Opticor Duonature capsules Review ColombiaOptiCor is a solid food supplement for hypertension and it has the power to quickly relieve the symptoms of this chronic disease. Read this full article to find more about topics such as: What is OptiCor? Opinions and comments of clients in 2022? How to use the dietary supplement – dose and step-by-step instructions? How much is OptiCor – price and where to buy it?


OptiCor© by DuoNature serves for normalizing blood pressure since its first consumption. The natural pills demonstrate prolonged and universal action. They quickly focus on the cause of the disease, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. OptiCor for hypertension has a bio-based composition that includes bioflavonoids. As a result, the continuous intake of the herbal pills does not trigger contraindications or similar unwanted reactions, unlike most medicines. This food supplement regenerates the health and normal functions of the cardiovascular system.

Our team has already gathered many OptiCor opinions and comments that have been shared in 2022. You can get more details about this from the next couple of paragraphs. Also, you will learn interesting updates regarding the current price of OptiCor for hypertension and the exact step-by-step instructions for use of the remedy.

Hypertension – Causes & Foods That Control It

Hypertension – Causes

There is no organic cause for hypertension in 95% of patients. High blood pressure is due to hereditary predispositions and external risk factors such as obesity, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, and salt consumption. In addition, conducted medical trials reveal that organic diseases or hormonal disorders are responsible for the occurrence of hypertension in only 5% of cases. Untreated high blood pressure is dangerous because it can lead to various organ damage. The heart, brain, kidneys, blood vessels, and eyes are particularly vulnerable. The proper treatment, in this case, requires a change in lifestyle that should be consistent and regular. For example, if you are overweight, weight loss is recommended. Other common measures include: eating low-salt foods and consuming more fruits and vegetables. In addition, caffeine and fats should be avoided. Increased physical activity and balanced stress levels are also recommended.

Our team classified some of the most suitable and beneficial foods that can help lower high blood pressure. The list includes:

  • Bananas;
  • Oatmeal;
  • Carp and all other oily fish;
  • Sunflower seeds;
  • Green leafy vegetables.

What Is OptiCor – Can It Relieve Hypertension Symptoms

What Is OptiCor

OptiCor is a solid and complex supplement for hypertension and it has an all-natural composition. The innovative pills normalize blood pressure from the very first intake. Also, OptiCor serves for restoring the tone and elasticity of blood vessels. This is possible thanks to the bioflavonoids that are included in the composition of the bio-solution. OptiCor is suitable for people who suffer from hypertension or just have high blood pressure from time to time. The product has been developed by British scientists at the National Phlebology Center. The discovery was nominated for the Gairdner Foundation International Award. These pills have passed multi-stage testing that has proven the supplement’s effectiveness, providing researchers with all the necessary licenses and certificates. As a result, OptiCor for hypertension does not cause contradictions but stabilizes heart health.

Effects and Properties of the Solution

OptiCor does have some really enviable features and health effects that we are going to present here:

  • Normalization of blood pressure;
  • Elimination of venous thrombosis;
  • Elimination of arrhythmia;
  • Prevention in future;
  • Easy to use and organic;
  • Affordable price.

OptiCor – Comments of Customers

OptiCor capsules opinions price Colombia

What are the opinions and comments about OptiCor? Customers in Colombia have been posting positive OptiCor testimonials and opinions since the beginning of 2022. They state that the supplement provides quick help in the first 6 hours after ingestion. Also, some cardiologists recommend OptiCor with comments on various social media platforms such as Facebook.  They explain that your pressure will normalize as soon as you start the treatment. Some users who have already tried the pills personally share that, unlike medicines, OptiCor is not dangerous to use because of its herbal composition. It also does not cause sudden pressure spikes or drops but accurately regulates cardiac function.

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How to Use OptiCor for Hypertension – Instructions Step by Step

Read the instructions for use of OptiCor to achieve a comprehensive health improvement. Anthony Lopez is a senior physician who explains that the pills achieve full elimination of angina pectoris, arrhythmia, and neurosis. They also improve memory, restore speech and movements after strokes. Of course, you should mind the recommended daily dose by not exceeding it.

So, how to use OptiCor?

The step-by-step instructions are:

  • Take 2 pills after eating;
  • For maximum performance take the product for 3 months;
  • Detailed instructions are included in the package.


OptiCor for hypertension provides effective results without side effects. This is because of the bio-composition of the supplement. It shares no common ground with any chemical compounds or other artificial ingredients. Customers can take the product without having any complaints.

Containing: Ingredients & Composition


OptiCor is capable of achieving lasting health improvement because of its all-natural composition. We already mentioned that it includes bioflavonoids but that is not all. There are many other herbal extracts that promote their strong health properties and balance cholesterol levels in blood just like the Pueraria Mirifica extract. . As a result, the symptoms of hypertension are relieved and the cardiovascular system starts to function normally.

The ingredients of OptiCor for hypertension are:

  • Motherwort and Valerian – relieve overloaded nervous system (stress, insomnia, etc.);
  • Hawthorn and Green Coffee – this complex successfully eliminates toxins in the blood vessels;
  • Flower Cones – prevents varicosity and thrombosis by improving blood circulation;
  • Oregano – this special compound normalizes blood sugar levels;
  • Lemon Balm Extract – stimulates weight loss by enhancing metabolism.

OptiCor – Price in Colombia – Where to Buy

OptiCor – Price in Colombia

How much is OptiCor for hypertension and where to buy it? There is only one way to purchase the original Opticor at an affordable price in 2022 – through its website. Customers in Colombia can do this quite easily. There is just one short application form that should be completed. Then, clients can expect the delivery at their preferred address. Also, this will give you a very attractive OptiCor price.

There are also other discount programs and promo deals on the website of the bio-pills for high blood pressure. Take your time to learn more about them and place your order when you make your decision. This is a very simple way to grant yourself access to an affordable OptiCor price.

Can I Purchase from a Pharmacy

OptiCor is not sold in pharmacies, Mercado Libre, and Amazon. We emphasize this because clients can only rely on the dedicated web page of the supplement for hypertension. In case you see a product that looks like OptiCor and is sold in pharmacies or Mercado Libre – this is a scam. There are many fake imitations on the market and you should be able to avoid them. So, don’t try to purchase OptiCor from pharmacies.

Bottom Line: OptiCor is a modern solution for hypertension and is designed as a pill for regular intake. The food supplement relies on an organic formula that does not lead to potential contradictions. Customers from Colombia write positive opinions and testimonials about it in 2022. This supplement is more authentic and beneficial than other similar brands on the market. It can be purchased easily at an affordable price.


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