Erozex capsules Review Colombia PeruErozex is a male supplement for prostatitis and low libido and is now present on the market in Peru and Colombia. If you read this article to the end it will provide you with info related to: What is Erozex – what does it serve for? What do clients write in their opinions and testimonials? How to take the pills – dosage, instructions? How much is Erozex for prostatitis – price, and where to buy it?


Erozex is a high-quality remedy for prostatitis and impaired potency in men. The supplement is developed in the convenient form of pills for everyday intake. Erozex is suitable for men who want to deal with prostate health problems and increase their libido at the same time. The product is now available and features a completely organic composition. The continuous intake of Erozex for prostatitis does not trigger contradictions, unlike medicines. On the contrary, the pills effectively eliminate inflammation and infections in the prostate gland.

Many customers from Colombia and Peru share their opinions and comments about Erozex on forums and websites for discussions. The below paragraphs of this full product review will provide our readers with details regarding this subject. In addition, you will learn news related to the price of the remedy for prostatitis and low libido.

Black Maca – Aphrodisiac from the Nature

Black Maca – Aphrodisiac from the Nature

There are legends about the incredible properties of black Peruvian maca, it is called the “miracle of the Andes” and it has been declared a superfood. It is a root plant and a representative of the Cruciferous family – it looks very similar to the turnip. It is no coincidence that black maca is in the top 5 plants with a natural aphrodisiac effect on men. According to a number of scientific texts, this exotic plant regulates testosterone production, enhances libido, and stabilizes erectile function. It also helps to improve sperm quality and motility. It has a positive effect on the male reproductive system, helps with enlarged prostate, and purifies the genitourinary tract.

The most important beneficial properties of black maca are:

  • Increases the body’s performance, strength, and energy;
  • Supports hormonal balance;
  • Contributes to the enhancement of libido and increases the quality of intimate life;
  • Optimizes the functions of the reproductive system;
  • Reduces the feeling of stress and nervous tension;
  • It has a general strengthening effect on the whole body and increases immunity.

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What Is Erozex – What Does It Serve For

What Is Erozex

Erozex is an organic remedy for prostatitis and low libido. The action of the powerful pills restores the health of men to the physiological norm. Moreover, Erozex serves for alleviating pain and eliminating swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. This means that the supplement successfully restores the health of the urinary and reproductive systems. Erozex is fully able to stimulate sexual function and potency in men. The composition of the pills is 100% organic and does not invoke any contradictions or other health complaints. Clients can take the Erozex for prostatitis and low libido continuously and without any worries. The patented formula of the remedy has passed all necessary clinical tests and approval trials.

Erozex – Opinions of Clients

Erozex capsules Opinions comments Colombia Peru Price

What do users write in their Erozex opinions and testimonials? Customers from Peru and Colombia comment on Erozex with positive opinions that are published on numerous health and beauty web portals. Some users have already personally verified the qualities of the bio-pills for prostatitis and low libido. Many urologists recommend the remedy too. They usually do that by sharing positive Erozex opinions on Facebook and Instagram. A big advantage of the product is its organic composition. This is why most clients state in their testimonials and opinions that Erozex works and has no contradictions. The pills are not dangerous to use, unlike medicines.

Benefits & Advantages of the Remedy

Some customers mention the important advantages of Erozex for prostatitis in their shared testimonials.


  • Alleviates the pain;
  • Relieves infections and swelling;
  • Restores the urinary and reproductive systems;
  • Stimulates sexual function and libido;
  • Prevents disease recurrence;
  • Organic composition and no side effects.


  • Erozex is not sold in pharmacies;
  • The reduced price is not constant.

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Important Foods & Herbs for the Libido?

How to Take Erozex – Dose, Instructions

Read the document with Erozex instructions for use. Also, do this before the beginning of your treatment. Gabriel Rodriguez is a urologist who states that the properties of Erozex completely improve the functioning of the male reproductive and urinary systems. The supplement stimulates potency and improves sperm quality.

So, how to take Erozex for prostatitis?

The instructions are:

  • Take the pills by following the instructions document;
  • Do not exceed the optimal dose of the remedy;
  • Follow the treatment for as long as you need.


Erozex for prostatitis does not produce harmful side effects or other health complaints in the clients. The composition of the remedy is special – it includes only bio-based ingredients. Remember that the number of packages needed to achieve the desired result is determined individually and in some cases may be higher.

Containing: Ingredients and Composition


The composition of Erozex is 100% natural. It includes powerful herbal ingredients, which guarantee the absence of side effects. The remedy helps relieve pain and inflammation of the prostate gland and it also boosts libido.

The main ingredients of Erozex for prostatitis are:

  • Black Peruvian Maca – increases physical and sexual resistance, fertility, mental concentration, and metabolism. Regular consumption of black maca serves to increase energy, boosts mood, and achieves better performance during sex;
  • Huanarpo Macho – this is a Peruvian plant that has powerful aphrodisiac properties. It stimulates the production of testosterone, increases sexual potency, and prevents premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The herb contains tannin proanthocyanidins, which have demonstrated their effectiveness.

Erozex – Price in Colombia and Peru – Where to Buy

Erozex – Price in Colombia and Peru

How much is Erozex for prostatitis and where to buy it? As of now, there is one official and safe way to purchase Erozex at an affordable price in Peru and Colombia. Visit the web page of the remedy for prostatitis and complete the short provided application. Note that the delivery of the package is confidential. Besides, you will be able to benefit from an attractive Erozex price offer.

The manufacturer of the organic solution for prostatitis offers a wide range of promotions and promo campaigns. All of them grant amazing additional discounts. Thus, you can take advantage of a very affordable Erozex price. Do not hesitate but claim your order now to forget about prostatitis and impaired potency.

Is Erozex Sold in the Pharmacy

It is very important to know that currently there is no way to buy the original Erozex in a pharmacy or on Mercado Libre and Amazon. Only the mentioned website of the remedy provides access to it. Also, you can find a brand that looks like Erozex in a pharmacy or on Mercado Libre but this would be a scam or a fake imitation. So, do not trust these shady products at all. Forget about purchasing Erozex from a pharmacy.

Bottom Line: The comprehensive solution for prostatitis and low libido Erozex is now available in Peru and Colombia. The action of the pills enhances libido and improves performance during sex. Also, the remedy relieves the symptoms of both acute and chronic prostatitis. The composition of the supplement is all-organic and does not lead to side effects and health complaints. Customers write positive opinions and claim that this remedy is more powerful and efficient than similar solutions on the market.


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