Keramin cream ReviewKeramin is an excellent natural solution for domestic treatment of fungi on feet and nails. The unique formula destroys mycosis pathogens and their spores. Besides the extremely fast effect, this cream has one amazing benefit. During the therapy the skin is fully restored and covered with an invisible protective coat against further infection. Besides, it has a very affordable price. If you want to learn more about this cooling and therapeutic antiseptic ointment, don’t close this page and read our top-to-bottom Keramin review.


Keramin – long-term results and 100% guaranteed effect

effects cream fungi

Keramin results are achieved after the first application. This is a patented formula that is one of a kind on the global dermatological medicine market. The first Keramin effect can be experienced from day number one of the therapy. The patient feels no itching or pain, while the redness and the sweating of the skin are blocked. During the next stage of the therapy the active ingredients penetrate the skin connective tissue to stop the mycosis migration and to rescue the cells from further infection spread. The skin gets hydrated, nourished and helped to self-recover in a completely hassle-free and natural way. Last but not least, the formula serves as a protection in future months after the therapy is completed. This is a very big advantage as in 80% of the cases the mycosis infection reiterates.

Here are some more Keramin results to expect from this affordable and efficient cream:

  • 100% domestic therapy with no need to spend money on dermatology check ups
  • Easy application with no risk of spots for your clothes and bed linen
  • Unique anti-sweating effect combined with a delightful deodorizing action
  • A product with quality certificate and recommended by 1000+ dermatology specialists from all around the world
  • Protection against complications such as fallen nails, deep connective tissue inflammation and immunity system weakness
  • Recovery of the cracks on the heels
  • Full restoration of the nail plate

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Keramin content and formula in details

Keramin content

Keramin content is organic and deprived of any dangerous chemical substances. Within this formula the official producer did not implement any hazardous or GMO elements. Risky agents such as acids, parabens or silicones are not used. Instead, the innovative Keramin content relies on 100% herbal extracts, helpful plant complexes and nourishing oils to fight the bacteria and exfoliate the infected connective tissue. The main secret in this formula is the revolutionary and risk-free ceratolic effect. When activated, the damaged cells are erased and the rejuvenation processes is activated. As a result of these, the nail plates and the skin are fully recovered.

Here are the active elements in the special Keramin content:

  • Salicylic acid stops the spread of the spores. This component exfoliates the dead cells and the damaged skin to make “space” for the new connective tissue to grow. It also protects from further infection.
  • Chamomile flower extract has mainly cooling, antiseptic and anti-fungi effect against the symptoms. It’s added in high concentration to immediately bock sweating, the bad odor and the nasty itching sense. With its powerful antibacterial effect this extract reduces the risk of complications.
  • Willow bark extract eliminates the burning discomfort and stops the skin irritation. This plant has a potential to block the spread of the yeast and the spores of 300+ mycosis pathogens.
  • Propolis works as a natural antibiotic. It stops the inflammation and has a wonderful anti-allergic effect.
  • Birch bark extract inhibits the fungi growth and activates the immunity T-cells. As a result of this, the skin is once healed and then, protected from further infection risks.
  • Sulfur provides quick antiseptic effect. It also deals with bacterial infection and stops the itching.
  • Essential tea tree oil is one of the most ancient natural solutions for fungi. In this formula, though, the essential oil is highly concentrated to provide quick relief for the symptoms and to deactivate the mycosis reproduction process.

Keramin instructions, dosage

cream usage

Keramin instructions are provided in your local language. You should strictly follow them to make sure the anti-mycosis results will come as soon as possible. Of course, there are step by step guides, including dosage information, within the official leaflet. Don’t start the fungi therapy before reading it carefully. This is the only thing you should do as pre-treatment for the healing process. A visit in a dermatology cabinet is not needed.

Have a look at the concrete Keramin instructions below:

  • Please, note that this product is made in a form of a cream. It is developed only for external usage.
  • Don’t exceed the daily dose.
  • Daily dose: a small amount equal to one bean is enough to cover one of your feet. Note that you need to use the cream twice per day: in the morning and in the evening.
  • How to use Keramin? – Apply the cream directly on your feet. Make sure the skin is pre-treated: washed with lukewarm water and dry.
  • Use the cream on a daily basis within 30 days to achieve maximum and long-term results.
  • A prescription is not needed to make an online order.

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Side effects and contraindications

Keramin side effects never appear. This information has been approved after the global clinical trials. Volunteers with fungi infection have confirmed that no negative reaction such as allergy or irritation appears during the therapy. The official producer has mentioned that this cream is fully suitable even for people with sensitive skin. This means that everyone can take benefits of this therapy in domestic conditions. Keramin contraindications are not announced.

Keramin comments, opinions and online forum feedback posts

Keramin cream comments, opinions Price

Keramin comments are worth it to be read. With these opinions you will get confident that finally an effective therapy against fungi is out now and is available at a low price. We have come upon Keramin reviews in many online forum websites.  The feedback posts are always positive and the customers claim that the cream has a light texture with pleasant smell. In addition to these, there are even comments and opinions left by specialists – doctors say that this might be the only non-toxic and 100% working product against mycosis that reduces the risk of recurrence.

Please, feel free to read some real customer opinions and feedback posts below:

  • “This cream is amazing. It has helped me with stubborn fungi infection in one month only. Usually, a gel from pharmacy works for a couple of months, but with this solution I managed to get rid of the fungi forever!”
  • I recommend you this natural solution, because it does not just stop itching, pain and sweating, but fully recovers the skin. Thanks to the cream I saved my nails. They were starting falling apart, but with this thing I literally saved them all!”
  • “Keramin It took me only a couple of weeks to forget about fungi. In the past, I even refused visiting my friends as I was ashamed of the nasty smell and the awful look of my feet. Now, they look fresh, nice to tough and mostly healthy!”
  • “This is a good cream with a great content. The natural content is what made me try it, because everything I used to get from the pharmacy burnt my feet and worsened the situation”
  • “Brilliant anti-mycosis cream! After the first application the itching is already gone. Then, with each next day you can notice how your skin gets softer and healthier”

Keramin price 2022

Keramin price

Keramin price is cheap. In the 2022 the price is the same as it is used to be during the first days of the product debut. This is a very nice thing, because in most cases when the product gains popularity and so many recommendations the producer usually increases its price. What is even more awesome is that right now there’s a promo campaign. The standard Keramin price is reduced with 50%. You can buy the product at a very budget-friendly price and receive an extra bonus – a free delivery. Please, keep reading this material to figure it out how to get the promo Keramin price with a couple of clicks only.

Keramin pharmacy, Amazon, eBay or official website?

Keramin pharmacy, Amazon, eBay orders are possible. Though, we do not recommend them at all. As a matter of fact, we should warn you that right now there are plenty of negative reviews. According to them in pharmacy, Amazon, eBay Keramin is faked. At first glance the product is the same, with the same name and box, but the content is different and the effect is not satisfying at all. After the appearance of the replicas, the official producer has made an announcement. Within this message it is said that the only place from where you can buy the original cream is the official website. This is the only place from where you can find the current promo campaign with 50% discount from the ordinary price.

Here’s how to make a safe and quick Keramin online order:

  • Open the official website
  • Find the online order form and fill it in correctly
  • You will perform this task in a couple of seconds
  • All you have to do is to enter your names and telephone number
  • Expect a phone call within 24 hours for order confirmation
  • During this phone call you can ask for a free consultation
  • Then, expect a delivery within 3-5 working days
  • The delivery is free of charge
FINAL THOUGHTS: Keramin cream against fungi is a natural solution with 100% efficiency against feet and nail mycosis. It stops the infection and kills the spores immediately. The product has no side effects or contraindications. Right now in the official website there’s a promo campaign that offers you 50% discount from the standard price.


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