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Viafem is a bio-based food supplement for male libido and it also promotes natural penis growth. In this text, we are going to explore some of the main specifics of the product such as: What is Viafem – what does it serve for? How to take the pills – instructions and dose? What are the main opinions and comments of clients in Peru? How much is Viafem for libido – price, and where to buy it?


Viafem is a powerful and efficient solution for libido and is presented in the form of bio-pills. The action of the product supports increased testosterone levels and eliminates problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Moreover, Viafem is able to stimulate the growth of the penis naturally. The special composition of the food supplement for men is based on herbal ingredients. There are no side effects or other complaints involved, unlike medicines. Another great benefit of the solution is the fact that its continuous intake leads to more stretching of the penile muscles.

Our team gathered numerous Viafem opinions and testimonials that were shared by clients in Peru. You will manage to learn details about this topic from the next couple of paragraphs. Furthermore, we will provide you with info regarding the price of the food supplement for male libido.

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How to Support Normal Potency Levels – Useful Tips

Lack of mood, low self-esteem, and decreased sexual desire are some of the reasons that are associated with low libido. Many are affected at some point in their lives. In some cases, it can be due to a medical problem, but more often the main reason is our daily habits. While low libido is usually not problematic, it can affect a person’s relationships and self-esteem. Having constant anxiety is a serious obstacle to normal sexual functioning and libido for both men and women. In addition, medical trials and studies prove that people with an intense work schedule, many responsibilities, or other life pressures often feel overwhelmed, which can be expressed in low libido and decreased sexual desire. Based on all this it is obvious that factors such as depression and anxiety are the main causes of decreased libido and increased sexual dysfunction. Many factors within our control can help manage anxiety and boost mental health.

Some of the most common and working tips for maintaining normal libido levels are:

  • Getting a healthy amount of sleep;
  • Making time for a favorite hobby;
  • Regular physical activities;
  • Following a healthy food regime;
  • Special attention to relationships with relatives and close friends.

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What Is Viafem & What Does It Serve For

Viafem is a comprehensive supplement for male libido and enhanced penis size. The action of this innovative product supports optimal testosterone levels thus eliminating unwanted problems of an intimate character. Viafem serves for increasing sexual desire, intimate stamina, and endurance. The pills should be taken daily to achieve maximum efficacy. As a result, Viafem can help you restore your normal potency and even increase the size of the penis naturally. All this is possible thanks to the patented herbal composition of the supplement – it does not include chemical ingredients that could trigger sudden side effects or other health complaints. In this line of thinking, it is very important to follow the precise instructions and dosage of the pills.

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Viafem – Opinions of Customers

What do users write in their newest Viafem opinions and testimonials? In Peru, people tend to post mostly positive Viafem opinions and comments all over the bigger web forums for intimate discussions. Apparently, clients who have taken the pills have managed to deal with their sexual problems and insecurities for good. Specialists in sexology recommend Viafem with positive opinions too. You can read them on Instagram and Facebook. The best part is that, unlike medicines, Viafem does not invoke contradictions and is not dangerous to use. This is why the evaluation of the product’s efficiency is so high.  Overall, customers write in their opinions and comments that Viafem works and has no side effects.

Effects & Advantages of the Libido Booster

Clients share some of the most pronounced advantages of Viafem for male libido.


  • Increases testosterone levels and libido;
  • Enhances the size of the penis;
  • Improves intimate stamina and endurance;
  • Based on organic ingredients of herbal origin;
  • No side effects and hidden dangers.


  • This supplement is not sold in pharmacies;
  • There are imitations of the product in some stores.

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How to Take Viafem Pills – Dose and Instructions

There is a document with instructions for use of Viafem for libido and you should read this leaflet. The most important thing is not to change the prescribed daily dose of the pills on your behalf. Also, remember not to skip an intake to achieve stable and lasting results. It is also a good idea to change your eating habits by including more healthy foods on your menu.

So, how to take Viafem?

The step-by-step instructions for use are:

  • Follow the recommended dose;
  • Intake the pills with a glass of water;
  • Be consistent and do not skip a daily dose.

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Contraindications – Dangers and Complaints

The good news here is that Viafem for potency does not lead to side effects or other dangerous health complaints. After all, the composition of the pills has been invented by a team of specialists. Also, the included ingredients are of natural origin. Clients can therefore take the supplement for male libido regularly.

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Containing: Ingredients and Composition

Viafem is a product that has an organic composition. For more information related to the individual ingredients and their main properties, you should read the box of the supplement and its included leaflet with data. Here, we just want to emphasize the fact that all featuring components are of herbal origin.

The main action of Viafem for potency is focused on these main aspects:

  • Improving blood flow in the area of the pelvis;
  • Increasing testosterone production in the body;
  • Supporting optimal erection and sexual desire;
  • Preventing sexual dysfunctions in the future.

Viafem – Price in Peru – Where to Buy

How much is Viafem and where to buy it in Peru? Currently, the manufacturer of the supplement only offers 1 way to get the original Viafem at an affordable price. This product is offered through its special website – this is the place where interested clients can order their individual packages and delivery. This whole process is 100% confidential and trustworthy. Besides, you will get a very attractive Viafem price offer.

On the web page of the male libido booster, there are additional promo campaigns too. You should check them as soon as possible because these events grant additional discounts. In other words, you are now provided with the chance to benefit from a really affordable VIafem price.

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Is Viafem Sold in Pharmacies

No, Viafem is available neither in pharmacies nor on Mercado Libre, Amazon, and similar websites. This is why we told you about the only legitimate way to get the food supplement for male potency. If you see a product that resembles Viafem in a pharmacy or on Mercado Libre this is a scam. It is very important to stay away from these fake imitations because they can hide potential health dangers. Remember – Viafem for libido is not accessible in pharmacies.

Bottom Line: The innovative libido booster Viafem is designed as an herbal pill. Its composition is natural and side-effect-free. Also, clients from Peru write positive opinions about the effectiveness of the brand. The supplement stimulates penis growth and enhances erection and sexual endurance. This particular product is more advanced than similar alternatives on the market.


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