VitaHair Duo Serum Day and Night Review Malaysia Philippines IndonesiaVitaHair Duo is an innovative serum that successfully eliminates hair loss. The content of the bio-cosmetic solution is absolutely organic. In other words, all included ingredients are extracts from plants and herbs with proven properties and benefits. The VitaHair Duo product has the ability to strengthen the structure and roots and to promote the growth of new hair. In addition, the bio-serum gives the hair a fresh and healthy look. Following the clinical trials, VitaHair Duo original has been officially certified. The effectiveness of this modern hair product showed 100% effectiveness.


We already read many positive VitaHair Duo testimonials and reviews. Most of them have been uploaded by satisfied customers from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Clients share the opinion that the VitaHairDuo product is the most advanced and powerful hair growth solution in 2021. Besides, its content is organic, so the serum does not lead to the occurrence of any unpleasant side effects, unlike medicines. Read the whole product review for more interesting information and details.

What is VitaHair Duo? How to use the hair growth serum properly – instructions? Does the bio-cosmetic solution cause side effects? How much is VitaHair Duo and where to buy it? Can I purchase the product from Mercury Drug or Watson?

Helpful Tips for Strong and Thick Hair!

serum for hair loss

Many men tend to suffer from hair loss, especially after the age of 30. Thin hair is a condition that usually causes hair loss. With time, this process may transform into baldness. Some professional cosmetic specialists believe that premature baldness is more typical for men, however, women are not insured by it either. In case you have noticed that your hair is not thick and strong, you can improve its density and strength by trying different and reliable methods. Some of them have been tested and approved by trichology. In addition, we advise you to follow a few simple steps that can further improve the appearance of your hair.

Here are our selected suggestions for maintaining beautiful and thick hair:

  • Use an olive oil hair mask to strengthen the roots of your hair;
  • Regularly cut your hair to stimulate its natural growth;
  • Eat foods that are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Drink 2.5 liters of water every day;
  • Regularly massage your scalp while having a shower to enhance blood circulation.

What Is VitaHair Duo Original – How Does It Work?

VitaHair Duo is a powerful and reliable hair serum that is designed to make your hair stronger and thicker. The solution against hair loss has been developed by a group of scientists who discovered a new formula, which has become a huge breakthrough in the beauty industry. Some professionals even believe that the VitaHairDuo product is the first bio-supplement that prevents baldness. Its enriched ingredients naturally strengthen follicles and make the hair thicker and stronger. This should answer the question that many clients ask – VitaHairDuo for what? In addition, the bio-cosmetic solution is divided into 2 categories – there is a day serum and a night serum. You should use both of them every day to make sure that the product works properly.

VitaHair Duo Reviews and Opinions of Clients

VitaHair Duo serum opinions comments

We gathered numerous positive VitaHair Duo reviews and opinions that have been uploaded on popular cosmetic forums. It is quite obvious that clients from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia are praising the effectiveness of the new hair growth care solution. Customers state that it is really powerful and, unlike medicines, it does not trigger any allergic reactions or other side effects. In addition, some clients writhe in their VitaHair Duo testimonials and comments that the price of the hair serum is really affordable. Besides, the purchase procedure is short and simple – you just need to check the website of the bio-cosmetic solution against hair loss and order it online.

Reviews by real clients

Maria, Kuala Lumpur
“I was very skeptical at first when I heard about the VitaHair Duo spray, but I decided to give it a try as I suffer from hair loss. After using it for 3 weeks, I am happy to report that I am seeing an improvement – less hair falling out and better quality of hair. This natural product is a great alternative to products sold in pharmacies. Definitely recommend it!”

Danny, Manila
“I was very pleased with my results after using the VitaHair Duo spray. I was starting to worry about losing my hair, but after using it for a few weeks, I have noticed a decrease in hair loss and the overall condition of my hair is improved. I’m sure this product is the real deal and not a scam.”

Sunny, Davao
“My hairloss was really getting out of hand, so I decided to try the VitaHair Duo spray. After a few weeks of use, I’ve seen a major difference in the amount of hair that I am losing. I’m very pleased with the natural ingredients in this product as well as the results I’m getting.”

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Advantages and benefits

Here are the main benefits of the VitaHair Duo product, cited by the customers in their testimonials:

  • Fast Results – increased hair growth all over the scalp and beard in just 1 month;
  • 100% Natural Content – completely hypoallergenic, can be used by men over 18 years;
  • Easy to Use – apply it 2 times a day;
  • Attractive Price;
  • Delivery Service.


  • Not available in pharmacies;
  • Scam copies are on sale in Mercury Drug and Watson.

VitaHair Duo Price? Where to Buy – Mercury Drug, Watson, or Else?

VitaHair Duo serum Price Malaysia Philippines Indonesia

You still don’t know how much is VitaHair Duo and where to buy it? We are going to tell you – purchase the original hair growth serum by visiting its official website. This is the only legitimate method to buy the serum. All clients from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia will receive an affordable VitaHair Duo price offer. You just have to check the webpage of the bio-cosmetic solution against hair loss and complete the short online order form. Then, you will receive the delivery as well as an attractive VitaHair Duo price.

We want to inform all customers that they cannot purchase the original hair growth care product from a pharmacy, Mercury Drug, or websites such as Watson and Shopee. VitaHair Duo is not available there. The manufacturer of the hair serum distributes it only through the webpage of the brand. If you are looking for VitaHair Duo in Mercury Drug have in mind that this is a scam imitation – as it would be if you find the product in any pharmacy. The distributor of the original serum offers various discount events to grant a really affordable and attractive VitaHair Duo price. So, check the website and place your online order.

How to Use VitaHair Duo – Instructions

How to Use VitaHairDuo

It is very important that you carefully follow the available instructions for use of the VitaHair Duo product. There are two serums in the package – day and night. Read the short leaflet that is included in the box to learn how to apply the bio-cosmetic solution for thick hair properly. Follow the procedure for 1 month straight to achieve the desired result.

Here are the concrete step-by-step instructions for use of VitaHair Duo original:

  • Apply 15 drops of VitaHair Duo to the scalp;
  • Rub the product into the roots of your hair or beard every morning (day serum) and every night (night serum) before sleep;
  • Follow the course for 30 days.

Composition and Ingredients

We mentioned hereinabove that the content of VitaHair Duo is 100% organic. This means that the hair growth care solution features only bio-based ingredients. Most of them have been extracted from various herbs and plants that demonstrate significant properties in the field of hair growth.

Here are the main benefits of the bio-cosmetic serum VitaHair Duo:

  • 100% Thickness – the active formula of the serum promotes hair growth, making hair obedient. It also keeps the volume and gives your hair a healthy shine;
  • Hypoallergenic – the product is absolutely hypoallergenic. It also quickly penetrates into the skin cell structure. VitaHair Duo has an absorbent action with antimicrobial properties;
  • Healthy Hair – normalizes the function of the follicle and the hair structure by neutralizing the harmful action of the environment and shampoos;
  • Recovery – the serum actively nourishes and strengthens hair roots, stops hair loss, accelerates their growth, and restores weak and damaged hair structure.

Side effects and contraindications

VitaHair Duo is an all-natural spray designed to prevent hair loss. No prescription is required to purchase or use the product. Many users have reported positive results, with no complaints or concerns with regards to side effects or contraindications. Clinically tested, VitaHair Duohas earned a quality certification. It should be noted, however, that it is not a medicinal product.


Take Gentle Care of Your Hair to Keep It Strong and Thick!


If you want to enjoy a dazzling mane, you must be ready to make an effort. Comb it without plucking it. Eat a balanced and healthy diet to nourish the hair. You should also pick and use some reliable bio-cosmetic product that can nourish your hair and make it thick and strong.

Bottom Line: VitaHair Duo is a professional solution against hair loss. The product is designed in the form of serum. It has 2 parts – day serum and night serum. The content of the supplement is organic and it does not trigger side effects. Clients write positive reviews about its efficiency. VitaHair Duo works better than similar brands on the market.


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  1. Kale Coby Joco Galit Reply

    I have always had very thin hair. I tried to style it in all sorts of ways, but nothing helped. I ordered VitaHair Duo and Now I enjoy thicker and stronger hair!

  2. Mateo Warren Ali Montilla Reply

    As a man, it was hard for me to admit that I was getting bald. I was constantly going to get a zero-number haircut. My wife took VitaHair Duo original and my hair literally bloomed on my scalp in less than a month!

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