Dermacol, foundation The Dermacol makeup cover is a primer by the infamous Czech organic cosmetic manufacturer of the same name. It is available in 3 different shades, which are good for all skin types. According to the producer, its natural formula contributes to the Dermacol matte tone finishing touch and skin softening properties.

APRIL 2020
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Users online are sharing their positive feedback, related to the Dermacol make-up base. They appear to be happy with the Dermacol base’s characteristics as well. They confirm their skin is soft to the touch and has a radiant matte glow after application. The customer reviews carry a general satisfaction with the ingredients, included in the Dermacol makeup base’s organic formula. Client commentary agrees that the company’s solid background in the cosmetics industry and experience make the product worth a try.

But is there something that clients worry about in their customer reviews and feedback? Are there scam products that resemble Dermacol on the Internet? Where can one buy the original makeup base? Is Dermacol available in commercial pharmacies? Can one buy Dermacol in online shops, such as Primor, Druni, and Amazon? What about the price? Are there any similar products?

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Some are worried that there might be fake and scam products available in pharmacies and shops online. As the Dermacol makeup company has been around for a long time, false products have started appearing in the market. The manufacturer warns clients about them. The only safe place to buy the matte skin-toning solution is via the official website.

If you would like to know how, please, read our Dermacol natural makeup base review below.

What Causes Skin Imperfections? How To Take Care of Them?

Everyone has skin imperfections. Whether they are acne scars from our teenage years that we hoped would go away. Maybe you have dark circles under your eyes due to the fact that your job and family life are stressful. Or maybe those first-age spots have begun appearing. There are many different reasons for dermis’ imperfections to begin appearing. Of course, there are many ways to tackle skin problems after 30.

make upWe present the most popular causes for the appearance of problematic areas on our facial skin:

  1. Sun Damage – The truth is, a lot of us don’t use UV protection. The most common imperfections that it causes are uneven skin tone (red-colored areas or rosacea), dryness, and age spots.
  2. Poor Nutrition & Bad Food Choices – It’s very important to nourish our body with the right ingredients. This means eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and less unhealthy, ready-to-eat Bad nutrients could be a reason for the appearance of acne or uneven skin texture.
  3. Overexposure to Harsh Weather and Pollution – Yes, this includes smoking. It may lead to wrinkles and dull skin. Polluted city air and environment could also have a similar impact on skin. Exposure to cold winter air and wind could lead to dryness and redness.

The worst about skin imperfections is that they appear quite suddenly and we don’t even realize how they got there. And of course, we try our best to hide them, as they could make us feel uncomfortable and insecure. We could use a natural face mask. Alternatively, go for an organic makeup base that helps hide imperfections. An option for this is the Dermacol makeup primer.

What Is the Dermacol Makeup Base? What Are the Users Reviews and Testimonials Online?

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The Dermacol makeup cover is a base with a natural, hypoallergenic formula. It is suitable for all skin types. It is available in 3 (three) different tones, which aim to cover all the main skin tones as possible. The natural makeup base also seeks to help mask skin imperfections such as acne, black dots or redness.

Some of its useful properties include evening out the skin tones so that the dermis’s surface appears smooth and radiant. Their organic formula also appears to have a matte finishing touch for naturally glowing skin. User testimonials and client reviews online confirm that the Dermacol maquillage primer has many beautifying positives.

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Here are some of the mentioned finer characteristics:

  • MakeUp Base with An Organic Formula for Covering Up Facial Skin Imperfections;
  • Available in 3 Tones for All Skin Types;
  • Matte Finish for a Natural Look;
  • Hypoallergenic Formula with No Known Contraindications;
  • Affordable Price, Easy Order, & Fast Delivery;

NB! Users should know that the different skin types may react in a variety of ways to Dermacol makeup primer’s formula. It is advisable and important to read and follow the instructions for use of the maquillage cover base before application. They are included in the Dermacol commercial packaging.

Which Are the Dermacol Base Natural Formula’s Ingredients? What about the Skin Tones?3 shades foundation

The Dermacol makeup base contains a natural formula that features hypoallergenic elements. Users’ testimonials online confirm this fact. The customer reviews of Dermacol do not mention that none of them have felt any side effects or discomfort after applying the Dermacol primer. As we mentioned earlier, the product is available in 3 tones, covering all skin types. They include the 222 Nude (Neutral Subtone), 223 Natural (Warm Subtone), and 224 Beige (Yellow Subtone). (ES from Dermacol official website: 222 Nude (subtono neutro), 223 Natural (subtono caliente), 224 Beige (subtono amarillo).

How to Apply the Dermacol Makeup Cover in 5 Minutes?

The Dermacol Makeup Base is very easy to apply. Clients could either use their hands or a make-up sponge, which is our recommended option. For a satisfying way of application, they should follow the instructions, printed on the packaging of the primer. Our recommended and fastest way of application is by setting small dots of primer around the face. Then using a makeup sponge to spread it out evenly around the face.

Dermacol Reviews and Comments – What’s Customers Opinion

A quick check shows that there are almost no complaints in the user Dermacol reviews, comments, and opinions on the web. There are no signs of side effects or contraindications in these reviews. We can define the composition of the make-up base as hypoallergenic and safe for regular application. The active ingredients in the bio-formula of the Dermacol foundation are extracts of plant-beneficial plant species.

In the comments and opinions in online forums, there are no reports of contraindications or side effects of the cosmetic product Dermacol. The reviews of the ladies who use it match the promises of the manufacturers and show a good effect and quality result. It is positive that users’ opinions are shared online.

Most of the reviews of the ladies on online forums about beauty, cosmetics, and style are positive. Ladies shares in their reviews and comments that they have managed to favor the good appearance of their face. They believe that using a background emphasizing its natural radiance without the risk of damaging the dermis and causing allergic reactions.

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Dermacol Price – How to Order Makeup Base? Is it Available in Pharmacies?

Dermacol price is too expensive? No, it’s not. Dermacol price is absolutely affordable and reasonable. It is advisable to order the Dermacol natural maquillage cover only via its official website at the best price. The original product is not available on online shops, such as Amazon. The manufacturing company has stated that a lot of scams and fake products might still be available in the market. Users should, indeed, be cautious not to come across a fake, dangerous product. This is why future clients should always order their products via their licensed web page.

Customers can rest assured that will they will receive an original Dermacol base when purchasing via the website. Moreover, the official manufacturer always offers a more affordable price than other shops. The order is made fast and easily. Clients should simply fill in the fields with their names and phone number. It’s important to give out their current one as they will receive a confirmation call from a licensed distributor shortly. Then they should state their preferred delivery address. The payment method is cash-on-delivery (COD).

Act Natural, Be Beautiful!

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Don’t forget that part of being beautiful also includes being natural. This includes not only our look but the products we use, the food we eat, and the lifestyle we chose. It’s advisable to spend some time in nature and have a moment for yourself. Not only it would make us happier, but also more beautiful!

Bottom Line: The Dermacol makeup base has an organic and hypoallergenic formula. It is available in 3 tones for all main skin types. It can cover face imperfections better than other products on the market and is regarded as safe due to its natural ingredients.
Since Dermacol is out of stock, we recommend reading our Kryoderme VitaColor Review.
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