Erectol Mass capsules Review PeruErectol Mass is all-natural male libido and endurance enhancement pills. Their ‘NaturalMaxx’ manufacturer says that Erectol Mass is great for making the wife happier in bed. It also serves for the increased virility without the appearance of side effects. The product is delivered in the form of organic tablets and is extremely popular among men of all age groups across South America. One of the reasons for this is the lucrative price that remains the same everywhere. Erectol Mass does not cost more in Peru than it does in Mexico. It is recommended by top urologists and sexologists in the region, like Dr. Álvaro Quesada and Dr. Manuel Zarate Oquendo. They do so because the product has an organic composition and 96% effectiveness, according to its Certificate of Quality. The main ingredients in the formula are herbal extracts from Borojo, Andean Maca, a Vitamin B complex, and Chontaduro. They have a potent and quick effect, driving more blood to the small pelvis area. They are also good for the prostate gland. And they are the answer to all your questions about intimacy. The fact that they are derived from plants means that Erectol Mass is not dangerous. It does not cause negative side effects or contraindications and is recommended for those with an enlarged prostate.


Where to buy Erectol Mass at a good price online in Peru in 2021? Should I look for it in the pharmacy? Are there many libido-boosting scams on Amazon and Mercado Libre? How to take Erectol Mass safely at the right dosage, according to the instructions for use?

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Andean Maca & Its Benefits for the Male Libido!

Male Libido

Maca is an ancient medicinal plant. native to Peru and Bolivia. It grows at an altitude of 11 and 14,000 meters. This situates it well above the tree belt and just below the permanent snow one. It has been used to increase the energy, fertility, and endurance of the local population in the Andes for millennia. Maca has a unique phytochemical composition and powerful therapeutic properties. It has an unusual aroma, varying depending on environmental conditions. But how exactly does Maca help us stay potent and virile?

Experts say that the Maca plant has the following benefits and advantages for the male libido:

  • Maca also contains specific alkaloids that are involved in the control mechanisms of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, and other endocrine organs. This makes it excellent for normal genitourinary functions.
  • It is a very safe natural libido booster that drives increased blood flow to the small pelvis area.
  • The plant is a powerful adaptogen, meaning that it boosts both physical and mental performance.

What Is Erectol Mass? What Does Erectol Mass Serve for? Libido Benefits!

Erectol Mass is all-natural penis enlargement and libido-boosting pills. They are delivered in the form of organic tablets, as the ‘NaturalMaxx’ manufacturer wants them to be as effective as possible. ErectolMass serves for the increase of blood flow to the small pelvis area. It helps men stay potent and makes their girlfriends and wives truly happy and fully satisfied in bed. Dr. Álvaro Quesada and Dr. Manuel Zarate Oquendo are two Peruvian urologists who have a degree in sexology, too. They recommend the product to their clients, as they’ve personally examined its action. Erectol Mass helps you endure longer in bed without causing negative side effects or contraindications. It has a 96% efficiency and a Certificate of Quality to prove this.

Millions of couples in Peru have already rediscovered the joy of having long sessions in bed in 2021. They achieved this with the help of the organic male libido-boosting pills. Erectol Mass is great for men of all ages that say Erectol Mass serves for the greater mutual satisfaction. Here are some of its main advantages for men!

  • All-Natural Composition That Prolongs Erections & Increases Mutual Pleasure in Bed;
  • It Gives You Energy & Makes You More Potent & Virile;
  • Erectol Mass Is Great for Couples Who Want to Re-Ignite the Spark of Passion;
  • The Tablets Serve for the Active Libido Enhancement without Causing Negative Side Effects or Contraindications;
  • Clients Who Wonder Where to Buy Erectol Mass at a Good Price in Peru Should Visit the ‘NaturalMaxx’ Manufacturer’s Official Website;

Nota Bene! Effects may vary individually!

Erectol Mass Comments & Opinions on Forums Confirm It Is Not Dangerous!

Erectol Mass Comments & Opinions

Online forums are full of positive Erectol Mass comments and opinions. Millions of couples in Peru have managed to find or reignite the romantic spark with its help. The testimonials confirm that it has many benefits and advantages. This is further backed up by expert feedback, issued by Dr. Álvaro Quesada and Dr. Manuel Zarate Oquendo. They say that they use it personally and, being middle-aged men, it improved their lives.

Both sexologists say that it keeps their prostate gland’s size normal. Not to mention that they also enjoy prolonged endurance and energy. This is what most of the Erectol Mass comments and opinions on intimacy forums think, too. Most of all, the testimonials confirm that ErectolMass is not dangerous. There are no complaints about negative side effects or contraindications in the feedback.

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How to Use Erectol Mass? Step-by-Step Instructions, Dosage, & Leaflet!

Many clients say that they like using Erectol Mass because of its quick action. The big advantages of the pills can be felt 15-20 minutes after the intake. Achieving and attaining arousal is easier. And the time, spent in the bedroom, turns into long hours of mutual pleasure. Erectol Mass’ instructions for use are very clear. According to the user manual, there are no negative side effects or contraindications. You just have to follow the dosage, indicated in the leaflet.

The step-by-step way of how to use Erectol Mass at the right dosage is the following, according to the instructions for use:

  1. Take 1 Erectol Mass tablet daily 15-20 minutes before sex or self-pleasure.
  2. Make sure to stay physically active & engage in regular romantic activity with your partner.
  3. Repeat the process daily to stay potent & become a true lion in bed!

The Composition Features Potent Libido-Boosting Ingredients!

Potent ingredients

Erectol Mass’ organic composition is quite potent. Its list of ingredients includes traditional Peruvian potency enhancement herbs and plants. There are no known side effects or contraindications. The product has a Certificate of Quality, proving its 96% effectiveness in increasing energy, muscle mass, and sexual prowess.

The main effects from ErectolMass’ organic composition are the following:

  • It Transforms Men from Romantic Kitties into Sexual Tigers;
  • The Tablets Take Effect Quickly & Make Sure That Intimacy Lasts for Hours;
  • They Also Give Energy & Help You Build Lean Muscle Tissue;

The active ingredients in Erectol Mass’ formula are:

  • Borojo Extract: It eliminates internal inflammations and is good for the prostate gland.
  • Andean Maca Extract: This traditional Peruvian ingredient boosts blood flow to the small pelvis area and makes you last longer in bed.
  • Vitamin B Complex: The multivitamin complex gives energy and improves immunity defense levels.
  • Chontaduro Extract: It helps you build lean muscle tissue and enhances your mood and daily tone.

Erectol Mass Price in Peru in 2021 – Where to Buy Erectol Mass?

Erectol Mass Price in Peru

The ‘NaturalMaxx’ manufacturer says that clients who wonder where to buy Erectol Mass at a good price online must visit the official website. There is no risk of falling onto a scam product there like there is on Mercado Libre and Amazon. And Erectol Mass’ price there is equivalent in all South-American countries, including Peru, in 2021.

Let us not forget that you can also take advantage of good Erectol Mass price discounts on the official website. The current one gets, as high as -50% on the original cost. Just fill in your details in the digital form, leaving a current telephone number. A representative of the distribution company will get in touch with you shortly to clear out the details. The product arrives in 7 days and payments are processed via COD.

This is where to buy Erectol Mass at the best price online in Peru in 2021:

  1. Enter Name & Current Telephone Number in Online Form on Official Website
  2. Receive a Call from a Distribution Company Officer & Specify Delivery Details
  3. Get Erectol Mass, Pay with COD Method, & Start Having Sex Like a Tiger in 2021!

Pharmacy, Mercado Libre, Amazon, or Official Website?

There is no use in looking for Erectol Mass pills in the pharmacy. The tablets are not sold there. This would only make their cost go up, too. And if you see an Erectol Mass offer on Mercado Libre or Amazon, know that it is a scam. You can buy the libido booster via its official website with a good discount!

Staying Virile Means Continuing Being a Man!


Potency and having a normal libido, as you age, means that you have to take care of yourself. Don’t forget to pay regular visits to your urologist. Talk to your partner more and do not shy away from sharing your most intimate fantasies. This will make them tell you about theirs and enhance mutual satisfaction levels!

Bottom Line: Erectol Mass is all-natural male potency and libido enhancement pills that have sold more than a million copies in Peru in 2021. Client comments and opinions about them on online intimacy forums are more than positive. None of the testimonials feature side effect complaints. The virility tablets have a good price rate on their official website. Their composition is entirely organic. Many professional urologists also recommend them, as a good alternative to medicine.


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