Artraid Zdorov Cream Review MalaysiaArtraid makes a massive breakthrough in Malaysia if considering the available online forum website comments about this cream for pain and inflammation in joints. This innovative solution was designed to treat symptoms, restore the tissue and mostly eliminate the necessity of a surgeon or joint replacement. According to the opinions in Malaysia, we see that this ointment restores the cartilage and the connective tissue with 100% natural ingredients. In our top-to-bottom Artraid review, we will try to see whether the product is indeed so efficient and fast-working.


Artraid – the cream with fast recovering effect on discomfort and excellent long-term results

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Artraid receives all of these positive feedbacks mainly because its effect on pain, discomfort, numbness and stiffness is immediate. The real customers from Malaysia say that it takes one application of this natural ointment to see the swelling disappearing. However, the innovative element in the Artraid formula is the reconstructive effect on the joints, the cartilage and the connective tissue. According to the clinical trials, in 7 days with this organic treatment, the mobility is restored, and in 7 days more, the cartilage cells get fully rejuvenated. Unlike most of the gel products in the pharmacy nowadays, which only kill the pain, this revolutionary solution actually can get us back on our feet and live a happy life with no more pain or disability. During the laboratory tests, 95% of the participants succeed in getting rid of arthritis within 1 month, while 97% of the people with a risk to develop severe osteochondrosis symptoms recover from full or partial mobility in the legs, elbows and neck.

Ingredients and content dissection


Artraid formula is built 100% from organic ingredients. The team behind this excellent joint rejuvenating cream aims to form content with no chemical substances in order to let the cells naturally recover. As a result of these, today, we have a marvellous vegan formula that can be softer than a joint replacement therapy, cheaper than a laser procedure and faster than any conventional medicine treatment can offer as a final and long-term effect. But what is Artraid, and how does it succeed in achieving all of these? Let us, please, list you all the ingredients we find in this spectacular and chemical-free composition:

  • Olive oil high concentrated extract is added to eliminate the salts and the toxins from the connective tissue in order to stop the inflammation process and to prevent further disorders to appear due to joint wearing out.
  • Propolis extract activates the metabolic and immune system processes inside the cartilage structure. Basically, this formula doesn’t just treat the pain but helps the joints, muscles and bones to rejuvenate in a long term period and to become younger and healthier again.
  • Burdock extract is considered to be one of the best natural regulators of the water-salt metabolism, which provides a guarantee against further joint disorders. It also has a fantastic anti-inflammatory and painkilling effect, while its recovering impact is also promoted for rapid swelling elimination.
  • Comarume palustre extract is added to the Artraid formula to quickly eliminate the pain in case of arthritis and rheumatoid conditions. Many doctors and alternative medicine specialists have recommended it as an organic treatment solution for disorders in joints and cartilage, including for overall support of the bones and the muscles in the human’s body.
  • Pure thyme extract cures conditions such as neurological pain symptoms, sciatica and joint genetic disorders, including chronic pain in cartilages due to diseases such as osteochondrosis and diabetes.
  • Hypericum extract is a natural pain killer and also helps the restoration of average blood circulation by giving the joints fast relief effect in case of swelling and severe inflammation.
  • Hops extract the last but not least powerful element in this fast-working formula against joints disorders. The effect of this herb application is cell recovery due to its rich content in significant vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and most of the B complex vitamins.

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Instructions and side effects. Are there any contraindications? How to use the joint cream?

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Artraid instructions are described in the official product medicine leaflet. Although this is not a medicine to buy in the pharmacy and put you at risk of overdosage, you should strictly follow the guides in the manual. Have in mind that Artraid side effects are not discovered. The product has no contraindications and it does not require to be consulted with a doctor or to be both with a recipe. Here is how to use Artraid according to the step by step instructions guaranteed by the official distributor in Malaysia in each of the product boxes in the sake of your safety and 100% recovery from joint or cartilage disorders:

  • This product is only for external usage.
  • You need to apply the cream to clean and dry skin.
  • Always apply as much quantity of the cream as you think will be enough to cover the affected inflamed area.
  • Apply the cream twice per day – once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Massage the ointment for at least 10 minutes to activate the ingredients and to boost the cell recovery, as well as the proper blood circulation.
  • Attention – the solution causes no spots on clothes and has a pleasant smell.
  • You can use the cream even on the go with no worries that it will spoil your clothes or leave any nasty lousy odor.

Artraid opinions in Malaysia. What are the comments and reviews in the real customer feedback in online forums?

Artraid cream opinions comments

Artraid comments are bringing new hope for thousands of people in Malaysia to finally get rid of the pain and discomfort in joints. We have selected some of them to show you that according to the real customers and their online forum feedback, the product does what it is made for. Here are some of the reviews where we read more than just one empty guarantee as “Artraid works!”:

  • Artraid is my saving cream I used to carry in my bag. Why used to? Because after two months of regular usage, I don’t have any joint pain anymore. According to the doctor, who has treated my arthritis in legs and hands the cells are fully recovered and now I am 100% healthy. I can move, I can walk, I can sleep and I can live with no inflammation!”
  • “I have read a lot of Artraid opinions on how magical this natural cream is. And I actually believed in it. Thank God there were such positive reviews about this product. Without them, I wouldn’t have bought it. The first effect of Artraid is immediate. The pain disappears, and the swelling is reduced in a couple of hours! “
  • “I bought Artraid for my father, who has rheumatoid arthritis. We tried to support his illness for a long time, but then a doctor told us that surgery is needed or my father will never be able to walk normally again. In several online forum websites in Malaysia, I have read about Artraid feedback and how fast it works. We started treating my dad with the cream, and in two hours, the necessity of the surgery was removed, while my dad himself started going hunting and having walks among nature. He hasn’t been able to do that for 10 years! Now, he is free from pain!”

Artraid price in Malaysia, official website order process explained and the possibility to come upon a faked product

Artraid price in Malaysia

Artraid price in Malaysia is reasonable and worth it. If you decide to order the original Artraid from its official website, you will even get a 50% discount from the regular price right now. Moreover, you will guarantee yourself a safe (all couriers wear masks) and secured order (no prepayment is needed). However, what is more, important is that buying Artraid from the original website is the most comprehensive guarantee for you not to come upon a faked product. In several negative reviews in Malaysia, we have seen comments about replicas sold on Amazon and eBay. Some customers even complain about replicas in pharmacy in Malaysia. If you want to avoid this risk, follow our guides for a safe online order:

  • Visit Artraid official website.
  • Check out the provided information.
  • See the -50% promo price.
  • Enter your names and telephone number in the online order form.
  • Wait for a phone call.
  • During the phone call, tell your address for delivery in Malaysia.
  • You can also receive a free consultation.
  • Enjoy a brand new pack of Artraid delivered within a couple of days.

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INSTEAD OF A CONLCUSION: Artraid price in Malaysia is right now reduced by 50%. The original product is available only on the official website. It is designed not only to reduce the pain and the swelling in joints but to fully recover the tissues and help you get rid of diseases such as arthritis and rheumatoid conditions.


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