Prostinol capsules Review ColombiaProstinol is a new bio-solution for prostatitis that is designed as organic capsules for everyday intake. Read the following product review to learn the answers to questions such as: What is Prostinol? What are customers’ reviews and testimonials about the product? How to use it properly – dosage and step-by-step instructions?  How much is Prostinol – price and where to buy it?


The supplement is actually a double blow to prostate-related problems. Prostinol serves for improving the functioning of the blood system. It also normalizes urination, increases immunity, and enhances libido. Prostinol for prostatitis is able to help men forget about the pain in the perineum, lower back, and testicles, thus returning to normal urination during one treatment. Besides, the pills will strengthen your sexual health by eliminating inflammation of the prostate gland.

Recently, our team has managed to gather and classify thousands of Prostinol reviews and testimonials that were written in 2022. They reveal that many customers from Colombia discuss the properties and effects of the pills. You can read more about what clients have to say in the review below. Also, we will provide you with information regarding the current price of Prostinol. Make sure to be strict when following the instructions for use of the pills.

Useful Herbs for Prostatitis – Details and Examples

Herbs for Prostatitis

Herbs for the treatment of the prostate have a much better effect if applied at the beginning of the disease. In almost all cases, they are fully compatible with the prescribed drug therapy. Herbs for the treatment of the prostate have a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and disinfectant effect on the urinary tract, which accelerates the healing process. Prominent urologists explain that their multifaceted effects make them suitable for use in all diseases that affect the prostate gland. The herbs for the treatment of prostatitis have a much better effect if applied at the beginning of the disease. In almost all cases, they are fully compatible with the prescribed drug therapy. Most of these powerful herbs tend to have a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and disinfectant effect on the urinary tract. All this accelerates the healing process. In addition, the multifaceted effects of the herbal extracts make them suitable for use in all kinds of prostate-related diseases.

The most useful herbs for prostatitis are:

  • Horsetail extract;
  • roots of thunder;
  • cradle stalks;
  • roots and leaves of parsley;

What Is Prostinol – Does It Relieve Prostatitis Symptoms

What Is Prostinol

Prostinol is a herbal food supplement for prostatitis. It represents a universal, effective, and completely safe solution that combines multiple herb ingredients. Prostinol serves for relieving inflammation and neutralizing all unpleasant symptoms that are related to prostate health problems. the composition of the pills is entirely organic. This means that clients can take them every day without suffering from sudden contradictions or unpleasant side effects. In addition, Prostinol is able to provide protection against future problems such as prostate hyperplasia.  It also boosts libido levels back to normal. All you need to do is follow the exact instructions for use. The rest will be done quickly and effectively. Prostinol for the prostate helps to evacuate urine by reducing the amount of residual urine. It also inhibits the proliferation of stromal cells. Finally, the product has passed a clinical trial that took place among patients hospitalized at the Bogotá national rehabilitation center, Clínica La Luz in the year 2022.

Benefits and Effects of the Supplement for Healthy Prostate

Prostinol is an advanced and solid complex that has the following important benefits:

  • Pain reduction from the start of the treatment;
  • Numerous health properties without contraindications;
  • Restore a strong erection and healthy masculinity safely;
  • 100% natural composition;
  • Hypoallergenic action;
  • Reduces symptoms of enlarged prostate;
  • Decreases prostate inflammation.

Prostinol – Reviews of Clients and Experts

Prostinol capsules opinions comments Colombia Price

What are the main testimonials and reviews about Prostinol in 2022? Our conducted online research revealed that thousands of customers from Colombia have shared positive Prostinol reviews on top trending online forums. In addition, the food supplement for prostatitis is popular on Facebook too. The reason for this is that some reputable urologists recommend Prostinol with praising testimonials. For example, Victor Diaz (Professor of Medicine and a candidate for doctor of medical sciences). On the other hand, many customers confirm in their reviews that Prostinol is safe to use, unlike medicines. All this is thanks to the 100% bio-based formula of the supplement.

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How to Use Prostinol – Step-by-Step Instructions for Use

How to Use Prostinol

Be consistent during the treatment by following the instructions for use of Prostinol. This means that you need to mind the optimal daily dosage of the pills without exceeding it. As a result, the product will achieve solid and lasting results in relieving all unpleasant symptoms.  This has been confirmed by specialists such as doctor Manuel Ramírez. He is a urologist with 17 years of work experience.

So, how to use Prostinol for prostatitis:

The instructions for use step by step are:

  • Take 1 pill in the morning;
  • Take another pill in the evening;
  • Continue the treatment for about one month.


Prostinol is not a supplement that causes the emergence of unwanted contradictions or other side effects because its formula does not feature chemical compounds. On the contrary, it combines herbal ingredients only. So, you can use the complex without suffering from complaints.

Containing: Ingredients & CompositionIngredients

The natural multi-active complex Prostinol promotes healthy prostate recovery thanks to its herbal ingredients. Their powerful properties stimulate the synthesis of testosterone and other androgens, help prevent hormonal imbalances, strengthen the resistance and adaptive properties of the male body. The formula and the proportions of the active ingredients of the pills were selected based on the various studies.

The main components in Prostinol for prostatitis are:

  • Horsetail – normalizes urination and eliminates pain and burning sensations. Relieves the symptoms of prostatitis;
  • Sabal Extract – reduces prostate hyperplasia by eliminating inflammation and promoting normal urination;
  • Stinging Nettle – This herb is used to relieve pain and inflammation with its anti-septic action. Also, it resolves urinary problems and supports the health of the prostate gland.

Prostinol – Price in Colombia – Where to Buy

Prostinol – Price in Colombia

How much is Prostinol and where to buy it? All that clients from Colombia have to do is order the bio-pills for prostate health at an affordable Prostinol price from their official website. There you will notice a short form that you should fill out and send for activation. This is all you need to take advantage of the attractive Prostinol price in 2022.

You should also know that the original product is not sold in stores, but can only be ordered from its official website. There are also various additional promotions, discounts, and attractive offers. If you take advantage of them, you will be able to secure the most affordable price for Prostinol. Do not think anymore, but personally check this information and take the important step to regenerate your male health.

Is the Product Available in the Pharmacy

Prostinol cannot be found originally in a pharmacy or on Mercado Libre and Amazon. The only authentic method to purchase the herbal pills is through their dedicated website. Any case involving the presence of a product that looks like Prostinol in a pharmacy or other store means that you have come across a fake imitation. Such scams can be dangerous to health and cause various side effects. In this regard, we warn consumers that Prostinol cannot be purchased from the pharmacy.

Bottom Line: Prostinol is a complex method for maintaining impeccable prostate health. The supplement is designed as bio-pills for daily intake.  They are not associated with any side effects, and consumers in Colombia write positive reviews about their effectiveness. This natural product for prostatitis is more reliable than alternative offers on the market.


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