Elegracia Slim 20 Capsules Limon ColombiaElegracia Slim capsules integrate a brand new weight loss formula, which according to the available reviews and comments from Colombia is at a great price and with guaranteed effects. This food supplement is recommended for people who want to lose weight with no harmful actions, diets or physical routines for their health. Elegracia product promotes weight loss as a key element for the top-to-bottom program to live and feel better. In this review we will try to figure it out how efficient the capsules are.


What are the promised results and effect from Elegracia food supplement?

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According to the Colombia reviews in the web Elegracia effect is fast, long-lasting and with no yo-yo action. The positive weight loss results from the capsules are not related with any side effects or a negative effect on human’s body. On the contrary, the official distributor of these pills say that losing weight at zones like the belly is in many cases a must. Why? Because the excess of fast around the inner body organs might cause serious dysfunctions and anomalies in the regular work of the different organism systems! Thankfully, Elegracia organic formula can help you avoid such bad health consequences due to overweight. And meanwhile, the food supplement helps millions of women across the world to finally move from XXL to at least M size. All of these are now possible and safe. Elegracia is a product with a valid quality certificate. Besides, the final conclusions of the product clinical trials guarantee 90% potency for efficiency regardless of the customer’s age and personal weight.

What is Elegracia anyway and which are the main ingredients in this weight loss formula popular in Colombia?


Customers from Colombia are mainly satisfied with Elegracia organic formula that contains only bio ingredients. When we tried to find out what is this product we came upon an amazing complex of 100% vegan elements. Elegracia content is GMO-free, with no preservatives or toxins. As a whole, these are the top active weight loss elements integrated in each single capsule:

  • Acai Pulp extract. Supports any weight loss formula by improving the metabolism and eliminating the free radicals from the body.
  • Frozen dried pineapple. Thanks to its high content of bromelain it forces the weight loss process. In addition to these fruits that have been processed through sublimation technique are known to provide the body more energy, which meanwhile reduces the constant sense of being hungry.
  • Frozen dried apple. Apart from being an appetite regulator, it also reduces the excess of fats around the body organs keeping them safe and in shape to work properly.
  • Spirulina. Rich in some of the top important for human’s health amino acids, vitamins and minerals, this super food is able to strengthen the body and help the cells self-heal due to toxins.
  • Green tea extract. One of the best element to burn fats inside Elegracia In addition to this, the extract normalizes body indexes such as sugar rate in the blood, the blood pressure and the hemoglobin rate.
  • Hibiscus. By improving the metabolism this type of a tea extract also supports the body in fighting the fat storage under the skin. Plus – hibiscus recovers the digestive system making it work properly and fast again.
  • Frozen dried parsley. Supports the right assimilator of the food products and their healthy elements preventing the excess of stored fats.
  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C derivate). One of the best elements that supports cells to recover and reproduce, including during a recuperation process such as weight loss and health regime assimilation.

How to take Elegracia capsules – instructions, manual with side effects and contraindications

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In Elegracia medicine leaflet it is clearly stated that there are no contraindications or side effects during this innovative 21-day weight loss program. That’s right – the minimum period of taking the capsules is three weeks or 21 days. How to take the capsules, though? Here are some step-by-step instructions available in Colombia Elegracia manual:

  • 1 capsule is 1 dose
  • You need to take 2 doses per day
  • Take Elegracia once in the morning and once in the evening
  • It is a must to consume the capsule with at least 300 ml of lukewarm water
  • Take Elegracia before breakfast and before dinner
  • The first effect of the formula come within 2 weeks – the most dangerous fats around your organs are burnt
  • The second effect comes between the second and the third week – the metabolism is recovered and the fat burning process is activated 24/7, including while you are sleeping
  • During the last week of Elegracia weight loss program the body gets curved and shaped again and the minimum lost weight become up to 15 kilos.
  • There’s no problem to continue taking the food supplement after the minimum regime period of 21 days
  • No risk of contraindications or side effects, including for people with chronic diseases.


“Elegracia Slim works” and other reviews, opinions and online forum comments in Colombia

Elegracia Slim Capsules Opinions Comments

“Elegracia works” is the most frequent feedback left by satisfied customers in their reviews in Colombia online forums. Of course, there are more detailed testimonials and comments about the food supplement. Some women claim that although available without a prescription, the pills work not only as weight loss formula, but also to improve the health and to assist the organs get back to their normal condition. In other reviews we read “Elegracia is safe, because it contains no GMO and helps people get rid of toxins inside the body, which is usually the first must to be done task in a weight loss program”. Meanwhile, in a male review about the food supplement we see that “the product is very efficient and can help you lose up to 20 kilos within 2 months only”. There are even opinions from specialists-doctors in Colombia: “Elegracia Slim formula is unique. Usually, when it comes to diets and losing weight there’s always something harmful for the body. With this food supplement the customer cannot only lose weight with zero risk, but will improve his/her health condition at the same time.”

Elegracia price in pharmacy in Colombia, official website and order assistance

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Elegracia price in pharmacy is something we cannot discuss and tell you about anything. The thing is that the product is not available in any pharmacy in Colombia. Or at least the original product isn’t available either in the pharmacy or in a store such as Amazon or eBay. To see the hot Elegracia price you need to reach the official producer. This is not impossible or hard at all. Just visit Elegracia official website. Have a look at the available information about the food supplement once again to consider whether this product is worth it its value. Then, make an order. Here’s how:

  • Select the amount of packs with weight loss capsules you want to buy.
  • Check out if Elegracia price is still with 50% discount in advance. This is how you can afford more than 1 pack of the capsules. Right now the ordinary price of $239.800 is reduced to $119.900.
  • Enter your names and telephone number.
  • Wait for Elegracia support team for Colombia to reach you.
  • Confirm your order on the phone.
  • Share your address for the delivery.
  • Note that Elegracia comes with 100% free delivery in Colombia.

We remind you not to buy Elegracia from anywhere else except from its official website. Everything outside of this page is a scam and will not let you achieve the desired body shaping and health results.

CONCLUSION: Elegracia capsules are available in Colombia at affordable discounted price. You can order them through the producer official website. In the reviews and comments written by real customers in online forums based in Colombia people share that the food supplement has no side effects or contraindications.


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