Progerbarix capsules ColombiaPROGERBARIX is recommended for parasites and gut warms that kill up to 15 million people all over the world per year. This product comes in the form of capsules for full body detox. In Colombia, hundreds of people have already tested the solution and provided their comments on the fantastic effect it has on the entire organism. In our PROGERBARIX review, we will try to analyze the capsules and give you our own feedback, including by informing you of the content, the formula and what results to expect in a long-term period.


What is PROGERBARIX? What does it serve?

PROGERBARIX is a pack of vegan and chemical-free organic capsules. They ideally suit the human’s natural metabolic processes to eliminate the risk of any internal inflammatory processes or allergic reactions. Generally, PROGERBARIX serves for body detox through an innovative technology that activates the cells and helps them rejuvenate if they have been intoxicated or infection by warms and parasite eggs. According to the clinical trials held by the official distributor in Colombia, the product eliminates all risks of “having parasites and Chlamydia” in your organism, including cancer, digestive issues, skin eczema, anemia, muscle and bone disorders. No pharmacy product is possible to do all of these without using some chemical substances that additionally intoxicates the liver. And PROGERBARIX food supplement is also designed to thoroughly cleanse the liver and to support the organs to get rid of free radicals and infections at once. Due to all of these guaranteed results, the revolutionary product is right an honorable owner of a quality certificate in Colombia. And the breakthrough in medicine it does is proven with those hundreds of promising positive testimonial client posts.

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PROGERBARIX is recommended for you if you have the following symptoms

PROGERBARIX is good to have food supplement in your domestic pharmacy pack. Many people don’t even know that they have stomach warms and parasites inside their blood cells. If you have most of these symptoms below, then you should definitely have a PROGERBARIX entire treatment course:

  • Allergic reactions with no histamine issues – rashes all over your body, red-eye syndrome and constant hay fever with no actual flue or virus infection.
  • You get sick from the flue and coughs more than 3 times per winter and all the time, even during the warm months
  • Chronic fatigue and constant headache
  • Lack of energy from lunchtime till the evening, including when you wake up early after a healthy sleep time
  • Diarrhoea or constipation regularly
  • Dark eye circles and eye bags
  • Insomnia or/and problems with constantly changing moods

Ingredients and formula facts in details


PROGERBARIX works as a killer of parasites and their warms. With its efficient bioactive formula, the product does not only treat but also protects from future infection. And parasites can be “received” from numerous places, including from low-quality food products, our own pets, public areas with low hygiene level and different medicine zones where the infections are at a high level. But what is PROGERBARIX anyway? Well, the ingredients in this product represent a vegan composition that destroys the parasites regardless of their development stage and, in addition to this, recovers the body from the present damages such as wounds, inflammatory processes in organs and whole organ systems, microflora misbalance, hormonal problems, etc. Check out now what components this organic treating composition includes:

  • Excerpt from Achillea millefolium – provides fast and efficient body detox aiming to eliminate all parasites and their eggs.
  • Centaur Oil – used to treat severe infections and to repair the cells after a long-lasting disease treatment or lack of any treatments in case of parasite body destruction.
  • Excerpt from DIANTHUS CARYOPHYLLUS – helps the metabolism to recover and normalizes, as well as used as an immune system booster to assist the cells respond to any infection risks.

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Instructions, medicine contraindications, possible side effects and step by step manual for usage

PROGERBARIX is easy to be used and applied in your everyday lifestyle and nutrition routine. Take two capsules – once in the morning and one in the evening with enough water or juice. You can use the product with milk, too. PROGERBARIX doesn’t just have a risk of side effects, but it also has no contraindications. All the instructions you read in this medicine leaflet apply to adults and kids. Hence, breastfeeding and pregnant women should better consult with their doctors on how to take PROGERBARIX. Last but not least, make sure to take the food supplement for at least one month. Within this period, you will be able to detox your body, cleanse your blood and liver, as well as to repair the organs and cells which were infected by the parasites. Do not exceed the daily dose and do not be afraid to continue using the capsules even when you get healthy and clean of parasites for some complete body prophylaxis.

PROGERBARIX opinions, comments and online forum feedback posts from Colombia

PROGERBARIX opinions comments

PROGERBARIX is a highly appreciated detox product in Colombia, with thousands of happy customers sharing their comments and opinions in numerous online forum posts. We have tried to collect the top detailed reviews and feedback publications by actual customers. Check them out below to meet even more facts about PROGERBARIX capsules:

  • PROGERBARIX works! It cleansed my body and changed how I feel every day – more energetic and healthier than ever before. I believe I got these warms during my vacation in Thailand. Doesn’t matter, anyway…What matters now is that PROGERBARIX is safe and causes only good things to your skin, your stomach and your brain. Because I don’t feel a headache or tiredness all day long, either!”
  • “After reading so many PROGERBARIX comments and opinions, I got motivation for a full body detox. I have never done this before, and I wonder why…Having all those bacteria and infections out of the liver and your organs can be seen on your glowing skin and your better mood every day. Plus – thanks to PROGERBARIX, I don’t have that exhausting fatigue anymore!”
  • “As a scientist, it was always curious and exciting for me how a sick person with parasites can live with so many chronic aches every day. I was trying to convince my patients in Colombia to regularly cleanse their bodies. Nobody listened to me. And I was suffering from this. But then it hit me…No one wanted to go for a body detox because they thought some chemical treatment is necessary. And I offered them PROGERBARIX – the natural anti-parasite solution with 0% toxins! You have no idea how many patients I made it rescue with this food supplement. And all of them were very grateful for what I did for their bodies and lives. “

PROGERBARIX price in pharmacy and original official website for Colombia

PROGERBARIX price Colombia

PROGERBARIX cannot be found either in pharmacy in Colombia or in Mercado Libre and similar stores of this type. Amazon is not an option, either. Or at least if we are talking about the original PROGERBARIX product! There are replicas in many places, but with a higher price at the expense of the lower quality. Please, do not risk your body and your health with faked food supplements. Instead, order the original PROGERBARIX at discounted price the following way:

  • Visit the product official website
  • Read all the facts and instructions about how to use PROGERBARIX
  • Go to the bottom of the page
  • Check out the current price – it is 50% less. The original price is 258 000 pesos, but right now, you can order the capsules for 129 000 pesos only
  • Type your names and your phone number
  • Wait for someone from the distributor team to call you back
  • Tell your valid address in Colombia
  • Pay the discounted price at delivery
CONCLUSION: PROGERBARIX price is affordable and worth it as the capsules can detox your body and eliminate the bacteria, germs, worms and parasites from your organism. To make an order for the original product, avoid any purchases from the pharmacy in Colombia or Mercado Libre store. Instead, benefit from the price on sale at PROGERBARIX official website.


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