Magic Mascara Review Official WebsiteMagic Mascara is highly recommended in many countries, including in Romania, Hungary and Italy, as it has an excellent price and an amazing effect on the eyes. According to the opinions and comments we read from thousands of women, this mascara does a miracle with the look – wide-opened and sexy as never before – and this is only one of the long-lasting results it has. The product deeply nourishes the eyelashes and restores the hair structure. It is 100% hypoallergenic and does not cause any side effects like redness or tears. Find out more in our detailed Magic Mascara review.


MagicMascara – the best results for your eyelashes and an amazing makeup effect to enjoy round the whole day

MagicMascara eyelashes

Magic Mascara is the best makeup product to buy, especially by having in mind that it comes with a 3 in 1 effect with long-lasting results. First of all, it is a mascara that makes eyelashes extremely long and volumized. Second of all, it is a nourishing product that makes the eyelashes healthier, stronger and very soft. Last but not least, it is a way of a makeup fixing product that prolongs the duration of the mascara. Just one application of this mascara gives you all of these results. And the best thing is that such a triple effect is provided through a 100% natural and harmless content. Magic Mascara will make you feel and look amazing again. For the last couple of years, it’s been the beloved top mascara by the most popular influencers from Italy, Hungary and Romania.

MagicMascara – one product that eliminates all problems a traditional mascara has

Magic Mascara is based on an innovative formula for deep nourishing effect and stunning final makeup results. According to makeup artists, cosmetic specialists and influencers from Italy, Hungary and Romania, this mascara deals with all the problems traditional mascara from the store, Amazon, or even the pharmacy has. With MagicMascara, you will never be pissed off any of these problems:

  • Allergic reaction, redness and tears
  • Smudges and fall-out throughout the day
  • Stiff lashes with no brilliance
  • Flakes and small black dots under your eyes
  • Irritation inside and around the eyes
  • Clumps
  • Too-dark lashes that don’t seem natural and impressive

Magic Mascara ingredients, formula and content. What is it?

eye lashes

Magic Mascara has indeed a 3in1 product formula. It combines a natural complex of oils and herbal extracts to nourish your lashes. This is why when you remove the mascara in the evening, your lashes will still feel and look gorgeous. During the day, you will enjoy a stunning makeup effect with no risk of losing it while crying or appearing in the rain. That’s why we call MagicMascara a makeup fixing product substitute, too. You don’t have to spray one or add some nourishing serum on your eyelashes anymore. With one application of Magic Mascara, you get all of these. And the best thing is that the ingredients are 100% natural.

Since the mascara has no parabens, preservatives, allergens or chemical substances, it becomes the top right makeup eye for ladies who wear contact lenses and those with ultrasensitive eyes. Finally, you can look fabulous without worrying about losing this look during the day or feeling nasty discomfort in your eyes!

MagicMascara – instructions for application. Are there any side effects? Are there any contraindications?


Magic Mascara is not a medicine product to buy in a pharmacy and receive some doctor’s instructions on how to use it. You can apply the mascara the way you apply any other mascara you can buy in a pharmacy or the cosmetic drug store. In all cases, you shouldn’t be afraid of any allergic reactions or redness. MagicMascara is highly recommended for women that wear contact lenses and even those with eyesight problems. The product has no side effects or contraindications but instead a bioactive formula that stimulates the eyelashes growth and the improvement of their structure. And the best thing is this mascara pack is very economic. One box is going to be enough for you to use daily within several months. Don’t apply several products on your eyelashes anymore. Magic Mascara is thoroughly enough to beautify your look; keep it fixed and nourish your eyelashes!

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Magic Mascara opinions, comments and testimonials in social media, online forum and beauty blogs in Romania, Italy and Hungary

Magic Mascara opinions comments

Magic Mascara is one of the top recommended in numerous comments and reviews in Italy, Hungary and Romania. This mascara is highly appreciated by professional makeup artists and is affordable to ordinary women. This is the first professional mascara with a budget-friendly price and guarantee against irritation or fast wearing out. In social media, women describe Magic Mascara as “fantastic”, “affordable and very convenient to be used”, “with amazing results”, “with 100% long-lasting effect round the whole day”. Here are even more Magic Mascara opinions and testimonials to read:

  • Magic Mascara is everything I would want from mascara. It doesn’t make any clumps or flakes. The effect is very long-lasting. And I noticed that my lashes have become quite better after using the mascara for a week”
  • “After reading so many Magic Mascara comments, I bought it. This was the best purchase for me since the beginning of the year. I don’t have to worry about irritated eyes anymore. All the other mascaras caused me tears and redness as I wear contact lenses.”
  • Amazing product, and as a professional makeup artist, I would never replace it with anything else. Magic Mascara is the most favourite one for many celebrities from Hungary, Italy and Romania I work with!”
  • As a doctor who’s concerned about women’s eye health due to so many low-quality mascaras, I was surprised to see so many influencers talk about Magic Mascara as a magical solution against allergic reactions while wearing makeup. I tried this one on my own lashes at first as my eyes are sensitive, too. From this first application till today, I have recommended this mascara to my patients. They no longer have to wear glasses instead of contact lenses due to a risk of irritation!”

Magic Mascara price in Italy, Hungary and Romania

Magic Mascara price

Magic Mascara price in Italy, Hungary and Romania is lower than most of today’s professional makeup products. It is more affordable than most modern eyelash procedures, such as lamination, for instance. However, we have read a couple of Magic Mascara negative reviews. In these comments, we find out that there are many scams on the market. Most you can find on eMag and the pharmacy. Unfortunately, Magic Mascara replicas are available in some pharmacy stores in Italy, Hungary and Romania. The price in these places is higher, but the quality – lower.

Here’s our step by step guide on how to order the original Magic Mascara:

  • Enter Magic Mascara official website
  • Read the available opinions and comments about the product again
  • See the promo price with 50% at the bottom of the official website
  • At this same place, you will also find the Magic Mascara order form
  • You need to enter only your names and telephone number
  • There’s no need to prepay for the product
  • The price is paid at the delivery time
  • You will be reached by customer representative to confirm the order
  • Via this phone call, you should give your address for delivery and, if you want to, require an extra free consultation
  • The delivery takes up to several days
FINAL THOUGHTS: Magic Mascara provides nourishing and long-lasting makeup eye effect. The product is 100% natural and has no allergens or chemicals to cause irritation to the eyes. You can buy the original Magic Mascara at promo price via the product official website. Please be careful and avoid replicas in Amazon, eMag or pharmacy in Italy, Hungary and Romania.


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