Insider Gel Review MalaysiaAccording to some online forum reviews in Malaysia there’s a way to enlarge your penis and it is called Insider Gel. In this review we will talk about this gel by focusing on the opinions provided by real customers and the effect they experienced, as well as by mentioning in details how the product works, what content it has and hot price in Malaysia. Let’s get started!


Official distributor: Insider gel offers real penis enlargement effect

InsiderGel Review Malaysia

In an Insider review by its official distributor we find out that this is a gel for penis enlargement. It sounds weird and some people might not believe. However, there’s evidence by real customers according to which penis enlargement is now possible. And the results are neither painful nor expensive. Actually, Insider price is ok especially by having in mind the potential effect. Please, note that this is a gel for external usage only. This is not medicine in pharmacy to buy. This is not a pack of hormonal capsules or tablets to drink for months to see real results. One Insider application and you can impress the girls immediately. Here’s how exactly this happens.

What is Insider – formula that works with natural and risk-free ingredients


Insider gel is an innovative formula that works thanks to bioactive natural ingredients. The content of this product is 100% safe. We say it now, because many of you might get scared to keep reading desiring to have better sex, but scared to get some intoxication or skin problems for life. Here are Insider ingredients that can make your penis larger, harder, more efficient and working during sex with your girl or with the girls you just meet in the disco:

  • LEPIDIUM MEYENII (МАКА) – proven solution to improve sperm production and sperm quality as a whole. In this content the herb helps the penis remain hard for longer time during sex.
  • Epimedium – concerned to be the best sexual experience stimulator, which also improves the blood flow in all organs, including in penis + makes the skin more elastic to get adjusted for Insider gel enlargement effect.
  • Thorn pure extract – the highest concentration is used to make the gel eliminate the muscle dysfunction and to help the sexual experience last for a longer time.
  • Succinic acid is the main ingredient in Insider gel formula for the actual penis enlargement. This agent works like skin cell stimulator. The penis gets enlarged in diameter and length. Besides, this harmless acid stimulates male production of sperm.

How to use the gel for penis enlargement – instructions, how to apply and possible side effects or/and contraindications

usage gel penis enlargement

If you wonder how to use Insider gel to enlarge your penis right before some sexual experience, we have great news. The product comes with a detailed manual. In Insider step by step manual you will learn everything you should know about how to apply the gel, how to use it when you feel the sexual act is going to be soon. Note that after reading the medicine instructions for the gel we got 100% sure it’s safe. The distributor says Insider has no side effects or contraindications. Everyone – regardless of the age or sexual orientation can use it.

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Here are the concrete Insider gel instructions:

  • Squeeze a bit of the gel pack in your hands.
  • Apply it gently on your penis.
  • If you want to massage to stimulate the blood flow.
  • It takes a small amount of the gel to be applied all over the penis.
  • Use right before sex.
  • Insider gel can be used every day with no contraindications for maximum results in future sexual experience.

Insider Gel reviews in online forums in Malaysia – feedback and opinions

Insider Gel opinions comments

Insider comments and reviews are impressing mainly for one reason. Customers from all over Malaysia share that the gel works immediately. This means that the product doesn’t require some preliminary treatment to see your penis enlarged for a girl you will meet in a month or in two. In one online forum in Malaysia we came upon the following reviews and opinions. Read Insider gel feedback by real customers below:

  • Insider gel works. It works immediately after application. I did not believe my penis can get bigger with more than 5 cm in a couple of hours. I even measured it a couple of times after sex with my girl. She also confirmed the pleasure is better than ever before.”
  • “When I read the first Insider reviews I thought it is a scam. How can you have your penis enlarged with an ordinary gel? Well, guys, this is not an ordinary gel. This is lady magnet. For the first time in my life I get erection fast and I can f.. her for all night long!”
  • “My Insider review is going to be a bit more different. The first time I used this gel I thought I would explode. I got so much sperm and for such a long time erection that I almost passed out in the end. I thought I would never do that to myself. But then, in a couple of days the girl who was with me that night sent her friends…Guess what happened? They were 4 girls and I had only one night. But it was massive. Since then, I use Insider gel every day and it gets inside every night…!And last but not least I know that Insider is safe. I have been using it for several months.”
  • Here’s an Insider opinion from specialists doctors: “After we have tested this gel in a lab it turned out that there’s nothing to worry about. But we believe Viagra producers have a lot to be afraid of. This gel is natural, but improves sexual experience three times better than traditional stimulators”

Insider Gel price in pharmacy in Malaysia is…?

Insider gel price Malaysia

The Insider price in pharmacy in Malaysia is something you shouldn’t worry about. You will not find the original gel in any pharmacy. And here’s what – you should not look for Insider penis enlargement solution in eBay, Amazon or any other digital store like these. You might come upon some ads with Insider price in eBay, but it would be a scam. Instead, here’s how to order the best gel for the best sex you will soon make:

  • Open Insider gel official website
  • Read the instructions and all the details about the gel again
  • Check out Insider price
  • If you do that soon you will see the price – with 50% discount
  • Instead of 278 RM you will pay only 139 RM for one pack of the gel (it will be enough for you for a month or more)
  • Enter your personal details
  • Wait for Insider customer representatives to connect you
  • They will explain you about the delivery in Malaysia.
  • Just let us tell you that the Insider delivery is free
NOTA BENE: If you want to buy Insider gel for penis enlargement and have the sex the guys from the Malaysia online forum reviews have, visit the product official website. The price is now hot with 50% discount. Do not buy Insider from eBay or Amazon. The real gel with 100% safe and natural ingredients is available only on Insider official website.


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