Forex CapsulesForex is a libido-stimulating solution which comes in the form of all-natural filmed capsules. They are produced by the same company that developed and released ‘Hammer of Thor’ in the market. The newest addition to their potency-enhancing product catalog builds on the previous one’s formula, actively improving it. Its strongest characteristic is considered to be its composition which includes only organic extracts as main ingredients. There are more than 10 different ones.


Customers also appear to be fond of the contents, citing positive changes concerning the duration of the intercourse. They share positive client testimonials, reviews, and feedback. Most of them are of the opinion that the cost-efficient price is also a reason to purchase the mutual pleasure product.

For Ex  (FX), as the potency-reinforcing capsules are also referred to by the manufacturer and clients, can only be purchased via the official website. They are not available in bargain stores and pharmacies. Nor can one find them in product lists of popular sales portals, such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress or AliBaba. Users have to visit the official web page and fill in a request form. The required details include a name and a current phone number. Customers must wait for a call from a representative of the distribution company. It will be received promptly and seeks to clarify the delivery details. There is no need for worries about personal data. Orders are completed in complete discretion and the libido booster arrives in an anonymous package. It does not give out its intimate nature. More details follow in the Alpha Titan review below.

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7 Foods That Kill the Libido – Eat Healthy for Quality Bedroom Sessions

Being on a proper diet does not only help you show off a sexy beach body. It also plays a key role in maintaining proper libido levels. When we are young, it is no problem for us to be lustful. Sometimes, it is all we can think about! But as we time passes and we grow older, life’s responsibilities, obligations, and burdens take their toll on us.

One is not always in the mood for some good ol’ bedroom gymnastics. The production of vital hormones is also decreased. Testosterone is the main responsible one for having the urge and desire to share your body with the significant other. In both men and women. When our organism is not capable of synthesizing it, our libido goes to zero.

We can counter this by eating healthy. There are many foods which boost testosterone production. And that of estrogen. The so-called ‘female’ is what keeps the gentler gender fertile, even in mature age.

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Here are the 7 foods to avoid at all costs if you want to share mutual pleasure with your partner:

  1. Soy: A study by Harvard University shows a direct link between soy consumption and erectile dysfunction.
  2. Mint: The active ingredient in mint is menthol. It decreases body temperature and slows down blood circulation, leaving the small pelvis with nothing to fill it.
  3. Microwave Popcorn: The non-stick lining of the bag has perfluoroalkyl acids cause sexual dysfunction.
  4. Fried & Processed Products: They are extremely rich in trans-fats which practically kill the sex drive.
  5. Sugar: Suppresses the production of testosterone.
  6. Beetroot: May lead to lower testosterone production.
  7. Diet Soda: Rich in aspartame which is very bad for serotonin synthesis.

Which Foods Boost Testosterone Production?

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Enjoying a healthy sex life brings people closer together and makes relationships happier. It is a vital component of the time spent together. And the main reason why humans are alive and the dominant species on the planet! Erectile dysfunctions and the inability to please the partner lower self-confidence. They can also ruin relationships.

Here’s which foods to include in your menu to boost testosterone levels in the body:

  • Salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, oysters, & lobsters – all kinds of seafood that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Low-fat milk and dairy products;
  • Beef & red meats;
  • Legumes;
  • Green leafy vegetables;

Let us examine the details about the Forex (ForexForexForex, FX) male enhancement capsules. It is presented to men from all around the world by the same manufacturer that produced the Hammer of Thor libido-boosting solution. Customer feedback and reviews have been positive, citing a pocket-friendly price and natural formula as the main pros. The organic composition also explains why there are no signals about negative side effects and contraindications in user testimonials.

What Is the Forex Male Enhancement Solution? How to Take?

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The Forex (FX) libido-boosting solution is manufactured according to the best-established practices in the sphere. The Alpha Titan potency-intensifying capsules state that they are filmed because it makes the application much easier for users. They must remember not to exceed the recommended daily dose of 3 units. This sets the right grounds for a pleasurable, passionate, mutually-pleasing, and safe experience.

There have been no client testimonials, reviews, and feedback which speak of negative side effects or reactions. The lack of complaints in the commentary is explained by the natural and hypoallergenic composition. Forex natural libido booster enhances metabolic processes within the body and raises energy and stamina levels. Thus, blood pressure is also intensified, leading to a gradual increase in blood flow to the small pelvis.

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Which creates just the right conditions for maintaining erections long enough to satisfy the needs of the partner. The average duration of the sex act may also increase.

Here is what clients consider to be the Forex mutual pleasure capsules’ main pros:

  • Creates Right Conditions for Achieving Mutual Pleasure & a Good Duration of the Intercourse;
  • No Known Side Effects or Contraindications;
  • Naturally Enhances Libido Levels;
  • Cash-on-Delivery (COD) Payments, Discrete Order & Delivery;
  • Organic Formula with Beneficial Bio-Extract;

Nota Bene! The lack of complaints regarding possible side effects does not imply that such cannot occur. Please, comply with the instruction of use, applied in AlphaTitan’s commercial packaging to minimize risks!

Which Ingredients Do the Forex (FX) Mutual Pleasure Capsules Feature?

As mentioned above, the filmed capsules for active libido enhancement have natural ingredients in their organic formula. They are considered to be safe for direct oral intake. Most of the client reviews certify that users have enjoyed lustful changes in their intimate life.

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Here are the active ingredients of the ForexForexForex male enhancement capsules:

  • Chinese Magnolia Vine Extract: Actively enhances sexual desire.
  • Jamaican Feverplant Extract: Used in traditional medicine to underline the libido and prolong the sex act.
  • Globe Thistle Root Extract: Increases blood flow to the small pelvis area.
  • L-Ascorbic Acid: Boosts blood flow and erectile functions.
  • Zinc Gluconate: Aids recovery from erectile and sexual dysfunctions and gives energy.
  • Ginseng Root Extract: Intensifies libido levels, gives mutual pleasure, and improves the quality and duration of the intercourse.
  • Epimedium Plant Extract: Improves the performance in bed and stimulates sexual appetite.
  • Holy Thistle Extract: Boosts testosterone production in the body, making erections longer and harder.
  • Maca Root Extract: Provides energy and stamina.
  • Elastin: Promotes the building of lean muscle mass and rapid cell regeneration.

How to Order the Forex (FX) Male Performance Intensifying Capsules?

Clients have to go to the official website to order the product. They fill in their name and a current phone number in an online form. The procedure is completely discreet. No one will know what and when you have bought. A representative of the distributor will call shortly to clarify the delivery details. Payments are processed via the COD method.

ForexForexForex male enhancement capsules are not available in pharmacies. The manufacturer has bad previous experience with false goods being sold for his. The company wishes that customers get the original good. Regular promo campaign also allows for purchasing the product with a discount off of the normal price tag.

Share Mutual Pleasure & Live Out Your Fantasies!


The key to having quality bedroom fun is sharing. Don’t be afraid to tell your significant other about your secret wishes and desires. Maybe both of you want the same thing and just don’t know it yet.

Bottom Line: The Forex libido enhancing capsules have a natural formula with over 10 different organic extracts. It works better than other market alternatives.


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