hyaluronan cream review 50g ArgentinaHyaluronan is an amazing anti-age product with rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing effect. This cream has a fantastic formula – one of a kind that put dangerous and expensive procedures such as facelift and plastic surgery in the past. Available at an amazing price the product is now out in Argentina. Local customers have uploaded more than 10K comments during the first four months after the product debut. According to these opinions the cream is an amazing all in one skin care solution for wrinkles and numerous other imperfections on your face. Find out more in our detailed Hyaluronan review.


What is Hyaluronan? What does is serve for?

What is Hyaluronan is a logical question. When you figure it out what this cream serves for and what an amazing set of skin benefits it gives the skin you will ask the same thing. Because no other skin care product can achieve so many on your face – at least 10 years are removed of your face and the hydrobalance is recovered. And these are not all. Hyaluronan serves to deeply rejuvenates the connective tissue and to restore the skin barrier function in order to prevent the negative impact of the environmental conditions such as air pollution, free radicals, bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, this natural medicine treats the lack of collagen. With ageing our skin loses not only collagen, but also elastin and stops absorbing the nutritive elements that keep it smooth and radiant. Hyaluronan serves to nourish the skin all the significant microelements that can make it glowing, young and healthy again.

Hyaluronan effect and results

Hyaluronan effects

Hyaluronan effect is universal for mature skin and faces with imperfections such as fine wines on the forehead, deep nasolabial folds, dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as droopy cheeks and the chin, hormonal acne, dehydration plus dry and flaky skin. All of these can be removes with one single product. Thanks to its patented formula Hyaluronan by FaceUp replaces the entire set of skin products you have in your bathroom – hydrating serum, anti-wrinkle cream, nourishing gel and anything else you keep using without getting any results. On the contrary Hyaluronan results are guaranteed and they are long-term. Thanks to this natural solution you will achieve all of these benefits despite of your age or skin type:

  • Smoothens the skin surface and removes all imperfections
  • Tightens the fine wines
  • Shrinks the pores and controls the excess of sebum production
  • Fights acne in mature age and removes all scars
  • Reduces the eye puffiness
  • Stretches the counter and makes your face literally glow again
  • Restores the natural hydro balance so you will even stop wanting to wear makeup
  • Heals the inflammation and fights the hyperpigmentation
  • Increases the immunity of the skin cells to prevent any bacterial infections
  • 100% moisturized skin round the whole day with no need to add other hydrating products

Ingredients and content

Hyaluronan ingredients are natural, organic and carefully selected. This patented content by FaceUp – a company with an amazing reputation within the eco-friendly food supplement and cosmetic products company – heals and preserves the wonderful results on your face for years. Hyaluronan content is composed of 100% pure elements. There are parabens, silicones, comedogenic or chemical components. You can rely on this natural solution and its set of effective ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid is added to smooth, purify, sleek and moisturize all skin layers deeply and for a longer time. It helps the preservation of the skin hydrobalance. This component is also responsible to delete the fine wines and to reduce the signs of acne and old acne scars.
  • Dragon’s blood extract is an amazing anti-age element with hydrating and restoring effect. This rare herbal extract remove the negative effect of the harmful UV and UVB rays and restores the natural glow on your face.
  • Niacinamide is one of the top elements that fight acne, scars, dark spots and large pores. It cleans the pores and stops the appearance of fine wines or pimples. The element is also an amazing fighter against skin congestion.
  • Calendula recovers the normal hydrobalance and prevents the leak of water inside the skin down layers, while also protects the upper epidermis layer from cellular damages. This amazing element stimulates the natural production of collagen and heals the flakes on the dry skin without getting in a collision with the needs of the mixed and greasy skin type as it unclogs the pores and helps the fast healing process of the pimples.
  • Aloe vera is a great soothing element that also serves as a natural exfoliator. It is a great natural medicine against inflammation, skin cracking or acne, including in mature age.
  • Licorice extract is promoted to stimulate the elastin production and supports the normal lipid metabolism in all skin types. It’s a great solution for acne, eczema and atopic dermatitis.

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What is Hyaluronan formula?


Hyaluronan formula is a patented discovery by FaceUp. Currently in Argentina dermatology doctors are shocked by this great breakthrough in the traditional skin care routine. The cream is light as serum and efficient as a plastic surgery. It’s about to fully change the way women take care of their natural skin beauty. No more chemical acids and dangerous gel or cream products that can irritate and cause allergic reactions. No more waste of money on tones of solutions with ingredients that get in a collision and make your skin condition even worse. Hyaluronancomposition serves as an all-purpose cream suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin with easily to be clogged pores. The refined formula has gone through all the necessary clinical trials and has an official quality certificate provided by the dermatology specialists in Argentina. The fast, prominent and guaranteed skin rejuvenation after your 40s at an affordable price is now possible. Hyaluronan by FaceUp is the solution that can do it in a month.

Hyaluronan instructions and manual (+ daily dose)

Hyaluronan instructions are described in the step by step manual. In this medicine leaflet you can read even more detailed information about this innovative skin product. Of course, there’s data for the daily recommended dose. Please, follow these Hyaluronan instructions to achieve fantastic results on your face even if Botox couldn’t remove those wrinkles on your forehead:

  • This product is made in the form of a cream for direct application (attention: in some comments people call it a serum, too)
  • Don’t exceed the daily dose – once per day
  • Before an application prepare your skin properly to stimulate the right and fast absorption of the cream ingredients
  • Here’s how to prepare your skin: clean your face with your daily mild cleanser (make sure it’s pH neutral) and they dry it by tapping, but not pressing with a clean towel. If your skin needs it, you can exfoliate the upper layer in advance
  • Apply a small amount of the cream and start massaging the cheeks, the forehead, the T-zone, the eyes and even the neckline and the lips if you want to
  • Don’t rinse off! Go to sleep with an amazing sensation of freshness on your face (it’s recommended to use the cream before sleeping, but there’s no problem to apply in the morning as it’s a great makeup base)

Side effects and contraindications

Hyaluronan side effects are not known. In Argentina women share that the cream doesn’t clog the pores and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. The hypoallergenic formula is suitable for all skin types and can achieve great results even after your 60s. Hyaluronan contraindications are not reported, either, including after the official laboratory tests in Argentina. Please, note that although it works like a medicine against wrinkles, acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation, you don’t need a prescription to make an order online.

Hyaluronan testimonials and comments in Argentina

Hyaluronan Argentina opinions comments

Hyaluronan testimonials are indeed a lot and they give hope to so many women who try to look younger and more beautiful. The comments include information about the lack of side effects and within them ladies share that the cream works like a real Botox to the wrinkles on the face. In Argentina the online forum feedback posts women also discuss the fact effect. Unlike most serum and gel products this anti-age cream promises visible results during the first week of daily application. Here are some concrete Hyaluronan testimonials we have randomly selected from the opinions and comments we have reads in Argentina:

  • Hyaluronan works! This cream is so light and amazing. My skin is baby-like now. And I am 45-years old. No more forehead angry wrinkles and no more dehydration. The formula is very gentle to my sensitive skin. I love it. Looking forward to get my third pack of the cream”
  • This cream is like going to the plastic surgery, but without experiencing the post recovery effect. I love the way my skin glows without wearing any foundation during the day now. Besides, this is the only solution that removed those acne scars I carry on my face since a teenager!”
  • Lovely product at a great price. I emphasize in the price, because to achieve such results as this cream does you need to pay thousands of pesos in the aesthetic medicine center.”
  • “I decided to try Hyaluronan when I hit 50. In Argentina the delivery is very fast. So I opened the box the first day and it felt very nice to apply this nice-smelling cream on my face. The skin got softer at once. In two months a friend came to visit me from Argentina. She said I look younger and asked me when my first facelift was. She was surprised to find out that it’s just one cream that can achieve it…”

Hyaluronan price in Argentina in pharmacy. Order from Amazon or Mercardo Libre?Hyaluronan price in Argentina

Hyaluronan price in Argentina is great. In Pharmacy, Amazon or Mercardo Libre, though, there’s a huge flood of replicas. The official distributor in Argentina has made a statement that the faked cream might be dangerous as it consists of dangerous chemical components that can irritate your skin. The only safe way to order Hyaluronan is by visiting the official website. By the way, right now on the official website the price is reduced with 50%. Here’s how to benefit of this special offer:

  • Open the official website and get informed about the product once again
  • Read more testimonials by real customers
  • Right next to the price tag there’s an online order form to fill in with names and telephone number
  • Don’t prepay anything. You will pay at the delivery time
  • The delivery time is 5 days after the phone call you will receive in 24 hours after the order form is sent
FINAL THOUGHTS: Hyaluronan anti-age cream removes wrinkles, dark spots, eye bags, acne, scars and dehydration naturally and at a great price. You can now order the product via the official website with 50% discount and no prepayment.


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