Fonix Repair Maxi Review Poland Italy Czech RepublicFonix Repair Maxi is the only risk-free hearing recovery method available on the planet. This is a completely new therapy for deafness, tinnitus, ear inflammation and decreased hearing ability due to ageing. It is not offered at a cheap price. In Poland thousands of patients with a hopeless medicine otolaryngology diagnose have managed to increase their hearing with up to 200%. Get more details in our top-to-bottom helpful Fonix Repair Maxi review right away.


Fonix Repair Maxi effect and results

Fonix Repair Maxi effect

Fonix Repair Maxi effect is instant from the very first application. This revolutionary amplifier has been designed to make a real breakthrough in today’s contemporary otolaryngology field and to give hope to thousands of people from Italy, Poland and Czech Republic to hear their friends, to listen to music, to distinguish familiar voices within the crowd, to live normally again. The guaranteed Fonix Repair Maxi results are supported by the unique system of hearing cell repair. Unlike any chemical tablets you use for prophylaxis or any dangerous surgery you go to with a huge risk to worsen your condition, this device reverses the time when your ears worked in full capacity. Besides, it has absolutely no possible negative effect whether on your digestive system or on your kidneys and liver. Totally safe and applicable to numerous ENT (ear, nose and throat) conditions, FonixRepair Maxi effect is going to transform your life making every sound clearer and closer to you.

Fonix Repair Maxi ingredients and content

FonixRepair Maxi usage

Fonix Repair Maxi ingredients are eco-friendly, biodegradable and 100% risk-free for your health. The device is made from safe materials that cannot cause irritation or any allergic reaction. This amplifier is designed to be inserted within the ear for immediate tissue penetration. As a result of this the healing Fonix Repair Maxi content starts the hearing reconstruction treatment from the first second you have it in your ear. The hearing degradation is stopped forever, while the cellular regeneration works more and more intensive to fully provide you the following FonixRepair Maxi benefits:

  • Up to 270% better hearing capability
  • Immediate removal of the pain within the ears
  • Full recovery from ear noise, ringing and buzzing
  • Restoration of the damaged ear cells
  • Blockage of the natural hearing loss due to ageing
  • Applicable and efficient even in case of total deafness
  • Ear canal recovery with an ease
  • No risk for your body or health condition
  • Provides an amazing domestic therapy with no need to wait on the quake at the doctor’s cabinet where waving your hands won’t even let you explain your diagnose
  • Easy to be used with no need of assistance by medicine specialists

What is FonixRepairMaxi formula?

What is Fonix Repair Maxi is a question you will find in many comments, opinions and reviews in online forum websites Czech Republic, Poland and Italy. There’s a short and a long explanation of this formula. Here’s the short: Fonix Repair Maxi formula is implanted in a simple to be used ear amplifier to make you from a totally deaf into a 100% hearing healthy person. Well, it might be interesting for you to learn the long explanation. According to it, Fonix Repair Maxi formula is built on the principles of the latest trends in biomagnetotherapy. This therapy combines multiple principles from multiple spheres such as folk medicine, scientific knowledge in audio transmission, as well as the magnetic fields and their influence on our organism. The device literally unlocks the inner capability of the cells to recover, while its magnetic pieces enhance hearing in a 100% natural and risk-free way. The inner device magnetic pulses recover the microcellular structures and enable the gradual repair of hearing. This is how the cells are stimulated to pick up the sounds and to offer you full hearing restoration.

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Fonix Repair Maxi instructions. How to use FonixRepair Maxi?

use FonixRepair Maxi

Fonix Repair Maxi instructions are easy to be understood from the first reading of the step by step leaflet manual. It is where you can find out how the amplified is placed and used within your ear. How to use Fonix Repair Maxi is by the way among the top comments within the customer reviews and opinions in Poland. Some patients are worried whether they would be capable to perform the therapy. Here’s where we have to tell them and you: there’s nothing scary or difficult in FonixRepair Maxi instructions:

  • The product is made in the form of a specially tailored amplifier.
  • The amplifier is designed to be used only for externally.
  • Just insert the amplifier in your ear according to the official medicine leaflet directions
  • The device has 5 volume levels to adjust it especially for your needs
  • Note that you can use the amplifier for the left and for the right ear
  • If you have worsened hearing ability in both ears, switch them day by day
  • This hearing solution is supposed to be used all day long, including while sleeping
  • The ear sound recovery is guaranteed within 1 month

Side effects and contraindications

Fonix Repair Maxi side effects are not known. During the official clinical trials in Poland no patient has complained about any side effects. On the contrary – 98% of the patients have succeeded in recovering their hearing within a month. This device is possible to be used by everyone. There are no Fonix Repair Maxi contraindications that should worry you. It does not matter how you lost or reduced your hearing, as well as how old you are or what medications you take. Since FonixRepair Maxi is not a traditional pack of pills, capsules or a cream for direct influence on your stomach, skin or internal organs you can use it with no health risk at all. Note that this revolutionary device can be purchased via an online order with no need to provide a prescription. To use it, you don’t need a preliminary consultation with a doctor, either.

Fonix Repair Maxi comments, opinions, reviews in Poland online forum

Fonix Repair Maxi comments, opinions, reviews

Fonix Repair Maxi comments are so many that it was impossible for us to quote them all to you. Though, it is essential for us to tell you that among these real people’s opinions you will not find any negative reviews. On the contrary, Poland online forum websites with health topics are full of positive comments related with this hearing solution. There are even opinions left by specialist – doctors recommend the device for everyone with ear or hearing problems regardless of the cause or the disease stage. The specialists claim in their reviews that “the amplifier makes a huge statement within the otolaryngology and ETN spheres erasing the necessity of poisoning non-efficient pharmacy tablets and the risky surgeries that not always recover the full hearing capacity”. Here is now a set of Fonix Repair Maxi opinions and comments left by real people:

  • “This easy to be used piece has literally cured my inflamed ear after sever infection, which reduced my hearing with up to 65%. I thought I would never be able to hear my kids anymore, which although screaming all day long at one moment just became dumb for me. Thankfully with this amplifier I have fully treated my ear and in home conditions, which is such a blessing!”
  • “Fonix Repair Maxi My right ear has been with reduced capacity for 5 years. It thought it was too late to try some therapy. And I gave up treating the problem. With this amplifier from the very first day I started hearing even when the colleagues were whispering some gossips in the room!”
  • Great product. I bought it for my granny, which could not heat at all. She was almost deaf. I had to scream and yet nothing worked to have a conversation with her. It made her lonely and desperate. The amplifier was my Christmas gift for her and she said it was the best thing she has ever received. Now she listens to the news, to her favorite TV show with no problems anymore!”
  • Very nice thing. It helped me to treat the infected ear canal that left me with 50% decrease of my hearing ability. According to my doctor I am totally cured. And the price is quite cheap!”

Fonix Repair Maxi price pharmacy Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic

Fonix Repair Maxi price Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic

Fonix Repair Maxi price is indeed affordable and competitive. This price is 100 less than a surgery, which even if paid does not bring you a guarantee for hearing recovery. Moreover, in difference to all products from pharmacy FonixRepair Maxi has a potential to prevent you from further ageing hearing reduction. Speaking of pharmacy please be aware that the product is not available in Poland drug stores. Pharmacy purchases are dangerous due to several Poland faked products. They are at a higher price and they don’t meet the latest biomagnetotherapy standards.

FonixRepair Maxi – where to buy – eBay, Amazon, official website

Fonix Repair Maxi is a great product but where to buy it anyway? This is a question that also appears in several comments in online forum Poland websites. We must immediately warn you that products of the same name listed in eBay or Amazon are as dangerous as those in pharmacy in Poland. The replicas don’t bring the same effect as the original FonixRepair Maxi does. The only place from where you can order online original Fonix Repair Maxi is the official website. In official website the price is now on sale. The standard price is reduced with 50%. Here’s how to get the deal and treat your partial or full deafness cheaply and easily at home:

  • Visit the official website with 50% discount price
  • Have a look at the information about instructions and results
  • Read more reviews and opinions
  • Find the online order form and fill it in
  • Wait for a phone call within 24 hours
  • Via the phone call a free consultation is available
  • Confirm your order with no pre-payment
  • Payment is at delivery and delivery in Poland is up to 5 days
FINAL THOUGTHS: Fonix Repair Maxi is a record-breaking hearing solution that has helped thousands of people to recover from deafness, ear canal inflammation, ringing in the ears, etc. This device has no side effects, but a safe biomagnetic formula and cheap price.


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