Valgone cream ReviewsValgone is an extraordinary emulgel designed to help combat the pain and symptoms typical of hallux valgus. Valgone has an all-natural composition and can be used by everyone for natural relief of pain and other discomfort related to the condition.


Hallux valgus is an increasingly common problem. This discomfort affects many people in Europe, in any age group. Valgone represents a totally natural adjuvant to overcome this problem.

But what ingredients does Valgone contain? Is it safe to use for everyone? Can Valgone Emulgel be used by anyone? Can it be bought in pharmacies or is it only sold through online stores? Is the price affordable? Where to buy it at the best price? Are there any reviews, opinions or testimonials available that prove Valgone works and is not a hoax?

All the information to these questions about Valgone can be found in this in-depth review.

Hallux valgus (onion on the foot): natural remedies that really work

Hallux valgus (onion on the foot)

One of the most common questions asked of our podiatrists is: is it possible to correct bursitis without surgery? The answer is: there are ways in which we can relieve hallux valgus pain without surgery.

In fact, nonsurgical treatments for bursitis are always the first step. That’s because between home remedies, over-the-counter treatments and a little help from a doctor, there are effective ways to relieve and manage the pain. And depending on your hallux valgus condition and pain levels, nonsurgical methods may be all you need.

Home remedies for hallux valgus:

– Take NSAIDs to relieve hallux valgus pain and reduce inflammation – One of the most common symptoms of hallux valgus is swelling of the joint at the base of the big toe. This inflammation is your body’s natural response to an injury. NSAID medications can help relieve both swelling and pain and start working within an hour; therefore, they can help you find quick relief from hallux valgus pain.

  • Use the right mix of hot and cold therapy – Hot and cold therapies are natural treatments for a wide range of conditions, and bunion bursitis is no exception. When the hallux valgus is irritated, painful or swollen, treating it with the right mix of hot and cold therapies can be very soothing. Cold therapies constrict blood vessels, which helps reduce swelling. Thus, soaking the big toe in cold water can help reduce inflammation. A cold bath can also provide relief to toes and other areas of the foot that become irritated from rubbing due to hallux valgus. Heat therapies help improve blood flow and relax sore joints and muscles. If you experience pain or cramping in the area affected by hallux valgus or other areas of the foot, soaking your feet in warm water can feel good.
  • Give your feet exercise and rest – Staying active is the best way to condition and strengthen your feet. Even better, there are specific exercises such as toe curls and marble pickers that can help. Exercise can be an effective way to treat hallux valgus, prevent it in the future, and increase foot mobility. But it is also important to know that rest is as important as activity in managing hallux valgus pain. You may need to give your feet breaks and modify some activities to get relief from symptoms. To give your feet the rest and exercise they need, stay as active as you can without causing yourself pain. This may mean exercising your feet alone or doing activities that relieve pressure, such as swimming.
  • Maintain a healthy weight – Your feet have a lot of work to do. They support your body and help you move wherever you go, so they are constantly under pressure. But by striving to maintain a healthy body weight, you can reduce excess pressure.

Valgone: what is it?

Valgone: what is it?

Valgone works powerfully and effectively against pain and other discomfort caused by hallux valgus, which has a natural composition.

Its composition is a natural complex produced in Europe bioactive components.

This product is specially formulated using natural herbs selected for their healing properties. It can be used to improve blood circulation and relieve joint stiffness, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take care of their physical feet naturally.

This emulgel is really effective and functional. Because of its natural and biological action, it is able to quickly relieve pain without any contraindications. Many of my patients have finally found lasting relief against hallux valgus discomfort.

The product:

  • Relieves pain and helps relieve discomfort;
  • Has a positive effect on joint function;
  • Improves blood circulation, relieves inflammation;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.

According to the opinions of those who developed the composition of the emulgel, this product is useful for those suffering from foot problems and discomfort of any nature and origin.

How it works?

Valgone is a valuable support because:

  • It is effective from the first applications and works for pain and other discomforts correlated with the formation of the so-called “onion.”
  • It is studied and made in Europe and contains organic ingredients;
  • It has a concentrated formulation free of contraindications and side effects.

Valgone also increases muscle mobility and improves stiffness as a whole.

The all-natural formula makes the emulgel suitable for everyone and free of side effects or contraindications. This natural soothing emulgel, unlike many drugs sold in pharmacies does not require a prescription.

Please note: Effects and results may vary from individual to individual;

Valgone: reviews and opinions in online forum

Valgone cream Reviews - Opinions, price, effects

Valgone opinions and reviews from enthusiastic users, has already received many.

We set out to find real reviews on this emulgel and negative Valgone reviews are not available in any of the online forums we analyzed.

Here is the information that emerged:

  • ValGone penetrates quickly – Targeting the root of the problem. Gradually stop experiencing pain and discomfort as you walk, returning to a better life.
  • Improved blood circulation – ValGone has a positive effect on blood microcirculation, preventing degenerative processes. As a result, swelling and inflammation of joints can be reduced.
  • Innovative formula – ValGone was developed by specialists in the field of orthopedics, using advanced technologies and natural ingredients. Therefore, the remedy helps relieve symptoms and solve the problem of valgus.
  • Positive reviews – Customers have left positive reviews after using ValGone Most of them have been able to regain the joy of walking and living in general.

From Valgone reviews from customers and experts, it seems that this emulgel , with powerful but natural action, is free of side effects; therefore, a suitable product for continuous daily application.

Here are according to the comments and already numerous reviews from satisfied customers, the main benefits of using this emulgel:

  • Relief from pain and other discomforts;

We will continue to monitor the Valgone forums to see if there are any negative reviews, to update this section of our review, also in case it appears on sites like Altroconsumo and similar sites.


“I cannot recommend Valgone enough! As someone who has struggled with valgone for years, I have tried countless products without success. But after using Valgone for a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in the appearance and discomfort of my valgus. And the fact that it is composed of natural ingredients is a huge plus for me. Thank you, Valgone!

“I have been using Valgone for a few months now and I am amazed at the results. Not only has it helped reduce the appearance of my valgus, but it has also relieved the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I like the fact that it is a natural alternative to harsh chemicals and it has really made a difference in my daily life. I highly recommend Valgone to anyone dealing with valgus.”

“Valgone has changed things for me. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I can already notice a noticeable difference in the appearance of my valgus. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. Also, the fact that it is made with natural ingredients gives me peace of mind. I am very grateful to have found Valgone and will continue to use it for long-term relief.”

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Valgone price in Europe – Where to buy it ?

Valgone price in Europe

What is the price of Valgone in Europe and where do I buy it?

Visiting the manufacturer’s official website provides access to the best deals on the price of Valgone.

The company that produces it, which has decided to deal directly with distribution, to avoid price increases and to keep an eye on the originality of the emulgel (preventing customers from falling victim to scams).

If you decide to make your purchase directly from the official website, through the simple order form to fill out, you will have access to Valgone’s price discount: you will be able to receive your gel for only 39.00 euros, instead of 78.00 euros!

On the official website, in addition to the 50% discount on the price, you are entitled to free shipping and the ability to pay cash to the courier.

Can Valgone be found in pharmacies or on Amazon?

Valgone in pharmacies is not available. Also, be wary of online sales platforms, (Amazon, Price Finder or similar) as you cannot find the 50% offer or the original product. In fact, we have found negative reviews arising from customers who bought the wrong product (hoax).

Valgone how to use it? Package insert and dosage

In the original package or on the back of the Valgone package is the package insert. The package insert contains specific instructions for use, with the following application steps:

  • Apply a dollop of emulgel directly to affected area;
  • Perform a massage, in order to promote the absorption of the beneficial ingredients;
  • Carry out application and massage morning and evening for greater benefits.

WARNINGS: External use. Do not ingest. Avoid emulgel contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep this gel out of the reach of children.

It is important to strictly follow the directions in the original package instructions for best results.

Valgone: composition and ingredients


The inci of Valgone emulgel includes a list of all-natural, non-chemical ingredients, making it a safe product for everyone to use.

Thanks to the carefully crafted formula, the components reach damaged joint tissues faster than other similar products and have a more powerful soothing and cooling effect than many ointments sold online or in pharmacies.

ValGone was developed by specialists in the field of orthopedics, so it stands out among other products. The plant-based composition penetrates deep into the source of the problem (the head of the metatarsal bone in the joint), eliminating inflammation and pain, restoring blood microcirculation, and preventing further development of osteoarthritis.

The components of the emulgel reach right into the cell fluids, which promotes its profound effect.

Ingredients include:

  • Extracts with analgesic properties that promote tissue relaxation and help relieve pain;
  • Substances with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing properties.

Valgone contraindications or side effects

On Valgone real reviews from customers who have already used it have shown no side effects or contraindications from its application, even for prolonged periods.

This emulgel does not require minsan, precisely because it has no chemicals in its composition.


What causes hallux valgus? The exact cause of hallux valgus is unknown, but there are several possibilities. Some experts believe that hallux valgus is a hereditary condition (passed down through DNA) based on the shape of the foot. Another theory is that tight or narrow shoes force the toes into an unnatural position that puts additional pressure on the joints. It is also possible that people with inflammatory conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, are more likely to develop bursitis. Working in certain occupations may also make you more prone to developing foot problems such as hallux valgus. For example, nurses, teachers, waiters, dancers and other people who stand most of the day put extra pressure on their feet.

Bottom Line

Valgone is a powerful gel cream for joint pain that has a natural composition. True reviews from customers around the world state that the product works and comment positively on the safety of use in their opinions on online forums. The price of the gel emulsion is affordable and especially discounted when purchased from the official website. According to many, it is one of the most effective natural foot wellness balms available online.


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