Guavital Drink 50 g Review Official websiteGuavital is a brand new revolutionary weight loss solution. Developed especially for people who cannot find the right diet or experience difficulties in regular physical exercises in the gym, this product is an innovation in industry with 100% efficiency and no yo-yo effect. Available at a great price the powder reduces the weight loss in a fast and a hassle-free manner. It has received thousands of positive comments from more than 134 countries all over the world. Find out more about this chance to lose weight permanently in our Guavital review below.


Guavital food supplement – results and effect

guava drink effects

Guavital food supplement is risk-free. This is not a pharmacy pack of tablets or pills that will make you sick from the first day of the therapy or some inefficient capsules that will only intoxicate your liver. This is not the way the solution works. Guavital results are oriented to at first improve your health by removing all the toxins from your body. You might not know, but they are the main reason for you not to be able to get back in shape after pregnancy or lose weight despite of the exercises and the harsh diets. You can expect 100% permanent results with no gaining the kilos back later! Guavital effect is oriented to a triple action. At first, the body is cleanses. Then, the organism is activated to burn fats by some metabolism stimulating biochemical process. And last but not least your new, fully transformed body will be programed to keep the shape and the weight permanently! Enjoy your new life and your body with an ease. Get this organic food supplement that can totally change the way you look, the way feel and the way you live. In top shape and in a great health condition!

Guavital ingredients and content

guava drink for weight loss powder

Guavital ingredients are essential cleansing elements. Among them there are powerful antioxidants that will fully repair your body from oxidative stress and premature ageing of the cells. Note that Guavital content is 100% natural. This is an organic solution without any harmful elements. During our conversation with the official distributor we have been provided with a full list with the ingredients. Our expert medicine specialists haven’t detected any chemical or synthetic substances, GMO, colouring agents or preservatives. Here’s the list of Guavital content ingredients:

  • Guava extract helps the body to cleanse from toxins and free radicals. As a result of this, the organism beings working properly, while the metabolism is fully recovered. No more excess of water or fats around the internal organs. In addition to these, this excellent pure fruit extract supports the intestines and eliminates any infection within the digestive system.
  • Bitter grapefruit extract encourages the fast fat burning process. Starting from the abdominal fats and then moving to the rest body parts you become sleek and slim within a couple of weeks only. This extract has been also known as a great natural remedy against cellulite. It also offers enough energy for the body, so emotional eating and cravings are no longer problems for your weight loss dream. This element has been promoted for proper appetite management and metabolism stimulator.
  • Green tea extract makes the fat burning not just faster, but more natural and risk-free. It speeds up the metabolic processes and keeps the energy production within the cells in a normal rate, so you don’t feel hungry all the time, especially during emotional stress or physical exhausting moments.

What is Guavital formula?

What is Guavital is a question everyone who couldn’t have succeeded in losing weight despite of the starvation, diets and working out programs. We do understand that you have tried everything. But you haven’t tried only this formula. Guavital formula works well against the fats mainly because of its preliminary detox effect. The latest researches in the field of dietology have pointed out the intoxication of the body as the main reason for the organism disability to properly process the food, respectively for the weight loss attempts. Due to all of these the expert team behind the producer of this food supplement has focused on the development of a completely new and efficient formula that at one hand, removes the free radicals, and at the other hand – sleek the body curves. Now, more than 23 599 women only from Europe and nearly 568 998 men from the entire world have left their positive comments for the efficiency of Guavital formula.

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Guavital instructions and dose. How to take Guavital?

Guavital instructions and dose

Guavital instructions should be strictly followed. This is an essential step to finally get rid of cellulite, constant low confidence and shame to go to the beach. If you want to be healthy and in shape, also follow the instructions regarding the daily dose. Please, note that you shouldn’t exceed the daily dose. Such a thing will not speed up the metabolism more, but will only prevent you from achieving amazing results with the solution: at least -15 kilos per month! Here’s how to take Guavital according to the official step by step leaflet manual:

  • Take the product only orally
  • Always stick to the instructions written by the official manufacturer
  • Daily recommended dose: half teaspoon per day
  • How to take Guavital? Add a half teaspoon of the powder to 200 ml lukewarm water. Mix it up and drink it whenever you want during the day
  • It is recommended to take the solution at nearly the same time of the day
  • Minimum duration of the therapy: 1 month
  • If you want to lose even more kilos, you can proceed with the therapy after the minimum 1-month period

Side effects and contraindications

Guavital side effects should not bother you. Such don’t exist. There is no proven negative effect on stomach, skin or the overall health condition of this weight loss food supplement. It’s fully approved by numerous medicine organizations and has a quality certificate. Guavital contraindications are not known either. Everyone can benefit of this efficient formula. You can take it with no risk or allergic reactions or negative collisions with medicine tablets or pills. Note that the solution is fully suitable for vegans.

Guavital comments, reviews, testimonials and feedback posts

Guavital drink powder comments, reviews, testimonials

Guavital comments come from different countries all over the world. We have read thousands of online reviews. There are no negative reviews, but only happy testimonials by satisfied customers. Within these feedback posts we have even seen before and after pictures of clients who managed to lose 10, 20 and even 30 kilos per month! Guavital comments specialists – doctors also have something to tell about the product. Their reviews include praises regarding the pure detox content, as well as the metabolism stimulating formula that works better than anything else sold on the food supplement market. Check out now some more reviews and testimonials from online forum feedback posts below:

  • “Guavital works! It helped me lose 21 kilos for 41 days. The formula lets me keep eating whatever I want, but losing kilos every day!”
  • “I eat a lot of carbohydrates, because I have a rare disease. This is why diets don’t work for me. I tried with physical exercises, but it seems that they are not enough, because I needed to lose 34 kilos after pregnancy. When I started with this solution I didn’t even hope. I just tried everything I could find and buy in the web. Suddenly, in two weeks I noticed that my jeans are too big for me. In one month I had to buy another new pair of jeans. It was a miracle. With this food supplement I lost 40 kilos in two months only!”
  • Amazing solution for people like me. Diets are tough and working time is too engaging for my dynamic life. This natural medicine helped me deal with the cellulite and lose 14 kilos in three weeks only!”
  • This is the best thing I ever tried. I managed to reduce my bodyweight with 23 kilos in a month. And I never stopped eating pizza, ice-cream and all those foods I love and would never give up from!”

Guavital price. Where to buy – Amazon, pharmacy or official website?

Guavital price

Guavital price is cool. No, it’s not cool, but it is amazing. Note though that despite of this food supplement cheap price you will have some expenses in the end of the therapy. You will have to buy a whole new set of clothes! Ok, as to where to buy Guavital, we have something else, more serious to tell you. Options like an order from Amazon, pharmacy and eBay are highly risky. The thing is that there are many replicas in these places. And a replica can be extremely dangerous for your health. At least, what is for sure – a faked product will not help you to lose weight and to remove the cellulite. Instead, visit Guavital official website. This is the only place where you can order online original solution. Moreover – right now there’s a special official website price campaign. The standard price is reduced with 50%. We don’t know how long this sale will take place, so better hurry and follow these steps to make a safe online order:

  • Visit the official website
  • Read more comments and reviews
  • Fill in the online order form. Only names and telephone number are the required personal details to enter.
  • Wait for a phone call within up to 24 hours
  • During the phone call confirm your order and if you need to, require for a free consultation
  • Share your address for delivery
  • The delivery time is up to 5 days
FINAL WORDS: Guavital weight loss solution is eco-friendly, risk-free and at a great price. You can make a safe online order through the official website. Please, do not buy the product from any of these places: a pharmacy, Amazon or eBay. There are many dangerous replicas right now. They don’t work and they might be risky for your health condition.


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