PulmoTea lung detox review PhilippinesPulmoTea is an all-natural tea for complete lung detoxification. The manufacturer says that the composition’s complex also strengthens immunity and resetting the body. It has no side effects or contraindications, as most doctor-prescribed pills, medicine, or medication. Moreover, PulmoTea’s price is the same in every South-East Asian country, like the Philippines, in 2021.


PulmoTea serves for the active toning of the body. It is recommended by leading respiratory experts. Most say that it is best to combine the lung-cleansing tea with some easy changes to the daily menu for a healthier lifestyle. You can lower the number of cigarettes you smoke and limit your alcohol. Another thing you can do is opt for Mediterranean diet foods. Obesity can have a devastating effect on the well-being of the whole body. PulmoTea is full of beneficial ingredients, like lungwort, Platycodon, white mulberry root bark, and mature tangerine peel. It has a Certificate of Quality and works with 93% effectiveness.

Where to buy PulmoTea at a good price online in the Philippines in 2021? Are there scams and false lung detox products on Lazada, Shopee, and Watson? How to eat Pulmo Tea, based on the instructions?

Learn more in this PulmoTea review!

5 Benefits for the Respiratory System of the Lungwort HerbRespiratory System, Lungwort Herb

Lungwort is a perennial herbaceous plant. The Latin name of the plant comes from the Latin word ‘pulmoa’ which means ‘lung’. It is no coincidence that the herb is named so. It has been used for coughs, diseases of the respiratory tract, and lungs. In addition to the listed health problems, the mucous substances it includes have a healing effect in gastrointestinal disorders. They moisturize the lining of the intestines and stomach. The plant is also a rich source of the substance allantoin that stimulates the division of skin cells. For this reason, lungwort is used for skin problems, as well as for wound healing.

Pulmonologists say that lungwort has the following benefits for the respiratory system and lungs:

  1. It Clears Out & Detoxifies the Lungs.
  2. The Mucous Substances in It Restore the Normal Gastrointestinal Flora.
  3. A Rich Source of Allantoin That Helps the Tissues Recover Faster from Injury & Cell Damage.
  4. Lungwort Soothes the Symptoms of Bronchitis, Asthma, & Coughs.
  5. It Is Full of Beneficial Antioxidants that Cleanse the Respiratory System.

What Is PulmoTea & What Does It Serve for? Lung Benefits & Advantages!


Pulmo Tea

PulmoTea is an all-natural tea for full-on lung and respiratory system detoxification. The manufacturer says that it carries many benefits and advantages for immunity, too. Millions of people across South-East Asia have taken advantage of its powerful action. The price remains the same in every country, including the Philippines, in 2021. PulmoTea serves for the quick restoration of normal breathing. It helps life-long smokers counter the negative effects of their bad habits. Many professional pulmonologists recommend it because of its potent composition that includes a lungwort extract. PulmoTea is completely safe and thought to work better than medicine or pills. It has a Certificate of Quality and 93% effectiveness.

Thousands of families in Malaysia no longer worry about the well-being of their lungs in 2021. PulmoTea is their organic remedy for complete respiratory system detoxification. Here are some of its main advantages and pros!

  • All-Natural Composition for the Full-On Detoxification of the Lungs;
  • PulmoTea Serves for the Restoration of Normal Respiratory Functions;
  • It Is Suitable for Both the Young & Old, Having No Side Effects;
  • The Organic Tea Boosts & Strengthens the Immune System;
  • Clients Who Wish to Know Where to Buy PulmoTea at the Best Price Online in the Philippines Should Look No Further Than the Manufacturer’s Official Website;

Nota Bene! Results can vary individually!

PulmoTea Comments & Opinions on Forums – Positive Effects for Respiratory Functions!

PulmoTea Comments & Opinions

Clients say that they are impressed with the positive effects of the lung-cleansing tea in their PulmoTea comments and opinions on forums. There are no complaints about allergies, side effects, or contraindications in the testimonials. Respiratory experts also advise people to take it. Their feedback says that the normal respiratory functions solution is suitable for every member of the family.

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This is further verified by its Certificate of Quality. PulmoTea comments and opinions on forums point out that both the young and the old can take advantage of its health benefits. You can drink it, as a form of lung prophylaxis. Or take it to lower the negative side effects that come with bad habits, like chain-smoking.

How to Eat PulmoTea with No Side Effects? Instructions & Dosage in Leaflet!

Pulmonologists say that PulmoTea is one of the best ways to detoxify the entire respiratory system. It boosts the production of cells in the organ and cleanses its tissues. There are no negative side effects or contraindications, associated with the daily use. Plus, it is good for the elimination of smokers’ morning cough. All that you have to do to drink it right is follow Pulmo Tea’s instructions for use. They include the exact dosage and mode of application. You can find them applied, as a user manual, in the leaflet.

This is how to drink PulmoTea in a step-by-step way:

  1. Boil water & take a spoonful of the lung-cleansing tea. Stir them up together and drink once or twice daily before breakfast and dinner.
  2. Lower your smoking & live healthily!
  3. Repeat the procedure daily for, at least, a full calendar month to restore normal respiratory functions!

The Composition Includes the Best Ingredients for the Respiratory System!


PulmoTea’s composition is based on years of researching which medicinal herbs have a better effect on the respiratory and immune systems. There are no dangerous chemicals, GMOs, or artificial flavors in it. This is why many experts recommend it, as a viable alternative to medicine or pills. Its organic extracts gently restore the normal functioning of the respiratory system and help you breathe clearly. They are also good for strengthening the immune system.

The main results you can achieve with the natural lung detoxification tea are:

  • Perform a Complete Cleansing of the Respiratory System & restore Its Functions;
  • Improve Your Immunity & Eliminate Smoker’s Coughs;
  • Stay Healthy & Vital in 2021;

The main ingredients in PulmoTea’s composition are:

  • Lungwort (Pulmonaria Officinalis) Extract: It helps with respiratory problems and regenerates the lungs.
  • Platycodon Extract: This herb supports the work of the lungs and aids phlegm management.
  • White Mulberry Root Bark Extract: A wonderful liver, lung, and kidneys-toning agent.
  • Mature Tangerine Peel Extract: This plant keeps the lungs dry and boosts the immunity defense levels.

PulmoTea Price in the Philippines in 2021 – Where to Buy It?

PulmoTea Price in the Philippines

The manufacturer advises all clients who aren’t certain where to buy PulmoTea at a good price online in 2021 to get it via the official website. You don’t have to worry about how much does PulmoTea costs, as the company maintains an equivalent cost rate for the entire South-East Asian region. It doesn’t matter if you order it from Malaysia or the Philippines.

Another reason to visit the official web page is the good PulmoTea price discounts. You can take advantage of them for every copy of the product you order. They go as high, as -50%. And you will be sure that you are getting the original lung detoxification tea. It arrives in 7 days and the accepted payment method is COD.

This is where to buy PulmoTea at the best price online in the Philippines in 2021:

  1. Enter Name & Current Telephone Number in Online Form on Official Website
  2. Receive a Call from a Distribution Company Officer & Specify Delivery Details
  3. Get PulmoTea, Pay with COD Method, & Keep the Lungs Clean & Healthy in 2021!

Can I Buy the Tea in the Pharmacy? Lazada, Shopee, Watson, or Amazon?

The company behind the lung detox tea distributes PulmoTea single-handedly. This is why you won’t come across it in your local pharmacy chain store. The only way to get a legit copy of the improved immunity solution is via its official site. Don’t browse the online catalogs of Lazdaa, Shopee, Watson, or Amazon either. They are full of low-quality and high-cost scams!

Keep Your Lungs Clear to Enjoy Every Breath of Life!

lung tea detox

The health of the respiratory system is crucial for the entire functioning of the body. Breathing normally means that every organ gets sufficient amounts of oxygen. Do your best to minimize the bad habits that endanger the well-being of the respiratory system!

Bottom Line: PulmoTea is an organic tea for enhanced lung detoxification. It is available at a good price in the Philippines in 2021 via its official website. Many pulmonologists there recommend it, as a great way to cleanse the entire system and boost immunity. Pulmo Tea comments and opinions on forums are also positive. It is considered to be a good natural alternative to medicine and pills.


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