Suganorm capsules ReviewSugaNorm Forte is a new-generation type of natural filmed capsules, directed at people who have high blood sugar level volatility. The main purpose of the organic body-toning preparation is to enhance blood sugar level stability. This can harmonize the immunomodulatory properties of the body, lessening the probability of headaches and hypertension (or hypotension). They are produced by the manufacturer ‘Sashera-Med’ Ltd., based in Biysk, the Altai region of the Russian Federation. The company is popular among natural beauty and well-being enhancement products.

IMPORTANT: SugaNorm is no longer for sale on the market. For blood sugar control we recommend Diabextan which contains only natural ingredients and extracts. They work for fighting diabetes symptoms. Read full Diabextan review.

Is there a risk of a SugaNorm scam? What do other users say in their customer feedback and client feedback, posted on online forums? Can I order the capsules at a pocket-friendly price at the official web page of the manufacturer? Should I expect any contraindications or side effects?

The contents on the commercial packaging of the SugaNorm diabetes bio-tablets states that they contain only organic extracts. The said are derived from white mulberry fruits and cinnamon. They are not known to have any negative side effects. The product cannot be found in online stores like Amazon, Lazada, nor pharmacies. The natural body-toning and blood sugar levels enhancing capsules can be ordered via their official website. Customer reviews and feedback on online beauty and well-being forums are more than positive. There are no complaints about possible contraindications to the daily appliance.

Read more exclusive details in the following SugaNorm review.

Keep in Mind!

suganorm capsules pink philippines

SugaNorm Capsules can be delivered in different packages depending on the country of origin. As you can see the product can be packed in a blue or a pink box. That does not mean that you haven’t ordered the original product. Just be sure to place the order at the official website of SugaNorm. This will also assure that you will get the product at the best available price. 

High Blood Sugar Levels = A Direct Life Threat

Our body is constantly trying to inform us when something is wrong with its normal functioning. Have you been doing your best lately to get rid of excess calories and fat in your diet and impose better body mass management? But you continue to gain excess pounds? Then you have probably developed a chronic problem with your blood sugar levels in the body.

Sometimes, 5 simple changes to the daily menu are not enough to help us live healthier and in tune with our organism’s needs. Most people in the world suffer from a sweet tooth, though they may not be aware of it. You should try to completely exclude these types of products from their menu. Focus on natural healthier sugar temptations to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. You can also try some natural metabolism-boosting methods at home.

The truth is that, even if we have a fizzy drink or two from time to time, there is another risk. It is more dangerous for our health when we consume fewer products with natural fats. This is the way that blood sugar levels are kept constantly high and we can do almost nothing about it.

The first signs of having irregular blood sugar levels are the following:

  • Constant thirst, hunger, & dryness in the mouth;
  • Frequent night visits to the toilet;
  • Dry skin, dermal irritation, & itching on the surface of the dermis;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Difficulty with memory & concentration;
  • Being overweight;
  • Permanent activation of old infections;
  • Infertility / Impotence;
  • Gastrointestinal problems;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Wounds that heal very slowly;

Which Are the Most Frequent Blood Sugar Problems?

Blood Sugar Problems

High blood sugar levels have several behavioral risk factors that need to be addressed with care. They are not only attributed to sitting before a plate full of calories, fats, and harmful carbohydrates. Poor hygiene and constant sleep deprivation can also lead to diabetes.

The other main risk factors are the following:

  • The total exclusion of regular physical activity from the daily schedule;
  • The lack of fruits, vegetables, iron, and pure proteins in the menu;
  • Constant stress, fatigue, & sleep deprivation;
  • Poor hygiene;
  • Excessive intake of medications;

How Do the SugaNorm Capsules Work?

How Do the SugaNorm Capsules Work

‘Sashera-Med’ Ltd. says the organic body-toning capsules are directed at people who want to enhance their energy, vitality, and stamina. As well as achieve blood sugar level stability. The main ingredients in SugaNorm Forte are natural plant and berry extracts. The daily application is more than easy. Clients just have to follow the instructions for use. The instructions manual is included in the product packaging of the filmed blood glucose levels enhancement tablets are followed.

The manufacturer’s best SugaNorm Forte instructions of use say that the filmed capsules should be taken as follows:

  1. Do not take more than 1 (one) capsule per day.
  2. Drink lots of liquids throughout the intake.
  3. Apply consistently & uninterruptedly for, at least, 1 (one) calendar month.

Customers share predominantly positive feedback in their client reviews on online organic lifestyle forums. They list the main pros of the natural blood sugar level stability enhancement capsules as being:

  • Natural & Safe Formula with Organic Extracts;
  • No Known Possible Contraindications;
  • Positive Customer Feedback;
  • Smooth Online Order via the Official Website;
  • Good Body-Toning & Immunomodular-Enhancing Properties;

Nota Bene! The lack of information about existing side effects does not imply that they are impossible. Please, kindly adhere to the instructions of use, applied by the manufacturer in the product packaging!

Let’s also find out some more curious details about the SugaNorm filmed body-toning capsules and how they work. Russian manufacturer ‘Sashera-Med’ Ltd. is pleased with the fact that the reviews and opinions of users on their online forums are mostly positive. We will now pay more attention to the main pros of the product.

Which Are the Main Ingredients in SugaNorm Formula?


SugaNorm’s food supplement organic formula implies a beneficial effect of the agent on the human body. The lack of client complaints in customer reviews on possible unpleasant allergic reactions indicates an active enhancement of energy and stamina levels. As well as the immunomodulatory abilities of the organism. There are also no known contraindications. All of the ingredients are considered hypoallergenic and safe.

The main ingredients, listed on the SugaNorm natural capsules’ official website, are:

  • White Bilberry Extract: Includes a high concentration of the anti-diabetic substance riboflavin. It contributes to the breakdown of glucose & the synthesis of essential hormones in the body. Saturated with antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements, and organic acids responsible for the absorption of vitamins, immunity-boosting, and the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Cinnamon Extract: It is very rich in polyphenols and flavonoids. They can reduce glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels. All while they increase the production of high-density lipoproteins. Helps to thin the blood and has a pronounced antioxidant effect. Contains an 18% concentration of phenol, which prevents inflammatory processes in the body.

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Dosage, Side Effects and Instructions

It is not hard at all to determine the right dosage of the SugaNorm diabetes body tone enhancement capsules. Customers should read the instructions for use, applied in the product packaging, as a detailed manual. The said states that one must not take more than 2 (two) of the organic capsules a day – take one in the morning before breakfast and if you take a second take it before dinner. This is the exact Sugar norm dosage. Of course, there are no reports about adverse side effects in the available SugaNorm reviews and comments on Internet blood sugar levels balance forums. The capsules are not available in the local pharmacy.

SugaNorm is all-organic capsules for a better body tone. They are manufactured by the popular Ukrainian company for organic cosmetics – ‘Sashera Med’. There is a very good reason why the company’s products are so popular all over the EU and CIS. The producer includes only natural extracts in his better inner and outer balance goods. There are hardly any complaints in customer opinions, comments, and reviews, posted on blood sugar level balance forums. At least, not about any serious Suganorm side effects, allergic reactions or other contraindications. As long as one applied the SugaNorm capsules at the right dosage, according to their instructions for use.

Here is what to have in mind about the right dosage of the SugaNorm body-toning capsules:

  1. Take up to 2 (two) capsules a day for a full calendar month!
  2. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of SugaNorm!
  3. Remember to drink lots of liquids & stay hydrated while enjoying an enhanced body tone!
FDA Approved?
A lot of people are looking to see if Suganorm is FDA approved. The answer is not straightforward. Every country has it’s own Food and Drug Administration so the process of getting certified everywhere takes a lot of time. Especially for countries with fragmented markets.  Suganorm is approved by the EU FDA currently as well as has passed several clinical trials and tests successfully. However, what is important to say is the Suganorm also does not appear to have raised negative FDA flags in any of the countries with public records.

What Do SugaNorm Reviews, Comments, & Opinions on Forums Say about the Capsules?

SugaNorm Reviews, Comments, & Opinions

SugaNorm reviews are quite popular on online blood sugar levels volatility forums. Customers are constantly asking questions in comments about them and how the body-toning solution works for better well-being. Since the capsules are also distributed under the trade name of SugaNorm Forte, lots of people are wondering if they are one and the same product as the regular SugaNorm. To address this matter, we would like to make clear that there is no difference between SugaNorm and SugaNorm Forte. They are marketed in a differentiating manner because of varying marketing strategies. The original formula is the same and so is the end product! A lot of people are also asking about Suganorm USA – but documents for the future sale of Suganorm there are just being submitted – FDA approval there is in process.

Most of the available SugaNorm Forte reviews and opinions on online cardiovascular well-being forums, however, are positive. Users have registered good changes in terms of their body tone and a general feeling of inner harmony and peace. They feel calmer. Another thing that is stated in the SugaNorm reviews, comments, and testimonials is that the average heart rate is more harmonious. There are no complaints about negative side effects, allergic reactions, or contraindications to daily use. People have shared in their comments that Suganorm also helped them have a better sleep in the night.

Here are some of SugaNorm’s main pros, according to customer reviews, comments, and opinions on online heartrate forums:

  • Enhanced Feeling of Inner Peace;
  • Works For the Better Tone & Sense of Bodily Well-Being;
  • Promotes a More Harmonious Heartrate;
  • Good Price on the Official SugaNorm Website;
  • Express Delivery & Cash-on-Delivery Payments;

Nota Bene! The lack of complaints in SugaNorm and SugaNorm Forte reviews, comments, and opinions on online forums does not make them improbable. Please, comply with the filmed capsules’ instructions for use, found inside the product packaging!

SugaNorm Price and Where to Buy?

SugaNorm Price

Most client reviews and feedback indicate that the price of the SugaNorm blood sugar level stability enhancement capsules is cost-efficient.  Their order is requested by filling in a short form at the official website. This is how customers can rest assured that they are receiving the original product at the best price. Since the direct sale is the only valid option the manufacturer has opted for – the price of Suganorm everywhere in the world is the same. Furthermore removing the middleman (pharmacies and web stores) from the process the Suganorms price is maintained at a minimum.

Carrying out an order elsewhere implies the risk of falling on to a SugaNorm scam or fake product. Therefore, users must leave an authentic telephone number so that the distributor can get in touch with them. This is done to clarify the delivery details. The payment method is via cash-on-delivery (COD). Regular promo offers and campaigns allow for the purchase of the SugaNorm filmed capsules with a good discount.

Suganorm Price in the Philippines?

The original Suganorm price in the Philippines is 3980 PHP. However, the producer of the diabetes capsules is running a promotional discount for the promotional quantity of the product at a reduced Suganorm price at 1990 PHP. This is valid only for the Philippines and is limited until the quantities last. If you want to take advantage you better hurry.

The natural capsules SugaNorm in the pharmacy?

Suganorm cannot be purchased in pharmacies or at online sales portals. If you notice the capsules in a pharmacy this is definitely a scam or imitating product. The manufacturer is only selling authentic certified Suganorm capsules via the official website.  We noticed fakes and scams on big online stores like – Amazon and Lazada – report them if you notice more.

Normal Blood Sugar Levels = A Healthy Organism!

diabetes, blood sugar control capsules

Monitor your average blood pressure levels regularly for abrupt changes or chronically high blood sugar levels. They can alert you about a possible problem and immediate need for a change in lifestyle and daily menu. Do not neglect them if you want to enjoy longevity!

Bottom Line: The SugaNorm Forte natural body-toning capsules have an organic formula. They can enhance the stability of average blood pressure levels. Clients share positive feedback about them. We believe that according to specialists and consumers,  the capsules are considered to work better than other alternatives.

IMPORTANT: SugaNorm is no longer for sale on the market. For blood sugar control we recommend Diabextan which contains only natural ingredients and extracts. They work for fighting diabetes symptoms. Read full Diabextan review.
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  1. Leonita Corado Reply

    I am from the Philippines? Where and how can I buy suganorm?

  2. Rodolfo Burac Reply

    I was able to buy 6 bottles from an ad here in facebook. How do i know its the authentic suganorm?

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hello Mr. Burac, you should always buy from the official webpage of Suganorm. Follow the link in our review and submit another request on the page and an operator will call you to answer your questions.
      Have a nice day

  3. Rolando H. Flores Reply

    Yes, i bought a plastic bottle of this supplement, SugaNorm. It contained 20 capsules. Now do I have to show it to my endocrinologist/diabetes doctor to make sure this is safe to take? Please advise. Thank you. I am 67 years old, diabetec, injecting 36units of insulin three times a day. Will this help me. I want to be diabetes free.

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi mr. Flores, the tablets are created completely out of natural ingredients – there are no known side effects so far. Suganorm is categorized as a supplement – and not a medicine. Our advice is always to consult with a doctor if you are not confident about your health.

      • I am from the Philippines. 8 am interested of Sugaform. How much is the price for one bottle?

        • Alexandra Smith Reply

          Hey M, the price of Suganorm is available on the Official website. You still might grab the -50% discount if there is enough quantity of the promotion. Use the button at the end of the review to find the price.

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hello mr. ALfanta,
      thanks for your question. We did verify the info and added a full paragraph with instructions on taking the capsules and dosage. Please feel free to read it.

  4. is it possible to take sugarnorm with other drugs prescribed by doctors

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Juares, it is always best to consult the doctor just to be sure. Overall since the formula of Suganorm is natural there should not be any problems to take the solution with other medicines.

      • Lovey Manguiat Reply

        Is this product really proven can cure diabetes? It is very expensive but if it is proven no problem.

        • Alexandra Smith Reply

          Hi Lovey, the clinical tests and feedback from users indicates the results of Suganorm.

  5. Teresita Santos Reply

    I am teresita santos from philippines can you enlighten me about this product

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Nildo, no negative sideeffects are identified or reported so far from taking Suganorm. The product is not in sale in the USA to be FDA approved…

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Michael, Suganorm can be ordered via the web form on the Official website – use the link at the end of the review

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Ana Lisa, use the link to the official site at the bottom of the review to Order Suganorm.

      Best Regards

  6. I am currently living here in Greece and i bought the suganorm forte from a local outlet here. However its not in a bottle but in a box. Two mats of 20capsule in 1 box. Country of origin is Bulgaria. Is this genuine? Please advice.

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hi Shirly, sorry to say but the original product only comes in a bottle. Maybe you can return the product…

      • Alexandra Smith Reply

        Hi Marlyn,
        it is best to use the button at the bottom of the review – but you can also use the link to the official site.

    • Alexandra Smith Reply

      Hey Alma,
      where are you? Which country? You should be usign the button at the bottom of the review so to visit the Official webpage of Suganorm and use the form there to order.

  7. I have gerd gastric erosion high cholesterol high blood sugar and high blood pressure is it safe to take suganorm…im taking meds for gastric problems and also antibiotic can i take it with suganorm…besides its all natural as you said it…im from philippines

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