Protogen capsules Review ColombiaProtogen is a powerful solution for prostatitis and now it can be purchased by clients in Colombia. In the following review, we have collected all the important details related to subjects such as: What is Protogen – what does it serve for? How to take the pills – instructions for use? What do customers write in their opinions? How much is Protogen – price and where to buy? Is It sold in pharmacies and Mercado Libre?


Protogen is a natural remedy for the stable and excellent health of the prostate gland. In other words, the food supplement is recommended by urologists in cases of despaired sexual function and prostatitis. The manufacturing company of Protogen is called Sabor Leche. It appears that a special team of European specialists has developed the patented composition of the pills. Their composition contains only bio-based ingredients that do not lead to contradictions and health complaints. Surely, our best advice here is to be strict when taking the supplement – mind the prescribed dosage and do not miss it.

Numerous users from the region of Colombia write and post honest opinions about Protogen on reputable male health forums and websites. You can read about all this in the following chapters of this full article. Besides, we will give you updates regarding the price of the supplement for prostatitis and libido.

Prostatitis – Statistics & Main Health Complaints


A curious statement is the fact that in several recent scientific studies it is claimant that over the past 3 years the spread of chronic prostatitis among the population has increased by 25%. So, more and more young men tend to suffer from discomfort and sharp pain during urination due to inflammation of the prostate gland. In most of these cases, the condition develops quite quickly by manifesting all of its pronounced symptoms. As a result, urologists recommend immediate measures and regular medical checks. Also, some powerful and effective natural remedies on the market can restore the normal health of the prostate. All these products contain herbal ingredients that have proven healing properties. Many of them are focused not only on eliminating the inflammation that causes prostatitis but also on the accompanying sexual difficulties – low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and unstable erection.

The most pronounced symptoms of prostatitis are:

  • Sharp pain and discomfort in the zone of the groin;
  • Constant pressure in the perineum;
  • Irritation in the penis and testicles;
  • Frequent need for urination;
  • Impaired digestive function;
  • Lack of sexual desire;
  • Unstable libido and premature ejaculation.

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What Is Protogen What Does It Serve For

What Is Protogen

Protogen is a revolution in prostatitis treatment in the form of a food supplement. The pills have been developed by the company Sabor Leche. Thanks to the complex effects of natural ingredients Protogen serves for restoring erection and libido, relieves inflammation in the pelvic organs, and normalizes the genitourinary system. It also helps suppress the growth of the prostate adenoma, thereby reducing the risk of dangerous consequences. Protogen is a product with a patented composition that includes bioactive components. They act synergistically on the genitourinary system, complementing and enhancing each other’s properties. In addition, the pills for prostatitis do not trigger unwanted contradictions and health complaints.

Benefits and Advantages of the Natural Pills

Protogen for prostatitis is a supplement with many underlined advantages such as:

  • Normalizes erectile function;
  • Reduces the urges for urination;
  • Eliminates inflammation;
  • Increases male libido;
  • Affordable price;
  • Easy for use;
  • Long-lasting results.

Protogen – Client Opinions

Protogen capsules Opinions comments Colombia Price

What are the predominant Protogen opinions and testimonials on forums and websites? An increasing number of satisfied customers in Colombia post praising Protogen opinions and comments. In addition, they claim that, unlike medicines, this male health supplement is not dangerous to use. The composition of the pills is organic and thousands of clients have achieved steady results. Urologists also recommend Protogen for prostatitis with positive testimonials on Facebook and Instagram.  They state that the efficiency of the complex is tested. Finally, users explain in their honest opinions that the current price of Protogen is very accessible.

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How to Take Protogen Pills – Instructions for Use

Make sure to find and read the short instructions for use of Protogen for prostatitis. This information is provided in the form of a leaflet that is included in the package of the natural supplement for prostate health and high libido. Remember to mind the recommended dose of the pills too. Angel Luis is a professor andrologist. He states that many of his patients have managed to deal with prostatitis with the help of Protogen.

How to use Protogen for prostatitis?

The instructions are:

  • Take the pills every day for 1 month;
  • Consume with water;
  • Make sure not to miss a single pill of the remedy.


Protogen for prostatitis is an organic food supplement because its main ingredients are herbal. This means that the daily intake of the pills does not cause side effects or health complaints in general. Still, users should mind the recommended dose and not exceed it.

Containing: Composition, Ingredients


The Protogen pills are based on 100% organic and herbal composition.  Therefore, the remedy is suitable for men of more advanced age too. The included ingredients represent a unique and patented formula that has been enriched with minerals and vitamins. This makes sure that Protogen for prostatitis successfully reduces inflammation and improves the erection.

The main advantages of the components in Protogen are:

  • Fast Relief – neutralizes pain symptoms and burning sensations in just one week of daily treatment;
  • Hypoallergenic Effect – the featured bio-components have been derived from a crystal clear concentrate of medicinal plants. There are no parabens or impurities that could cause unwanted health complaints and contraindications;
  • Integral Health – general strengthening effect on the prostate gland. Restores the normal function of the urinary and sexual function of the body. More energy, strong libido, and excellent erection.

Protogen – Price in Colombia, Where to Buy

Protogen capsules Price in Colombia

How much is Protogen for prostatitis and low libido and where to buy it in Colombia?  The only way to easily purchase the original bio-pills Protogen at an affordable price is by visiting their special web page. The site contains a short application form for orders. Fill it in to arrange your delivery details. Then, you will receive your package as well as an attractive Protogen price. That is it. Act now to take care of your masculinity and health.

Another valuable detail is the fact that the distributor of the bio-complex for male health offers amazing promo deals with included discounts. In other words, you can benefit from an even better Protogen price by regularly checking its website for active promotions. So, don’t forget to do it.

Is Protogen Sold in Pharmacies

At the time being, there is no legitimate way to buy Protogen in a pharmacy or on Mercado Libre and Amazon. You can only do that by using the above-mentioned method – through the dedicated page of the supplement. If you happen to notice a brand that resembles Protogen in a pharmacy or on Mercado Libre, stay away. In those cases, it is all about a fake imitation or another scam that could possibly cause harm to your health. The point is that you should not search for Protogen in that pharmacy.

Bottom Line: One of the most effective and powerful male health supplements on the market right now is called Protogen. The pills eliminate inflammation in cases of prostatitis and stimulate the libido at the same time. The natural composition of the complex does not cause contradictions and customers from Colombia confirm that with positive opinions. This brand is more advanced than other similar solutions that have been advertised. 


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