Verrulon Cream PhilippinesVerrulon is the name of a powerful natural solution for moles,  papilloma and warts just presented on the cosmetics market. This natural product has the power to easily and painlessly counteract the formation of skin tags, moles, warts, spots, pendulous fibroids and other imperfections. This natural formulation helps to give the skin a uniform, fresh and healthy look. The company that created this innovative bio-cosmetic cream says it is absolutely proud of the product, as it would feature a patented formula, containing very high-quality ingredients.


Verrulon cream helps to remove unwanted skin formations without leaving scars. The special formula consists of active extracts derived from some of the most powerful and useful plants and herbs that have always been used in traditional medicines. Respectfully, their combined action multiplies the effect of each ingredient to provide the user with a truly innovative and effective method.

Let’s try, therefore, to deepen our knowledge about Verrulon and find out its price, what ingredients it contains, what are the opinions of experts about its effectiveness, and where to buy it at a once-in-a-lifetime price.

Human Warts and Papilloma Virus

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Not many people know that about 90% of the planet’s population is affected by the human papillomavirus (HPV). This means that virtually everyone, at least once in their life, has had to deal with this skin formation. This infection can easily spread through any physical contact, including sexual intercourse, and from mother to newborn. In most cases, these formations are actually benign skin tumors of viral origin. At first, they resemble small in or spots, but in some specific cases, they can quickly evolve into melanoma, an incurable skin cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) – some recent clinical studies and many scientific papers reveal the interesting fact that more than 120 species of this virus have now been identified. This is an insidious problem due to the fact that its transmission is extremely easy among humans. The main symptom related to the virus is the weakening of the immune system. In addition, it causes some unpleasant changes in tissues that make the formations noticeable and easily identifiable.

Parasitic toxins

Parasitic toxins – some of the parasites that inhabit the human body are among the main factors leading to the occurrence of HPV. Given the fact that there are numerous types of parasites, scientists have not yet discovered which of them are responsible for the transmission of this virus. Papilloma and warts can actually remain inactive for years. Unfortunately, in some cases, they can suddenly begin to evolve, sometimes even in melanoma.

On the market, there are natural products, able to help restore tissues and help to counter this insidious problem. One of the most effective ones is the Verrulon cream. Read our review to find out more information about it!

Verrulon | What is it? | Main features, effects, and results

Verrulon cream, skin tags. moles, warts, papilloma

Verrulon is a high-quality natural cosmetic product. It is designed to help counteract the formation of moles, papillomas, and warts. Moreover, the whole action process is 100% fast, easy and painless. The product is available on the market in the form of a cream, as a daily local treatment. Some tests conducted have already demonstrated the effectiveness of Verrulon anti-wart cream.

According to the opinions of many experts, its secret is the fact that its composition has the power to intervene main cause of the problem, that is, in the immune system. The active ingredients in the composition of the product are extracted from various herbs and plants. In addition, they have useful effects on the health and appearance of the skin. Verrulon is not a drug and does not cause side effects and is perfectly suitable for prolonged use.

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Here is a brief summary of the main properties of this cream, according to the opinions of experts:

  • Helps neutralize HPV;
  • Contrasts the formation of warts and other imperfections from the skin;
  • It has a powerful action;
  • It has no contraindications and side effects;
  • It’s 100% painless;
  • It has an affordable price;
  • The quick and easy ordering procedure;

Please note: The effects and results may vary from individual to individual.

Verrulon Reviews & Opinions in Forums Online

Verrulon Opinions and reviews, warts, skin Philippines

There are already thousands of satisfied customers who have left positive opinions, comments and reviews about Verrulon cream on various online forums, dedicated to natural health and beauty products. Most customers appreciate the fact that not only did Verrulon cream help them remove unsightly skin formations, but it also significantly improved the overall appearance of the complexion. Most Verrulon reviews come from the Philippines, Italy, and Germany. In addition, in many of the reviews, customers emphasize the attractive price of this product as one of its main advantages. According to those opinions, in fact, the cream is not only able to take care of the skin, but also to improve its appearance.

So far no feedback or testimonials are shared about negative side effects or contraindications from using Verrulon cream. This is probably due to its natural formula. Besides, another great benefit of the cream is that it can be used by young and old with no problems.

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How to use Verrulon? Instructions for use

The natural Verrulon cream should be applied locally and constantly every day. You should use the cream 3 times a day. More details about the use of the product can be found in the instructions of the leaflet available in the original packaging. Naturally, since it is a natural product you don’t need a prescription to buy it. Verrulon is FDA approved.

How to use Verrulon step by step guide:

  1. Wash with mild soap and dry the area where the cream will be applied
  2. Take as much amount of the cream as the size of a green pea and apply on the skin with circular movements
  3. Wait for Verrulon to be absorbed – do not wash off

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What are Verrulon’s main ingredients?

Let’s look one by one at Verrulon’s main ingredients and analyze the natural benefits to the skin.

  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil – Tea tree leaf oil, one of Verrulon’s main ingredients, is an extremely potent antiseptic. It is able to fight bacteria, including those resistant to antibiotics. The opinions of international scientists confirm that tea tree oil inhibits the proliferation of many types of fungal infections. There are few natural disinfectants in the world with such a wide spectrum of action – therefore, tea tree oil is very often used in cosmetology.
  • Birch extract – Birch extract has antiseptic, antifungal properties, capable of acting on helminths, trichomoniasis, and giardia.
  • Juniper Wood Oil – Contributing to the deep regeneration of epidermal cells, juniper wood oil is not only able to improve skin conditions but helps to eliminate lethargy, promote relaxation, restore skin tone and counteract signs of fatigue, as well as help, prevent the formation of scar tissue, stretch marks, ulcers, wounds, and even cellulite. Juniper wood oil is useful in almost all skin diseases, manifesting itself as a unique remedy for various types of eczema, papillomas, warts, and skin leeks.
  • Calamintha – contains lentinan, this herb is used to treat skin leeks and other skin imperfections.
  • Chelidonium Majus – time for its great effect against warts and skin leeks. This herb is extremely powerful and should be used very carefully and in the right amount.
  • Hedera Helix – has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

According to the opinion of those who used this cream, these ingredients would not cause side effects or contraindications.

Verrulon Price In The Philippines? Where to buy the cream?

There is only one official and safe way to buy the original Verrulon cream. You need to visit the official page on the Internet and complete the simple order form. Beware, there is no other way to buy the original cream. It is not available either in stores including online ones such as Amazon, Lazada, or pharmacies. Delivery takes only a few days and on the site usually delivery is made for free, at no cost. Moreover, there is currently a 50% discount from the standard Verulon price in the Philippines.

Payment of the cream can be made at the time of delivery without any increase in the price. Importantly, the price of Verrulon is the same across Europe.

Verrulon at Mercury Drug

Yes, you checked the price of Verrulon at Mercury Drug. This is quite common in the Philippines. But you should be aware of the warning issued by the manufacturer of the original cream. There are scam imitations of Verrulon sold at Mercury Drug. Those imitations are almost identical to the original cream but lack a quality certificate. These scams will not help your skin but rather might worsen the problem. Avoid them at any cost.

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Interesting Fact

Whatever the aesthetic problem encountered, whether related to stains, in warts, and the like, the ideal would be to prefer products of natural origin. Avoiding chemicals that in some cases could worsen the situation, especially if you have particularly sensitive and delicate skin.

Bottom Line

Verrulon is a natural-based cosmetic cream, for the treatment of stains and warts. It has a natural composition and does not cause allergic reactions. The price of the product is extremely affordable and its use is very simple. According to the opinions of many customers, it offers better results than other similar products, currently on the market.


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