Urolesin drops Review ColombiaUrolesin is an innovative solution that fully restores the genitourinary system. Designed in the form of oral drops the product is the best thing you can get to end up with cystitis once and for all. With its amazing and fast effect the drops don’t just remove the symptoms, but eliminates the infection or the inflammation that is the reason for the disease. Don’t waste time, but hurry up and learn how to combat cystitis in our today’s Urolesin review.


What is Urolesin? What does it serve for?

What is Urolesin

Urolesin is an organic remedy that provides full elimination of the inflammation and toxins stuck inside your urinary tract. The product naturally fights the infection and immediately removes symptoms such as often urination, pain while urinating, unpleasant odor, blood in the urine and everything that cystitis causes you, but you are afraid to deal with through a surgery. Urolesin serves to kill the bacteria and restore the connective tissue without requiring from you to go under the knife. It is high time for the doctors to stop treating this common disease through a surgery. From now on and to this revolutionary drops women can get rid of the disease 100% in domestic conditions and without even visiting a doctor or having troubling and embarrassing checkouts. Urolesin is an innovative food supplement that has no analogue on the market as it works like a medicine, but does not contain any antibiotics, steroids or other hazardous components.

Urolesin results to expect

Urolesin results are distributed into two groups: symptoms and treatment. From the first day of the therapy you will experience an amazing relief from all cystitis symptoms. Thanks to the fast action of the formula in a couple of days they will disappear forever. But you shouldn’t stop taking the drops then. On the contrary, keep requiring even more Urolesin results. At the second week of the therapy the drops will start fighting the bacteria that causes cystitis and to cleanse the entire urinary tract. Last but not least, this organic medicine will create a specially tailored protective coat. It aims to eliminate any further risk of inflammation or infection.

See even more Urolesin results that are guaranteed for you:

  • Normal urination from the second day of the treatment
  • Puts cystitis in remission
  • Bad odor removal
  • No more pain during sex
  • Removes all the risks of complications such as cysts or bladder cancer
  • Domestic therapy with no necessity to be observed by a doctor

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Urolesin composition in details


Urolesin composition is fully natural. It contains only organic elements. The official distributor in Colombia has shared with us some details about this innovative composition. As a matter of fact, it is the only non-toxic remedy against cystitis on the market in Colombia, as well as in the entire world. The big secret of this brilliant formula is the formation of the most precise proportion between all the ingredients. Urolesin ingredients, on the other side, are all herbal and plant extracts in high concentration. They represent folk medicine knowledge in treating cystitis, but modernized through the latest medicine and laboratory technologies. If in past some herb worked against cystitis, but in a very long time ahead, today, this herb is added to the Urolesin composition in such a high concentration that the disease is treated in a very short period.

Here are some more benefits behind this revolutionary food supplement composition:

  • Suitable for vegans
  • No GMO
  • There are no artificial flavors or coloring agents
  • The drops have nice and pleasant smell and taste
  • The drops don’t leave any stains
  • No chemicals or synthetic elements at all

And here are the concrete ingredients in this 100% natural composition:

  • Terebinthine – offers fast effect against the pain and discomfort while urination.
  • Sarsaparilla – removes the inflammation and all risks of cystitis complications.
  • Bearberry (Uva-Ursi) – has antioxidants that cleanse the entire urinary tract and fights all bacteria types.
  • Belladonna – removes all unpleasant sensation while urinating and regulates the frequency of urination.
  • Cannabis Sativa – has anti-pain properties and restores the bladder from the inflammation by activating the T-cells inside the body to remove the infection.

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How to use Urolesin? Are there any instructions and dose information?

How to use Urolesin

How to use Urolesin if it is made for domestic usage without the necessity of a recommendation from a doctor?  Well, this is easy. We’ll just remind you that the product is not a drug or a pack of tablets with chemical components that can take you to an intoxication or overdose. Yet, although it’s a food supplement, you should still stick closely to the available Urolesin instructions provided by the official Colombia distributor 100% in Spanish language. Within this step by step manual there’s also information about the daily recommended dose. In short, everything you should know about the therapy is included in the product leaflet.

Here are the Urolesin instructions:

  • Please, don’t start the therapy before you meet the product instructions.
  • Please, don’t exceed the daily dose.
  • Daily recommended dose: 50 drops per day
  • Attention: the product is made in the form of a liquid. The dosage is specified through a dropper for an easy single dose preparation.
  • How to use Urolesin? – Take 25 drops diluted in water 30 minutes before a meal and twice per day (once in the morning with breakfast and once in the evening with the dinner)
  • Minimum duration of the therapy course is 1 month

Side effects and contraindications

Urolesin side effects have not been discussed at all. Side effects don’t present either in people’s comments and testimonials, or in the product leaflet. Meanwhile, side effects were not announced in the report that was provided after the first clinical trials in Colombia. During the study 233 women with cystitis have made it to fight the disease only through this organic food supplement. In addition to these, there also no Urolesin contraindications. Basically, the product can be taken by men, too, in case of any urinary infection. It is a great thing that to make a Urolesin online order you don’t have to provide any prescription.

Urolesin opinions and testimonials in Colombia

Urolesin opinions and testimonials Colombia price

Urolesin testimonials are the comments that have attracted our attention to this food supplement. And in Colombia, to be honest, the online forum feedback posts are a lot. Within these opinions we find out many other typical things about the product – it has a nice flavor, it does not irritate even the most sensitive stomach and indeed, it stops the pain during urination during the first two days. It was pleasant for us to read numerous testimonials written by doctors. The specialists in urinary tract infections claim that there has never been such a product – organic, but yet healing, even the most stubborn bacteria. Doctors also recommend the drops, because they can literally replace the surgery to provide fast treatment with no need of recovery.

Here are some more Urolesin testimonials for you to read:

  • This product has saved me. Cystitis literally ruined my life. Once I feel better, on the next week I got the same symptoms. My doctor told me that I cannot treat it. All I have to do is to control its symptoms. He was wrong. With this amazing product I healed myself within 32 days! You should do the same thing. “
  • Urolesin works. It has a very cheap price. The delivery in Colombia is 3 days. Once I tried it, on the next morning I felt less pain. Within one more day the urination was normalized. I am very very satisfied with what these drops do for women like me. “
  • I recommend this product for everyone who was just told that a surgery is needed to remove the urinary tract infection. It happened to me, too. But I did not want this whole thing with knives and recovery periods. I am a single mom and I have no time to lie in the bed. A friend of mine has recommended me these drops and I tried them with hope. Well, my prayers were heard. Indeed, the product helped me to live a normal life with no cystitis again!”

Urolesin benefits:

  • 100% risk-free
  • Cheap price
  • For domestic usage
  • Fast recovery from long-lasting cystitis
  • Urinary tract further protection
  • Fast elimination of the symptoms

Urolesin disadvantages:

  • Not available in all countries across the world
  • Can be bought only through the internet

Urolesin price in Colombia

Urolesin price in Colombia

Urolesin price is affordable. This is a very cheap price especially if we compare it to the quantity of the standard cystitis therapy in Colombia. Usually, only the antibiotics for a month will cost you more than the Urolesin price. And we have even greater news related with this product price. Right now there’s a promo campaign you can participate in, too. The standard Urolesin price is reduced with 50%. This means you can save half of the common price or get two product packs for you and your friend who also suffers from cystitis. Want to know how to take benefits of this promo? Don’t stop reading this material.

Urolesin in pharmacy, Mercado Libre, Amazon or the official website?

Where to buy Urolesin is a question number one that bothers most of the customers from Colombia. They should not worry, though, because the food supplement for cystitis treatment is available in Colombia. However, they should worry if they get Urolesin from pharmacy, Mercado Libre, Amazon and other similar store. At these places you can find a food supplement of the same name, but it is not the same product we have been discussing in this material. It’s a faked food supplement with chemical composition and many side effects. To receive the original product you should make an online order via its official website for Colombia.

Here’s how to make an Urolesin online order:

  • Go to the official website
  • Read the information for composition, instructions, contraindications, results, etc.
  • Find the online order form and fill it in with your names and telephone number
  • Expect a phone call within up to 24 hours
  • During the phone call, you are allowed to require a free consultation
  • Expect the product to arrive within up to 5 working days
  • Delivery price in Colombia – none
FINAL WORDS: Urolesin drops are designed to stop cystitis and to provide you with a protection against further urinary tract infection. Note that this is not a drug, but a food supplement with no side effects and with an organic composition. You can order it only via the official website for Colombia.


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