Bionica capsules Review MexicoBionica is an excellent solution for everyone who’s sick and tired of going on a diet and not achieving any results in the end. These capsules are made for a hassle-free weight loss therapy where working out or starvation are not required. Available at a cheap price the natural product is now number one remedy for body shaping in Mexico. It has an extremely fast effect according to the local testimonials. Find out more in our today’s Bionica review.


What is Bionica? What does it serve for?

What is Bionica

Bionica is the name of innovative capsules that will literally change the way we strive for the perfect body. If in the past people used to reduce the daily intake of calories or spend up to 2 hours per day in the fitness, from now on they can eat whatever and whenever they like and enjoy the free time for something better than working out. Bionica serves to speed up the metabolism – the body inner capability to process the food into energy we need to live. Without proper and fast metabolism getting slim is impossible. No matter how much you work out, the food will still remain in the form of fats under your skin. No matter how little you eat, this food is going to store up around your belly. Bionica makes it easy for everyone to burn calories and fats even while sleeping or having a rest at the beach. Speaking of the beach, dear girls, you will never feel ashamed of your bodies at the seaside, because with these capsules cellulite and overweight are behind you.

Bionica results that you can achieve

Bionica results are not just guaranteed, but long-term. The capsules are revolutionary for one main reason. They don’t make you tolerant to them. It means that when you lose as many kilos as you want you can stop taking this natural solution with no risk to gain the kilos back. In addition to these, the Bionica results are focused on the healthy rather than on the hazardous weight loss. Doctors from Mexico have recently noticed an increase in registered chronic diseases for people who have been on a diet and damaged their internal organs due to limits and starvation. They strongly recommend the capsules, because with them you don’t just make amazing body curves, but restore the inner processes and receive the necessary especially for you amount of energy. No more fatigue or risks of diabetes, bad cholesterol level or heart attack because you are fat. You will no longer be fat with this brilliant organic solution.

Here are some more Bionica results to expect:

  • More power every day
  • Full control over the appetite
  • Protection of the internal organs from the fats
  • Hormonal balance – checked
  • More vitality and a longer life
  • Great self-confidence due to the body you have ever wanted
  • No need to work out or to eat less during the day
  • The body loses kilos without making the skin shaggy
  • Fantastic curves in up to 30 days
  • 100% applicable therapy in domestic conditions

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Bionica composition (what are the ingredients?)


Bionica composition is fully organic and suitable for vegans. This composition is hypoallergenic and does not contain any dangerous synthetic elements. Within Bionica composition the specialists from Mexico we have talked about did not find any GMO, artificial flavors, hormones or steroids. The formula contains only precisely selected healthy nutritive elements in high concentration and in a proper proportion with the active ingredients. These ingredients are plant and herbal extracts taken in 100% pure laboratory conditions and under the oversight of experienced and reputable dietologists, medicine specialists and nutritionists.

Here are the active ingredients in the excellent Bionica composition:

  • Taurine. It triggers the metabolism and boosts up the natural energy production inside the body. In addition to this, the natural element keeps you away from sweets during the day as it controls the appetite.
  • Goji berry extract. Provided in high concentration, it stimulates the proper digestion and removes the toxins from your body to speed up the weight loss. The herb has been also promoted to remove the excess of liquids in your body and to keep your intestines healthy and properly working.
  • Guarana extract. This is one of the most powerful organic fat-burning elements of all times. The plant helps you keep the same body weight after losing the kilos you believe that are unnecessary for your body structure. In addition to these, Guarana removes the fatigue and the cellulite.
  • White bean extract. This organic component provides a quick restoration of the metabolic processes and removes the excess of liquids in your body. With its fantastic detox function your health is put back in a proper condition (and you should not forget that sometimes, overweight is a matter of health issues).
  • Vitamin B5 in high concentration. It is needed to break down the consumed carbohydrates and to burn fats. This is how the elements protect your internal organs and helps you reduce more weight. In addition to these, the vitamin restores the hormonal balance and increases the energy storage.

How to use Bionica? Are there any specific instructions for customers from Mexico?

How to use Bionica

How to use Bionica is a question that should not bother anybody. It is because the product is provided with instructions in your local language. This means that if you live in Mexico, when you order the capsules inside their box you will receive Spanish instructions. We strongly recommend you not to start the therapy without reading them carefully. Besides, no matter how much you hurry to lose weight, don’t exceed the daily dose. The official producer has found the right amount of the extracts the body needs to have as fast as possible metabolism and to unlock the fat burning process. You don’t need more capsules to increase the effect, because it is going to be achieved one way or another.

Here are the Bionica instructions in short:

  • The product contains capsules that are made for oral usage.
  • Don’t exceed the daily dose.
  • Daily recommended dose: 3 capsules per day
  • How to use Bionica? – Take 1 capsule with meal in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. While you take it, drink as much water as possible to speed up the effect of the capsules.
  • Minimum duration of the weight loss therapy: 30 days
  • Maximum duration of the weight loss therapy: none

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Side effects and contraindications – are there any?

Bionica side effects have never been discussed. In Mexico we have read testimonials by many customers. None of them said anything about negative reactions caused by the capsules. This means that the product does not irritate the stomach and cannot damage the liver cells – consequences of taking suspicious medications like tablets and pills for weight loss in the pharmacy. When the official distributor in Mexico told us that the product has a quality certificate he added that there are no Bionica contraindications, either. Besides, a customer does not need to provide any prescription to make an online order or to consult with a doctor in advance.

Bionica opinions and comments in Mexico online forum feedback posts

Bionica opinions and comments in Mexico Price

Bionica testimonials are thousands in Mexico. For several months it has made an amazing debut. Within the online forum feedback posts Mexicans appreciate the product as the only working remedy against overweight. Some models from the country share their stories how they finally started working normally by eating pizza, not spending every free minute in the gym or counting calories. In these testimonials there are even a lot of comments made by doctors. The medicine specialists don’t just approve the product, but describe it as a “brilliant formula that while making someone slim improves the entire body mechanism”.

Here are some randomly selected for you Bionica testimonials to read:

  • “Very nice capsules. I took them for nearly 6 weeks. The effect is amazing. I lost 23 kilos without making any exercises. Now I go to the beach and enjoy life without thinking how fat I am or what people consider I am. Actually, they kind of looking at me all the time. I guess I finally know what’s like to be sexy!”
  • Bionica If you want to waste money on weight loss pills, this is the only product that worth it. I tried a lot of things from the pharmacy, but all of them had yo-yo effect. With these capsules things are different. 4 months after the therapy I am still slim and with no cellulite!”
  • Fantastic product! It is very cheap and the delivery in Mexico is fast. By the way, the consultant on the phone is very polite. She gave me plenty of tips to lose weight even faster. It’s like going to a dietologist for free!”

Bionica strong points:

  • Up to -20 kilos per month
  • Diet with no limits
  • Free time with no fitness
  • 100% applicable at home
  • No GMO or other chemicals

Bionica weak points:

  • Not available in the store
  • Not available in the pharmacy
  • Available only in the internet

Bionica price in Mexico 2022

Bionica price in Mexico

Bionica price is cheap and affordable. In Mexico you get the same price as the rest people from all over the world. And although the product was released in the previous year and got so much success in the 2022nd year the price was not increased. Actually, the price was even reduced. Right now there is a promo Bionica price campaign. With it you can take the capsules with 50% discount from the standard price for Mexico. Find out how in the following lines.

Bionica in pharmacy, Mercado Libre, Amazon or official website?

Bionica in pharmacy, Mercado Libre and Amazon might be available. However, if you see it in any of these or any other store, this would not be the original product. While we have discussed the capsules with the official distributor for Mexico we were told that the capsules are not sold on the official market. Bionica is available only in its official website. If you don’t buy the product there, but from any other place, you put your health at risk with a faked product.

Here’s how to make a quick and safe Bionica online order:

  • Visit the official website for Mexico
  • Read once again everything necessary about the therapy
  • Find the online order form where you should enter only your names and telephone number
  • The telephone number is supposed to be valid, because it will be used by the company to reach you for order confirmation. In other words, there is no prepayment
  • The payment is at delivery and the delivery is within 3-5 working days in Mexico
  • Delivery price Mexico – 0
CONCLUSION: Bionica capsules are made to stimulate your metabolism so you can lose weight with no hassle, diets, exercises or anything else you hate. The product is 100% organic and has no side effects. It is available only via the official website for Mexico. The price is very competitive and now reduced with 50% discount.


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