Strong Foot Spray Review ArgentinaStrong Foot is a natural remedy for foot fungus. The organic spray cream is now available to customers in Argentina and this detailed review will give you some information such as: What is Strong Foot and what does it serve for? What are customers writing in their opinions and testimonials? How to apply the cream – instructions for use? How much is the price of Strong Foot for mycosis in Argentina and where to buy it?


Strong Foot is a patented formula for the treatment and prevention of fungal diseases. The action of the spray smoothes the damaged area of ​​the skin and nails. Also, the active ingredients penetrate deep into the tissues so the spores of the fungus are “arrested” and the area of ​​​​infected cells is reduced. In other words, Strong Foot is a remedy that successfully blocks the infection’s ability to multiply so the fungus is destroyed. On the other hand, the special composition of the spray cream is 100% natural. This is important because it means that customers can apply the remedy continuously without suffering from side effects or related health complaints.

Now, the tendency is that thousands of customers in Argentina talk about Strong Foot by posting opinions and comments on popular discussion portals. You should read below to gain more data about all this. Besides, we will tell you some info related to the price of the organic remedy for mycosis.

What Is Calendula

What Is Calendula

Calendula, also known as marigold, is a vibrant and versatile herb celebrated for its numerous health benefits and powerful properties. Various medical papers inform that this cheerful flower is abundant in bioactive compounds, including flavonoids, saponins, and essential oils, which contribute to its therapeutic properties. Calendula has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and natural remedies due to its potential advantages for various health concerns, especially those that are related to fungal infections.

Some of the most pronounced benefits of calendula for mycosis (fungal infections) include:

  • Antifungal properties that combat and destroy fungal skin infections;
  • Anti-inflammatory effects that can help soothe irritated skin affected by mycosis;
  • Wound healing effect – It promotes the body’s natural healing processes, aiding in the recovery of damaged skin.

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What Is Strong Foot & What Does It Serve For

What Is Strong Foot

Strong Foot is a comprehensive product for foot fungus. It was developed by the European Association of Dermatology in 2022. The formula contains the most active components for the neutralization of mycosis. The action of Strong Foot serves for isolating the cells of the fungus. In other words, the spray cleans the affected tissues and protects the consequent areas of the infection. Furthermore, the remedy slows down the intensity of the infection. This relieves symptoms such as itching and scaling of the skin. The solution completely destroys the fungus and restores nail plates. The active particles of the formula accumulate in the body. This creates immunity to fungal infections so the probability of reinfection tends to zero. All these properties are thanks to the 100% natural composition of the remedy. The ingredients of Strong Foot are of herbal origin and do not trigger side effects.

Strong Foot Customer Opinions

Strong Foot Spray Review Argentina - Price, opinions, effects

What are clients writing in their opinions about Strong Foot for foot fungus? Well, clients in Argentina tend to award Strong Foot with exclusively positive opinions and comments on the health-dedicated forums. The overall lack of complaints about the occurrence of side effects and contraindications is also impressive. The company behind the spray believes that the selection of natural ingredients is directly responsible for this. Here we should emphasize that dermatologists also praise the effectiveness of the remedy. They do that by sharing professional Strong Foot opinions on Instagram and Facebook. To sum it up, customers confirm in their testimonials that Strong Foot works efficiently and is not dangerous to use.


Eloy Onio – “This Strong Foot spray is perfect for those who have sensitive skin on their feet. Personally, it helped me a lot. Five days have passed, probably, and I no longer have cracked skin on my feet as it became so smooth and very pleasant.”

Nestor Farías – “I practice jogging regularly and my feet often get wet from the grass and puddles I run through. My nails were in terrible condition. Then I found out about this spray for mycosis and purchased it from its dedicated web page. The nails finally reverted to their old structure so I recommend the remedy to everyone.”

Isabel Sabbatini – “It is a pleasure to use such products, knowing that they will not harm you in any way, and also help fight the disease. So, I am only writing this comment to tell you that Strong Foot is a working remedy. You won’t regret it if you decide to give it a try!”

Advantages & Benefits

The action of Strong Foot for foot fungus is characterized by numerous advantages.


  • Eliminates itching and cracking, from the first application;
  • Reduces sweating and bad smell;
  • Restores your nails in a cycle;
  • Boosts immune defenses;
  • Contains safe and natural ingredients.


  • Strong Foot is not sold in pharmacies, Mercado Libre, or Amazon.

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Strong Foot Price in Argentina & Where to Buy

Strong Foot Price in Argentina

How much is the price of Strong Foot for mycosis in Argentina and where to buy it? We have good news for everyone who wants to purchase Strong Foot at an affordable price. By ordering from the official website, you can easily demand your package and get rid of the annoying and painful mycotic infection. Also, you will benefit from an attractive Strong Foot price offer.

Actually, there are some promo campaigns on the site of the remedy that grant a 50% discount on the list value of the spray. Simply fill out the form and answer the call from the company’s operator who takes care of the orders. This short procedure is everything you need to secure the best possible price for Strong Foot.

Is Strong Foot Sold in Pharmacies

The manufacturer advises customers to be careful and not search for Strong Foot in the pharmacy, Mercado Libre, or Amazon. The original antifungal solution is available only through its dedicated page.  You won’t find it elsewhere but you may come across a scam or a fake imitation. So, do not search for the original brand Strong Foot in pharmacies or on Mercado Libre and Amazon.

How to Apply Strong Foot Instructions

Read the instructions for the use of Strong Foot for mycosis. The document containing this information is included in each package of the spray. Alex Sanchez is a dermatologist who explains that there are no strict dosages for its use. In cases of mild infection, it is enough to apply the spray cream twice a day to the damaged zones.

So, how to apply Strong Foot properly?

The instructions step by step are:

  • Apply the spray twice a day on the affected area and the skin around the fingers;
  • Carry out the procedure for 2 weeks until the complete disappearance of symptoms;
  • You can extend the treatment up to 4 months if needed.


Strong Foot does not have any side effects however its use is not recommended in the following cases – for pregnant women; in lactation; children under 3 years old; people with intolerance to individual ingredients. Also, avoid getting the product in the eyes and wounds, otherwise, rinse with plenty of cold water.

Containing: Ingredients & Composition


Strong Foot relies on a unique natural composition. The included ingredients not only eliminate the first symptoms of the fungus but also nourish the skin with useful components that have a positive effect on immunity and the protective properties of the epidermis – the most superficial layer of the skin.

The main ingredients of Strong Foot for mycosis are:

  • Neem Seed Oil – it can disinfect and destroy the structure of the fungal infection, eliminate itching and discomfort, accelerate the healing process of wounds and cracks;
  • Calendula Flower – prevents the reproduction and growth of the pathogenic microbiota. It also nourishes and hydrates the skin thus reducing excessive sweating and unpleasant odor;
  • Aloe Vera – it creates a protective film and prevents bacterial reproduction, strengthens the nail plate;
  • Birch Bark – stabilizes the immune system and treats chronic fungal diseases successfully.
Bottom Line: One of the most preferred products to combat onychomycosis Strong Foot is already in Argentina. The powerful spray has a natural composition and no side effects. Therefore, it receives mostly positive opinions and comments on forums. This remedy is considered one of the better natural alternatives for personal foot hygiene and disinfection.


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