Prostanix 30 Capsules Review IndonesiaProstanix are innovative capsules that are designed to eliminate prostate issues, as well as to support the strong erectile function and to fight the problems with male urinal tract. According to the available online forum comments and reviews in Indonesia this food supplement is a fully natural solution for make potency and a special treatment against itching and pain in the penis, prostatitis, reproductive system infections and many more. In this Prostanix review, we will try to throw some light on the product content, instructions about how to use it and quote several real customer opinions about its effect and potential outcome for men’s health in a long-term period.


Prostanix food supplement shows a fast effect with great results against prostatitis and sexual problems with men

Prostanix is a food supplement with a fast recovery effect in case you have any of these problems: prostatitis, urinal infections, pain in the lower part of the stomach or the testicles, constant desire to pee, problems with erection and no endurance during the sexual act, lack of any pleasure and excitement during sex, reproductive system dysfunctions, tiredness, metabolic and immune system disorders. In several online forum discussions among men in Indonesia, we read that the capsules represent a universal treatment for overall masculinity support and cell regeneration. Prostanix also has a detailed report from 10 clinical trials where it is proven that the organic capsules guarantee long-term results with absolutely no risk of liver or blood intoxication. The final effect is additionally guaranteed by the product quality certificate. Last but not least, the laboratory tests explain in details how a natural solution with a bioactive formula like Prostanix can offer an actual treatment for numerous diseases with an extra such as full-body support with long-lasting results.

Ingredients and formula. What are the effects?


Prostanix represents an innovative formula with 100% risk-free ingredients that cannot additionally infect, expose to allergic reactions or harm your body. The content of these capsules is fully organic, aiming to represent the new wave of the modern food supplement industry, which promotes the hazardless treatment of numerous diseases accompanied with additional organism support with immune system boosting elements. When we try to find out what is Prostanix the composition we are offered is nothing more but a mixture of organic and vegan elements that through the years have shown a magical potency to cure and recover in the same, but with no side effects, or in a bigger rate than chemical compositions, corticosteroids, antibiotics or agents with suspicious unknown origin. Here are the organic Prostanix ingredients that promote fast recovery from prostatitis, sexual dysfunctions and urinal system disorders:

  • Saw Palmetto extract is promoted to be one of the most efficient solutions in case of prostatitis infections and reproductive system cancer forms. It is recommended for prostate enlargement, as well as a great supporter for the cells to self-heal and rejuvenate.
  • Lauric acid is another method to suppress abnormal prostate enlargement. It has anti-cancer agents and can quickly treat numerous urinal infections. Many scientists promote this acid as an excellent treatment for hormonal disorders in men.
  • Myristic acid is one of the preventive ingredients in Prostanix against prostate cancer. It has also been a well-known compound of natural remedies against sexual dysfunctions. Many experts claim that Myristic acid is an incredible sexual stimulator, masculinity supporting element and a great energy booster inside the body.
  • Oleic acid is a significant hormonal balance booster, especially for men who have recently been suffering from prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction. This organic acid recovers the metabolic processes inside the body and can be added to the organic treatment of urinal infections.
  • Linoleic acid has been recently promoted as a natural sexual stimulator and a risk-free treatment for infections and inflammatory processes. Due to these the Linoleic acid has become another ingredient for the full body support of a healthy man.
  • Phytosterols are added to this organic composition to help you deal with sexual performance disorders and dysfunctions. Today’s scientists call them the new natural sex hormones that don’t add more pleasure in bed only but support the overall male health, including keeping a normal immune system strength and cellular rejuvenation after a long-term disease treatment.

Instructions and side effects. Are there any contraindications and a medicine leaflet added to the product box? How to take the capsules?

usage capsules for prostatitis

Prostanix is accompanied with a step by step medicine leaflet where you can read all the necessary instructions that will help you become better in sex, less often in the toilet due to urinal infections, and at a smaller risk to have a prostate enlargement or, even worse – cancer. Although not registered as a pharmacy product, this food supplement has one more innovative element that deserves to determine it as a modern treatment solution – a manual with concrete guides. These guides will answer your question: how to take Prostanix and get back your masculinity and potency again. Here’s how: just follow the instructions below:

  • This product is only for internal usage.
  • The daily dose is equal to 2 capsules.
  • Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening.
  • Do not exceed the daily dosage.
  • It is preferable to take the capsules with a big enough amount of water, juice or milk.
  • Make sure to take the capsules at an averagely of the same time of the day.
  • Don’t forget to drink the 2 capsules per day.
  • The minimum treatment course is 1 month.
  • There is no problem to keep using the food supplement afterwards.

Attention: Prostanix side effects are 0%. According to the clinical trials in Indonesia, the food supplement has no contraindications. It shows no potential allergic reactions or harm to the liver and the cardiovascular system.

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Prostanix opinions and comments in Indonesia. What is Prostanix feedback in online forum testimonials and reviews?

Prostanix opinions comments Indonesia

Prostanix opinions are kind of equal as in most of the online forum reviews; we can read only praises. The food supplement received amazing support from men between 30 and 60-years old. In their comments, we read that Prostanix works, as well as that Prostanix is not dangerous. Of course, the doctors from Indonesia have their own feedback for the capsules, too. In one Prostanix testimonial coming straight from a specialist, we find out that “the innovative content of these capsules is what makes me proud of the today’s medicine advance. I find Prostanix as a real proof to claim that we move forward, to a new medicine where antibiotics are not the only treatment solutions for urinal infections, while sexology therapists are not the main and general sources of hope for men with sexual dysfunctions”. Have a look at Prostanix comments coming, on the other side, straight from the real customers who had or have to experience with the capsule effect:

  • Prostanix is not a scam! Due to urinal infections and the first stage of prostate enlargement, sexual life was suspended for me. Meanwhile, for the last couple of months, I also felt huge severe pain while urinating. Thanks to two months of treating my body with the natural Prostanix capsules, I can go back to bed and have sex again with my wife. And there’s no sign of the infection anymore for me!”
  • Prostanix can potentially deal with many reproductive and urinal system problems. That was my case: urinal tract disorders, sexual dysfunction and risk of prostatitis. I have started taking the capsules after reading several positive Prostanix I was also recommended to take the food supplement by my diet nutrition. She said the amazing composition of this product would help me. And this is what happened. 3 months later, I am 100% healthy. And women are 100% pleased with what I can offer them in sex!”

Prostanix Indonesia price in pharmacy and order in official website + instructions to avoid scams

Prostanix Indonesia price

Prostanix price in Indonesia might be the first thing you wonder about right now. But it shouldn’t be. The first thing you need to consider is where to buy the original Prostanix. The thing is that after the massive breakthrough of these capsules in Indonesia, a lot of manufacturers (global and local) took an advantage of their popularity. They released several faked products of the same name, but with a different composition, with zero effect on prostatitis, chemical ingredients and higher price. According to the Prostanix, negative reviews such as scams are now sold on Amazon and eBay and even in pharmacy in Indonesia. Don’t bite that lie. Here’s how to get the original Prostanix product at a great price:

  • Visit the official website to make an online order
  • This is the only place where you can find the original Prostanix
  • The price now is on sale.
  • Do not pay the promo price in advance. Instead of Rp. 980 000 you will pay Rp. 490 000 at the delivery
  • The delivery in Indonesia is fast
  • You can tell your address in Indonesia via a phone call
  • Enter your telephone number and names in Prostanix order form on the website

capsules for healthy prostate prost anix

CONCLUSION: Prostanix is a food supplement against erectile dysfunction, prostatitis and urinal infections. You can order the capsules with organic ingredients on the product official website. Avoid scams on eBay and Amazon.


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