Dietica Fizzy Tablets Review PhilippinesDietica Fizzy is the new weight loss hit product in the Philippines. According to those thousands of positive comments we read in the local newspapers, online forum feedback posts and discussions in the social network groups and pages for diets. In their personal opinions, people share their satisfaction equal to 5 kilos less within 5 days only and a guarantee that in a month, the reduction of the body weight can reach 20 kilos in total. On the other hand, in our detailed Dietica Fizzy review, we will give you instructions about how to use this food supplement, how to guarantee your diet perfect results and what to expect from your overweight treatment as a whole.


Dietica Fizzy food supplement is made to offer immediate results with no yo-yo effect

DieticaFizzy Tablets weight loss

Dietica Fizzy is a weight-loss food supplement that literally puts an end to drastic diets and severe exhauster in the gym, aiming to shape up your body and get rid of the cellulite. With an organic composition, this product represents a pack of tablets that must be diluted in water and drink throughout the day not only to burn fats but also to:

  • Deal with cellulite and prevent the appearance of starch marks after severe weight loss
  • Detox the body as the first step every person who wants to lose weight should do to kill the free radicals and to slow down the ageing
  • Prevent the yo-yo effect and instead boost the long-term perfect Dietica Fizzy results
  • Turning the fats into energy to use throughout the day instead of eating too much
  • Control the appetite
  • Reduce the liquids stuck in your body, which is the reason to be fat in 65% of the people with overweight
  • Rejuvenate the cells aiming to boost the metabolism and keep the immune system in a proper condition
  • Keeping your skin in perfect condition

DieticaFizzy ingredients and formula information. What is DieticaFizzy?


Dietica Fizzy comes with a unique formula representing a unique composition of vegan components with a powerful impact on fats and body weight. This food supplement works as a preventive measure against huge appetite and overweight by giving you a real chance to reduce your weight by up to 10 kilos in a week. What is Dietica Fizzy? Practically, it is the content of herbal extracts and fat burning agents that have gone through severe laboratory tests and clinical trials. Please, be aware that the product has a quality certificate. And these are the main ingredients – vegan and chemical-free – you will find in its content:

  • Multimineral composition that includes up to 20 different elements (including Ca, Mg, F and many more) with the potency to increase your body functions, normalize the metabolic processes, supporting the regular fat burning and turning the calories into energy immediately after consumption, as well as to secure the proper health conditions of muscles, bones, skin, hair and joints. These minerals are also essential to prevent the risk of cardio issues due to the harmful cholesterol levels that are common for people with overweight.
  • Essential amino acids represent another synergic formula with complex effect and universal health benefits for the organism fighting blood sugar rates that lead to diabetes, lipid issues and anxiety, which drives to a constant sense of hunger. More than 18 different amino acids support your body to control appetite and to deal with stress, as well as to heal the digestive problems for 100% efficient metabolism.
  • Betain is the main active component in DieticaFizzy formula, which fast turns the fats into and which additionally boosts the metabolic processes.
  • Polysaccharides are used in this food supplement to give you more energy for the day to spend with less consumed calories, as well as to keep your skin elastic and healthy, glowing and free of starch marks or cellulite.
  • Glycosides are essential to support the digestive functions and to help your organism re-heal from the free radicals.
  • A whole composition of B complex vitamins extracted from herbs and implemented in the formula to to keep the nervous system in a top condition and your motivation for weight loss – high and worth it.

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DieticaFizzy instructions on how to use the food supplement + extra facts for the medicine leaflet, the side effects and the contraindications

Dietica Fizzy instructions

Dietica Fizzy comes with an official step by step manual with instructions and information about contraindications and side effects. Actually, it is good to have in mind that this food supplement does not show absolutely any side effects after the dozens of clinical trials it has gone through. Experts from the field of dietology and healthy nutrition fields approve the tablets for overweight and for smaller amounts of kilos to be lost. Superstars from all over the world even say that when they have asked their doctors whether Dietica Fizzy is safe, they all share fantastic feedback. So contraindications are not known for this product. Here is how to use Dietica Fizzy:

  • This food supplement is recommended only for oral usage.
  • Dissolve one tablet into 500 ml of water.
  • Leave it to rest for at least an hour.
  • Drink the liquid 2-3 times during the day.
  • It does not matter when you will drink it – before, during or after a meal.
  • Doctors and the product official distributor in the Philippines recommend consuming berries after the drink to speed up the metabolism even more.

Dietica Fizzy price in the Philippines, the order in pharmacy and official website – read this paragraph on mandatory

Dietica Fizzy price in the Philippines

Dietica Fizzy receive some negative reviews, too, and they are related to the place from where you buy Dietica Fizzy – pharmacy and stores such as Amazon and eBay. We have tracked many faked products (8 in total) with an increased price, expensive and long-lasting delivery, plus the requirement for the clients to prepay the boxes with the tablets. Some customers in the Philippines even say that such orders haven’t been received. To avoid such fraud and to make sure you purchase the original Dietica Fizzy food supplement, please follow this order procedure:

  • Visit the official website
  • Have a read of all the provided information
  • See the current price with a discount right now – 1990 PRICE NOW instead of 3980 NORMAL PRICE – at the bottom of the website
  • Enter names and telephone number
  • Via this phone number, you will receive a phone call from Dietica Fizzy team in the Philippines
  • Confirm your order and share your address
  • The delivery takes up to several days in the Philippines
  • No need to prepay the product
  • Free consultation is available via a phone call

Dietica Fizzy opinions and comments in the Philippines

Dietica Fizzy tablets opinions comments

Dietica Fizzy feedback and opinions in the Philippines online forum platforms are promising and we truly enjoy reading them. In these reviews we get touched by the happiness of so many women being self-confident again for wearing sexy dresses and to show their bodies at the beach. In some testimonials Dietica Fizzy has been even represented as a life-changing product. Usually these reviews are made by people with overweight and serious health problems due to bad cholesterol level and cramps in legs due to extra kilos. “Dietica Fizzy works! I reached my desires S size after a month and after being size L for 30 years!” or “Dietica Fizzy is safe, because it has no yo-yo effect and lets me lose weight with no hunger or constant workout in the gym. I hate workouts. But I love my body now. My wife loves it, too!” are a few of the positive Dietica Fizzy opinions we have read among the customers. But here is what a doctor says: “Dietica Fizzy is an innovative way for people with extra kilos to start loving themselves again. What I mostly like about this food supplement, though, is that it heals the cells and prevents loose skin, which is a top problem in all diets”.

Dieticafizzy tablets weight loss

CONCLUSION: Dietica Fizzy is recommended for overweight, insufficient cholesterol level or people who cannot go on a diet but want to lose weight. In the Philippines, the product is a must for women who require no yo-yo effect or side effects in a weight loss food supplement. The price is affordable, and the official website order possibility is 24/7 available with fast delivery.


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