TestoHerbTestoherb, also known as Testo Herb 1 Hour, are male performance-enhancing capsules. They come in glass containers and discreet packaging. Each unit contains 30 filmed capsules which should last for 30 consecutive days. The manufacturer of the good is the popular Bulgarian natural products company, called ‘Cvetita Herbal’ Ltd. Its goods are beauty, fitness, and libido-improving solutions that contain only natural ingredients. The Testo Herb 1H mutual pleasure booster’s ingredients are derived from oyster proteins, cordyceps, Damiana herb leaves, and red deer antlers. Cvetita Herbal representatives have stated that the bio-active formula should intensify sexual desire by speeding up metabolic levels. This will increase the blood flow to every area of the body, including the small pelvis. Increased energy and stamina levels will also help men please their partners to the fullest.


Most of the available user testimonials, client reviews, and customer feedback have had a positive tone. There are hardly any complaints regarding possible side effects and contraindication on forums and discussion boards.

The Testoherb 1 Hour capsules can only be purchased via the filling in of a form on the official website. Clients must fill in a name and a telephone number. A representative of the distribution company will get in touch with them to clarify the delivery details. Clients must anticipate the call and not miss out on it. The male enhancement solution is not available in pharmacies. Testo Herb is not a ‘thuốc’. It is a natural libido booster. Users will not find it in the product lists of sales portals, such as eBay, eMag, Amazon, AliBaba, and AliExpress. Payments are processed via cash-on-delivery (COD) method. Users can read more in the following TestoHerb 1H review.

What Is the Role of Testosterone in the Human Body?

Testosterone is one of the main hormones in the human body. It regulates the average levels of the libido in both men and women. For the stronger gender, it is also vital for the average bone mass, fat distribution, muscle size, and strength. As well as for the reproductive abilities, and red blood cells production. A greater part of the female body’s ability to build lean muscle mass is also attributed to normal testosterone levels. But excess amounts of it can induce rather negative changes. Some of them include gradual reductions in bra size, oily skin, acne, and extreme hair growth.

The production of testosterone slowly begins to decline as men pass the age of 40. Scientists have estimated that its production lowers with 1.6% every year as the number count of birthdays increases. Which increases the risk of developing serious problems with the prostate gland. One can try an treat the enlarged prostate by consuming a variety of testosterone-boosting herbs and foods. There are also many bad eating habits to put behind you if you want to enjoy mutually-pleasing sex life.

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A lowered production of testosterone in the male body can also lead to:

  • Reduced Libido;
  • Erectile & Sexual Dysfunctions;
  • Low Sperm Count;
  • Swollen Tissue Around the Breasts;
  • Loss of Body Hair;
  • Decreased Strength;
  • Disappearance of Muscle Bulk;

Is It True That You Have to Use It or Lose It?

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A popular saying about the libido says that one has to ‘use it or lose it’. Recent scientific findings have managed to determine that there is more truth to this than people have believed. Testosterone is responsible for maintaining a healthy sex drive and appetite for intimate pleasure in both men and women. The latter produce it in their ovaries and the adrenal glands. People who have a lowered production of testosterone may gradually lose their libido.

Staying sexually active even in old age is crucial for the proper synthesis of the hormone. The more, the merrier. Even if you are still young, do your best to have a healthy and satisfying intimate life. Otherwise, the pleasure might go away for good. Maintaining it can also be achieved by going on a specialized nutritional plan or applying natural male performance-enhancing solutions.

It is time to take a more detailed look at the Testo Herb 1Hour libido-boosting capsules. They were released on the market by Bulgarian manufacturer ‘Cvetita Herbal’.Most of the available user testimonials and reviews have had a positive tone. Client feedback on digital forums and discussion boards does not mention any negative side effects, nor contraindications. The main pros of the male performance-enhancing solution are widely listed as the cost-efficient price and the natural formula.

What Are the TestoHerb Natural Libido-Boosting Capsules?


These male performance enhancement capsules arrive in a package of 60 total units. They are produced by the Bulgarian company ‘Cvetita Herbal’. It specializes in beauty, fitness, body-shaping, and libido-boosting solutions. They can be purchased all over Europe and Asia. Clients seem to like the way that they work. We can determine this by the fact that the tone of most of the user reviews and testimonials is positive. There are no complaints regarding allergic reactions, side effects or contraindications. This is attributed to the natural formula of the product. It features only organic extracts.

The following characteristics have been listed as the pros of the Testoherb 1Hour mutual pleasure boosters in customer feedback:

  • Actively Boosts the Libido & Metabolic Processes;
  • Enhanced Metabolism Leads to an Increase of Blood Flow to the Small Pelvis Area;
  • Gives Energy & Stamina;
  • Sets the Right Conditions for the Achievement of Mutual Pleasure & Intimate Ecstasy;
  • Discreet Order & Delivery Process;
  • Natural Formula with No Known Contraindications or Side Effects;

Nota Bene! While there are no complaints about negative side effects, their appearance is not impossible. Please, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions of use for the Testoherb 1-Hour filmed tablets to minimize odds!


How to Apply the Testoherb Mutual Pleasure Booster? Is It Available in Liquid Form?

As mentioned above, the male performance-enhancing capsules are easy-to-apply. The appearance of negative side effects is highly unlikely. Clients are best advised to follow the instructions manuals, applied by the manufacturing company ‘Cvetita Herbal’ in the product’s packaging.

Keep in mind that ‘Cvetita Herbal’s Testo Herb libido-boosting good is only available in the form of natural filmed capsules. Some European markets offer it as a liquid solution but they are a limited number. Capsules are better for the digestive system and the product takes effect much quicker.

Here are the 3 simple steps to taking ‘Cvetita Herbal’s Testo Herb capsules:

  1. Take 2 (two) capsules a day – 30 minutes after breakfast & half an hour after dinner.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Consume for, at least, 2 months.

What Does the Natural Formula of the Testoherb 1Hour Male Libido Booster Include?

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The organic formula of this natural male intimate performance solution is comprised only out of natural extracts. None of them is known to lead to any negative side effects. They are considered to be hypoallergenic components.

Let’s take a look at the main ones:

  • Oyster Proteins Extract: Rich in zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids that give energy, brain power and boost testosterone production in the body. Reduces erectile dysfunction outbursts and enhances performance in bed.
  • Cordyceps Extract: Includes a concentration of male sex hormones, like methyl-testosterone. Ensure mutual pleasure, increase stamina, and promote the work of the kidneys and the reproductive system.
  • Damiana Flower Leaves Extract: Actively stimulates blood circulation to the small pelvis area. Helps men sustain erections for an extended period of time.
  • Red Deer Antler Extract: Increases sexual appetite and self-conscience.

How to Order the TestoHerb Natural Capsules Discreetly?

The natural libido-boosting capsules can only be ordered via the filling in of a name and an up-to-date telephone number. They should stay alert for a call from the distributor. It seeks to clear out the delivery details. One pays after one receives. The regular promotional discounts allow for purchasing the male performance enhancing solution at a reduced cost.

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Stay Active & Potent!

If one wishes to be able to please his partner for future years to come, then one must lead a healthy lifestyle. This means that you have to choose a nutritional plan that’s good for your body. Also, don’t be afraid to share your fantasies. Do your best to keep the flame alive!

Bottom Line: The Testoherb natural filmed capsules for active male performance enhancement’s formula includes organic extracts. They work better than other market alternatives.


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