Choco Mia Diet, slimming drinkChoco Mia is a soluble cocoa drink that was recently distributed on the market by Russian manufacturer ‘Food Bio’ Ltd. The company considers the natural contents of the slimming product to be its strongest and most valuable characteristic. A closer look at the label and the information on the official website reveals that it features active organic extracts. The main ingredients include goods, such as cocoa powder, cactus extract, fish collagen peptide, and white kidney beans.

On the positive side, customer feedback and client reviews carry a tone of approval. Most of the people who have tested the body-shaping solution have done so to satisfactory results. There is no data about the appearance of unpleasant side effects or contraindications.

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The Choco Mia body-sculpting drink is nutritional. Customers report that its taste resembles that of hot cocoa. The original trimming solution can only be ordered via the filling in of a form at the official web page. Clients will not find the satiety-inducing good in pharmacies, nor at sales portals, like Amazon. One can describe the order and delivery procedure as being speedy and discrete. Payments are processed via cash-on-delivery (COD). Regular promo campaigns allow for the easy purchase of the slimming products with a discount off of the original price. The cost is considered to be pocket-friendly. More details follow in the Choco Mia review below.

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Cocoa – A Heavenly Gift from Nature!

Chocolate. Millions of people have a sweet tooth for it. The good that is supposed to be its main ingredient – cocoa – is widely regarded as healthy organic produce. But why isn’t regular chocolate, found in groceries, considered to be beneficial for the body, as well as its silhouette? Well, most manufacturers do no put that much cocoa powder into the end confection. What they do is to add milk and lots of artificial flavorings to give it a sweeter undertone. And they are really bad for the proper condition of the teeth, skin, and figure.

Natural cocoa powder is derived from cocoa beans. Which grow on the Theobroma cacao trees in the jungles and rainforests of South and Central America. The Mayan and Aztec were the first ones to discover their nutritional properties. They are the culture that gave us the hot chocolate recipe. It was a truly spicy drink that included many seasonings in its formula – black and cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey. The taste was rather bitter but pleasant.

Typically consumed on festive, hot chocolate was often taken to enhance one’s libido or fertility. The original words for the drink were ‘cacahuaquchtl’ and ‘tchocoatl’. They are translated as ‘bitter water’ but also refer to the Aztec goddess of fertility Xochiquetzal. Its Latin name (‘Theobroma cacao’) literally means ‘the drink of the gods cocoa).


Nutritionists have determined that it has the following healthy properties:

  • Cocoa butter is rich in minerals ( potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, & calcium). As well as vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and vitamins B6, E, & K) & antioxidants.
  • Provides energy due to the fact that it contains carbs, proteins, & fibers.
  • Enhances cardiovascular health, raises immunity, improves brain functions, & makes us feel good.

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Original Mesoamerican Spicy Hot Chocolate ‘Tchocoatl’ Recipe:

Mesoamerican cultures considered cocoa beans from which cocoa butter extracted to be a fertility gift from the gods. Some might be surprised to learn that wine was being produced from the white pulp which surrounds the cocoa pod. In order to celebrate special occasions, they usually stirred up a whole caldron of tchocoatl. They added flavorings, such as black and cayenne pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Honey was, sometimes, also included as a sweetener. There was no sugar in Central America.

The cocoa tree was believed to be of divine and heavenly origin. It was not uncommon for human sacrifices to be made in order to show thankfulness. The hot chocolate was also named after fertility goddess Xochiquetzal. Original tchocoatl was drunk at the beginning of every marriage ceremony by the bride and groom.

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Here is the original Mesoamerican hot chocolate recipe:

  1. Take 1/2 cup raw cocoa beans, 2 medium-sized dried chilis, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 cup cornmeal, 6-8 cups water, & 3 spoonfuls of honey.
  2. Roast the cocoa beans until you start hearing cracking sounds.
  3. Peel the skin from the beans.
  4. Grind the beans and add the flavorings.
  5. Grind some more & add water.
  6. Boil, simmer, & stir it for 15 minutes at medium temperature.
  7. Pour back & forth from the pot to the cup.
  8. Drink & enjoy.

It is time to pay closer attention to the Choco Mia soluble slimming drink. The main ingredient in it is an active cocoa powder extract. It has been receiving nothing but positive feedback in client reviews and customer testimonials. The manufacturer ‘Food Bio’ Ltd. states that the organic contents of the body-shaping product explain why there are no complaints about contraindications online.

What is the Choco Mia Nutritional Body-Shaping Drink?

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This body-sculpting solution ChocoMia is distributed in the market to enhance the slimming processes of users. It is directed at people who train and keep up with a nutritional figure- and silhouette-shaping regiment. The manufacturing company has stated that the soluble drink is a good addition to any diet plan. There are no reports of unpleasant side effects, allergic reactions or contraindications in client reviews, commentary, and feedback. Of course, the instructions of use of Choco Mia, applied in the product packaging should be complied with to minimize risks. But most users have reported positive changes in their condition.

They list pros of the body-shaping good are the following:

  • Enhances Body-Shaping & Metabolic Processes;
  • Provides Nutrition & Gives Energy;
  • Tones the Organism & Its Functions;
  • Elevates the Mood;
  • Pocket-Friendly Price & Quick Delivery;
  • Lack of Complaints Regarding Possible Contraindications & Side Effects;
  • Natural Formula;

Nota Bene! Customers must comply with the instructions of use, provided by the manufacturer in Choco Mia’s product packaging. They feature a detailed description of how to take the body-trimming good.

What Are the Ingredients in the Formula of the Choco Mia Slimming Solution?

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The official website describes the contents of the Choco Mia natural trimming drink as being organic extracts. Such information can also be found on the label of the commercial packaging of the product. There are no added additives, artificial colorants, sweeteners or other detrimental to the health elements.

The main ingredients of the Choco Mia soluble silhouette-shaping drink are the following:

  • Cocoa Powder Extract: It has the ability to accelerate lipolysis. Enhances dopamine release in the brain. Raises immune system levels. Improves cell regeneration processes. Subdues the appetite.
  • Cactus Extract: Induces a feeling of satiety and fullness. Reduces cravings. Provides proper nutrition & tones the organism.
  • White Kidney Beans Extract: Full of iron, amino acids, and viable nutrients. Important for the building of lean muscle tissue.
  • Fish Collagen Peptide Extract: Helps the body transform glucose into energy and not fatty tissue. Harmonizes metabolic rates. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that improve brain power and concentration.

How to Take the Choco Mia Body-Sculpting Drink?

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One must abide by the postulates and good pieces of advice, included in the instructions of use. This also minimizes the risk of developing any contraindications. There has been no mentioning or complaints about such in the customer feedback and reviews, available online. Let’s take a look at how to apply the natural slimming remedy.

The 3 simple steps are the following:

  1. Dissolve 1-2 spoonfuls of the powdery substance in a 100-120 ml. glass of boiling water.
  2. Take it 20-30 minutes before breakfast & dinner in the morning and in the evening.
  3. Do it for 30 consecutive days.

Choco Mia Reviews, Comments, and Opinions Online

Choco Mia is a product that enjoys great approval on social networks. We found a large number of Choco Mia reviews, comments, and opinions online and decided to share with you what users think. Everyone who has left a comment or written a review about Choco Mia is satisfied with the qualities and taste of the slimming drink. In the reviews, we found a recommendation for the product from ladies who have been using it for a long time and are very happy with its effect. They comment on its good taste and fast action.

We have also found tips to prevent fraud on internet blogs and forums. People who write a comment mention that they bought the product only from the official site to avoid a fake product. In general, all the opinions and Choco Mia reviews we found are positive.

Choco Mia Price – How to Order Soluble Body-Trimming Drink at a Good Cost?

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What is Choco Mia’s price? Clients can order the original slimming product Choco Mia at the best price only via the filling in of a form at the official website. It is not available in pharmacies or digital sales portals, like Amazon. One must remember to leave an up-to-date telephone number for the distributing company. A representative will call them to clarify delivery details and promo price. Payments are processed via the cash-on-delivery method. Regular promo campaigns allow for good discounts on the price.

Stay Healthy with Proper Nutrition!

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Eating healthy is the biggest preventative measure against obesity and disease. Our bodies are a mere outer reflection of the inner us. When we eat unhealthily and refuse to exercise regularly, this shines through in our outer appearance. Do not forget it!

Bottom Line: The ChocoMia nutritional body-shaping drink features natural ingredients. It works better than other market alternatives.
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