear out the details.
  3. Get the product & pay with cash-on-delivery (COD).

Purify Your Body Regularly to Enjoy A Nice Figure & Good Health!

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Regular detoxification is key to the well-being of our body, mind, and soul. Each of them needs a ‘break’ from the busy urban life. Set aside a couple of days monthly. Eat foods are rich in fiber and vitamins, lots of fruits and vegetables. Include a piece of fish fillet on the side. Meditate, relax, and enjoy yourself!

Bottom Line: Bentolit weight loss instant body-shaping drink with green clay has a rich natural formula. Its is described as having a complex ‘3 in 1’ action – it helps to purify, trim, and tone the body. Customers are also content with the way it works. They share their satisfaction in reviews, testimonials, and feedback on online forums. Users think that the product works better than other alternatives on the market.


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