LipoGenetic pills Review ColombiaLipoGenetic is a reliable ally for weight loss that is designed as a pill. Its composition is all-natural, therefore, the dietary supplement is suitable for daily usage without risk of contraindications or side effects. LipoGenetic for slimming serves for promoting the fat-burning process in the body, thus eliminating excess calories and adipose tissue. The special formula of the body-shaping solution is patented and combines different herbal ingredients. They nourish the body by providing it with vitamins and other valuable substances. As a result, you will be able to enhance your figure without the need of following exhausting diets. At the same time, you will feel toned and energized during the whole day.


It appears that many clients in Colombia have already tried LipoGenetic personally and share positive opinions and comments about its numerous properties. If you take a quick look at some of the popular online forums for health and beauty you will read many praising testimonials about LipoGenetic that are uploaded in 2021. The most important advantage of the slimming dietary supplement is the fact that, unlike medicines, LipoGenetic does not invoke side effects as it is completely harmless. Also, its current price is really attractive.

What is LipoGenetic – what does it serve for? Benefits and advantages of the slimming pills – contraindications and instructions for use? How much is LipoGenetic in 2021 – where to buy it at an affordable price? Is it sold on Mercado Libre and pharmacies?

Guarana for Weight Loss & Other Benefits

Guarana for Weight Loss

Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) is an evergreen creeping plant. Its homeland is considered to be South America. Guarana has been valued for centuries because of its incredible biologically active content and the qualities it possesses. It is believed that the plant can manifest significant tonic and energizing effects on the whole body. Guarana extract supplies the body with caffeine and thus promotes the flow of energy and increases endurance. In addition, nutritionists often recommend regular intake of Guarana extract, as it speeds up metabolism and thus helps reduce excess weight. In this context, it is important to use a quality plant extract or to find an organic food supplement of proven origin that contains it. In the best-case scenario, you will find a product that combines guarana with other beneficial herbs that accelerate metabolism and lead to weight loss.

Other significant health benefits of Guarana are:

  • Tones the body;
  • Increases endurance during physical activities;
  • Improves the appearance of the skin and its elasticity;
  • Nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals;
  • Improves the figure by eliminating adipose tissue.

What Is LipoGenetic – What Does It Serve for – Clients’ Comments in 2021

LipoGenetic Comments opinions

LipoGenetic is a working and organic dietary supplement for weight loss. The pills feature patented composition with Guarana extract and provide immediate action. LipoGenetic serves for transforming the “bad” deposits in the body (white lipids) into “good” brown lipids, reducing the volume and weight of the body. The continuous usage of the weight-loss formula does not trigger side effects. In addition, LipoGenetic is able to cleanse and rejuvenate the organism. This dietary supplement is certified and approved because of its numerous slimming properties and beneficial effect on the body. Just remember not to exceed the recommended daily dosage of the herbal pills.

Day after day, happy customers from Colombia tend to write positive LipoGenetic comments and testimonials in 2021. Most clients state that this body-shaping supplement achieves unmatched results and is the best slimming solution on the market right now. In addition, some users write in their opinions that LipoGenetic is not dangerous to use, unlike medicines, due to its special formula and herbal ingredients.

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Important Benefits and Properties of the Slimming Supplement

The main advantages of the body-enhancing solution LipoGenetic are:

  • Contains guarana extract;
  • 100% organic composition;
  • Clinically tested and approved effect;
  • No breast reduction and sagging skin;
  • Certified supplement without side effects;
  • Affordable price in 2021.

How to Use LipoGenetic – Dosage and Instructions Step by Step

It is very simple – there is a short leaflet included in the original package of LipoGenetic for weight loss. It contains specific instructions for use that you should read once and remember. Still, make sure not to exceed the optimal daily dosage of the pills. Felipe Santos López is an expert in nutrition and healthy eating. He recommends LipoGenetic to everyone who does not comply with the diet and exercise restrictions.

The step-by-step instructions for use of LipoGenetic for weight loss are:

  • Take one capsule every day;
  • Consume with 200 ml (one glass) of water;
  • Treatment of at least 28 days is recommended.


LipoGenetic for slimming does not involve unwanted side effects or other contradictions because of its herbal origin. The supplement combines only natural ingredients that have proven health benefits. As a result, you can take the pills without any worries related to potential contraindications.

Composition & Specific Ingredients of the Slimming Supplement

Ingredients Lipo Genetic

LipoGenetic is a comprehensive complex for significant weight loss that features a natural composition. Its ingredients are exotic and represent active extracts from many plants with beneficial effects. This dietary supplement does not include dangerous chemical compounds and additives.

The main ingredients of LipoGenetic pills are:

  • Guarana Extract – the component successfully suppresses appetite and at the same time increases the breakdown of fats. As a result, it achieves weight-loss results;
  • Green Tea Extract – the ingredient accelerates metabolism and positively influences the body;
  • L – Carnitine – the substance cleanses fluids from the organism and strengthens the digestive system. It improves its function;
  • Black Pepper – provides the body with endorphins and stimulates energy recharge. The component also eliminates cravings for sugar-rich foods.

LipoGenetic – Price in Colombia – Where to Buy

LipoGenetic – Price in Colombia

If you wonder how much is LipoGenetic for weight loss and where to buy it we should tell you something. The original and certified LipoGenetic is available at an affordable price in Colombia only on its dedicated website.  Clients only have to complete the short and simple online order form and they will receive the delivery in a couple of working days. Request LipoGenetic at an attractive price since the dietary supplement is certified by an official supplier in Colombia.

In addition, the distributor of the slimming pills offers lucrative promo deals and discount campaigns. You can inform yourself about them by following the dedicated site of the product. Besides, this will give you the opportunity to receive an attractive LipoGenetic price offer in 2021.

Can I Purchase It From Pharmacies or Mercado Libre

LipoGenetic is not available on Mercado Libre, Amazon, and pharmacies. We also want to inform clients that with the growing popularity of LipoGenetic in Colombia cases of counterfeits that are offered cheaply and of low quality have increased. If you find a brand that resembles LipoGenetic on Mercado Libre or pharmacy – this is a scam and imitation. You should trust only the official web page of the slimming supplement because LipoGenetic is not sold in pharmacies. this is how you can protect yourself from harmful products that hide health dangers.

Lipo Genetic pills

Bottom Line: LipoGenetic for weight loss stimulates the organism to eliminate excess calories and get in a better physical shape. This supplement is presented as pills that feature all-natural ingredients and patented formula. Customers in Colombia write positive opinions and comments by saying that this slimming solution is better than the others on the market in 2021.


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