NeoRitm capsules Review Philippines MalaysiaNeoRitm is a premium high blood pressure support supplement which contains a range of natural anti-hypertensive components for optimal health. When used on a daily basis, NeoRitm has the power to help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels. The supplement which has been formulated in the Philippines and Malaysia also supports cardiovascular health. According to various user comments, reviews and testimonials, NeoRitm can help you feel healthier and stronger every day. Users are of the opinion that while the capsules normalise blood pressure, they also reduce cholesterol levels making them feel better, more active and energised throughout the day. It was also noted that NeoRitm does not lead to side effects, allergies or contraindications. The nutritional supplement is completely safe and highly effective when it comes to regulating high blood pressure.


What are the main ingredients in NeoRitm? How long does NeoRitm take to deliver results? Where is NeoRitm available for purchase at a good price in the Philippines and Malaysia? Is it a good idea to buy NeoRitm from Amazon and Shopee or are there many scams on such sites?

To find out if NeoRitm is the right nutritional supplement for you, read this NeoRitm review till the end!

Include These Herbs In Your Diet Daily To Keep High Blood Pressure Under Control

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension affects a large number of people. It is known as the ‘Silent Killer’ for the reason that it can increase the risk of heart diseases and strokes without showing any symptoms. But, hypertension can be controlled with the right diet and lifestyle changes. There are a number of herbs which have been scientifically tested and proven to contain anti-hypertensive properties.

Including these herbs in your diet can help you manage high blood pressure.

  1. Basil – contains eugenol which allows blood vessels to relax which in turn helps reduce blood pressure.
  2. Parsley – a very popular herb which contains carotenoids and Vitamin C which manages cholesterol levels and keep blood pressure in check.
  3. Celery seeds – contains fibre and acts as a calcium channel blocker which is important for maintaining normal blood pressure.
  4. Chinese Cat’s Claw – stimulates production of nitric oxide which helps relax blood vessels
  5. Bacopa monnieri – helps in the treatment of various ailments including anxiety, depression, memory issues and high blood pressure.

NeoRitm Capsules for Normal Blood Pressure: Comments, Reviews and Testimonials in the Philippines

NeoRitm: Comments, Reviews and Testimonials

NeoRitm is effectively used in the Philippines adn Malaysia for lowering blood pressure. Many men and women have used this nutritional supplement and shared their positive experience through comments, reviews and testimonials on online forums. They that NeoRitm not only helps control high blood pressure, but it also improves overall health and wellbeing. Everybody who has used it has only positive things to say about it. There are no complaints about this supplement or any reports of side effects, allergies or contraindications.

A research study that involved two groups of volunteers was conducted for 25 days in which the both the groups of men and women had hypertension, but only one group took NeoRitm and the second one took placebo. After the end of the research, it was found that the group that took placebo did not notice any significant improvement in their blood pressure levels. But the group that took NeoRitm had 90% success with removal of vein thrombosis, 90% success with arrhythmia and 100% success with normalisation of arterial pressure. This study confirmed that NeoRitm is 100% effective at fighting high blood pressure.

Expert Doctor and Ph.D in Medicine Roberto Juan also shares a similar opinion about NeoRitm. According to him, NeoRitm capsules contain the perfect amount of beneficial ingredients which helps treat abnormal high blood pressure effectively. He even recommends the supplement to his patients and often receive positive comments, feedback and reviews from them.

So what benefits do men and women in the Philippines achieve by using NeoRitm capsules? Here’s what they mention in their NeoRitm reviews, comments and opinions.

  • Made with all-natural ingredients in their purest and potent forms
  • Normalises blood pressure levels with just 6 hours of taking the capsules
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke and high sugar levels
  • Fights anxiety, depression and stress, ensuring mental health and wellbeing
  • Increases energy levels for an active lifestyle
  • Reduces bad cholesterol levels and keeps heart healthy
  • Improves overall health
  • Does not cause negative effects or allergies and there are no complaints of contraindications in NeoRitm comments, reviews and testimonials
  • Affordable price, regular discounts and great savings when purchased from manufacturers official website
  • Fast shipping within the Philippines with Cash on Delivery payment method

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Instructions for Use. How to take Neo Ritm Capsules?

How to take

Clinical studies have shown that NeoRitm capsules work best when taken with a lot of water on a daily basis. The capsules are safe for daily consumption as they are completely natural. When using the capsules, patients must ensure that they follow the instructions for use carefully. Failure to adhere to the dosage requirements can lead to side effects, allergies and contraindications.

These are the simple steps that users must follow when taking NeoRitm capsules:

  1. Take one capsule two times a day with meals
  2. Drink plenty of water when taking the capsules
  3. For best results, use the capsules for at least three months

Ingredients with Anti-Hypertensive Properties

Before you choose any blood pressure reducing formula, it is essential to know what is precisely in it. There is no doubt that the team has done a fabulous work in taking a natural approach. NeoRitm is 100% natural and is safe from side effects, allergies and contraindications.

The main results it delivers include:

  • Normalisation of blood pressure
  • Restoration of tone and elasticity of blood vessels
  • Treats abnormal blood pressure during all stages and safe for any age

NeoRitm’s main ingredients include:

  • Potassium – helps relax walls of the blood vessels, reduces risk of stroke and protects against muscle cramping.
  • Magnesium – helps regulate many of the body systems including high blood pressure, high sugar, high cholesterol, muscle and nerve functions, etc.
  • L-carnitine – reduces insulin resistance and plays a role in metabolism of lipids which has a positive effect on blood pressure.

NeoRitm Price – How and Where to Buy in the Philippines and Malaysia? Amazon or Shopee?

NeoRitm Price in the Philippines and Malaysia

Anyone who wants to use NeoRitm can place an order at the manufacturer’s official website. Currently, there is a massive reduction on NeoRitm price and you can easily save up to 50% when you shop with them directly. Also note that NeoRitm capsules are not available on sites like Amazon and Shopee. This is after many consumers complained receiving imitation dietary supplements from those sites.

The manufacturers not only ensures that NeoRitm price is affordable, but that you get access to the original and high quality formula when you shop with them.

So why not visit the official website today and place your order by simply following these steps.

  1. Fill in your name and number in the order form
  2. Wait for a sales representative to call you
  3. Pay Cash on Delivery when your orders is delivered to your address

Stay Positive and Lead a Healthy Life!

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No matter what life throws at you, always learn to create your own happiness. Studies have proven that people who stay positive in every situation tend to lead a more healthier and happier life. Positive thinking can help you see the world around you differently. It will work for your benefit and it can also help you inspire others. After all, happiness truly is contagious!

Bottom Line: One of the most effective nutritional supplements that helps fight high blood pressure is NeoRitm. Packed with natural ingredients with exceptional blood pressure lowering properties, NeoRitm is a popular name in the Philippines and Malaysia. Till date, it has received excellent reviews, comments and opinions from its users in the country. NeoRitm is an affordable solution and one that truly works to normalise high blood pressure. It is conveniently available for purchase at the manufacturer’s official website.


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  1. Jejomar Ramos Reply

    I tried this product after reading all the wonderful reviews and I am truly glad I found this. There is a great difference between this product and the prescription meds I had been using for my high blood pressure. In simple words, NeoRitm is so much better and effective than the other ones I used. I absolutely find relief when I take these capsules and I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to get their BP down to normal levels.

  2. Agapito dela Cruz Reply

    After losing my medical insurance, keeping up with my medical expenses was difficult. My blood pressure would always be out of control and I would find it hard to afford my prescription medications. Then I came across NeoRitm. I used it for few days and noticed a huge difference in the readings. I continued using it and now after 5 weeks, my blood pressure has never gone out of control, not even on a single day. I am a believer of this product. I can gladly say that natural supplements are so much better than prescription medicines in both effectiveness and cost.

  3. Chennie Go Ocampo Reply

    Hi.. I want to buy neo rithm.. How much and How to purchase.. Thank u

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